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  1. Waervyn

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    Hey all!

    After a bit of a break I started playing DoD again and completely fell in love again (I guess that's why I'm typing this from work...horrible how this game can keep your mind occupied) .

    So yesterday I decided to make a clockwork knight (Clockwork knight, tinkering, axes, dual wielding, smithing, demonology for the circle and archery). Unfortunately I died at around level 4, as I was exploring the wizardlanes and got killed by 2 evil drones that spawned when I pulled a lever (didn't have much resistances yet, even though I was superhappy that I just found a steel cuiras, so I could finally start crafting my Clockwork armour...boohoo!).

    I noticed however, that the game was taking quite long...not that I mind long gaming sessions, but when you have to do it all over again all the time (I have to start being less reckless), no time to grind gets a lot of appeal.

    I read however that there's a problem with NTTG in that there's less loot.

    I was thinking of making another crafting build, so now my question is: 'I know that there's less loot and NTTG is worse for crafting builds...but how bad is it really? Do you find yourself struggling a lot to find materials/recipe's, or is it really not that bad (just worse than in normal)?

    Thanks a lot for your time! Hope my question is clear!

  2. Rakankrad

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    One thing I do when I play a crafter build is to pick up Perception. I mostly just play NTTG these days and I really started loving that skill.
  3. Nikolai

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    One of the common problems faced with NTTG is the sparsity of crafting ingredients stemming from less loot. Yes, this is a problem for crafters, I think. Perception is practically required to compensate for this if you're running a build that depends on being able to craft gear.

    However, crafted consumables are another story because while you get less of them, you also run into less instances where you need to use them.

    There's been tons of discussion on the implications of NTTG, and how it affects different builds. I personally started a thread that attempted to open a major discussion with the aim of addressing these differences, but it didn't really catch on.
  4. Rakankrad

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    One thing to note with NTTG: Wizardlands become a lot more important to visit. The chances for extra gear to fill in slots and extra materials. The biggest problem is if you're a melee Vegan. Animals are aggressive (same goes for Mysterious Portals and Diggle Hell, for that matter).
  5. Lorrelian

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    Yeah, in my experience Wizardlands + Perception make crafting very viable in NTTG. However, with CKs Tech Scavanger ability and the abundance of late game constructs, if all you want to make is the CK gear you might not even need Perception...
  6. SkyMuffin

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    For comparison:

    Full length game: If I put all skill points into Tinkering first, I can get the best available (14:dmg_piercing:) crossbow by the time I've fully explored the 1st floor.

    NTTG: I will probably have the resources for the same crossbow at the end of the 2nd floor.

    It is a significant difference, but I guess that depends on how you play also. In general you'll have to focus if you want to craft specific items, and be a bit more careful with kronging and enchants on said items, since it's harder to craft a spare if they get corrupted.