Another GRPD Random Roll competition

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  1. Giygas

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    Yes, another one. Just for fun.

    As the title would suggest, this is a GRPD (Going Rogue/Permadeath) Random Roll competition. In other words, you will be playing a character with a random build on Going Rogue with permadeath active.

    You will be able to play five characters until you can no longer play. The score of your best three characters combined is your final score.

    When you roll your character's skills, you will (most likely) get a bad or unfavorable build. If you do not like your build, you are able to roll your character up to two times more (so, you get three rolls; one is obviously required).

    Playing with expansion packs (RotDG, YHTNTEP, and CotW) are recommended but not required. Mods are not allowed. If you use CotW, you may enter the Wizardlands but you may only use codes you find in the run. Diggle Hell is, of course, allowed.

    There is no prize.

    When you post on this thread, the data from all your characters will go on your first post. The format for each character you play is shown in the spoiler. Obviously, all five characters will go in your first post.

    1st roll:
    2nd roll: If applicable.
    3rd roll: If applicable.

    Additionally, at the bottom of your post, you will put the combined score of your three characters.

    This competition will end on the 30th of August. (I would have done the end of the Ominous Countdown but it felt too short.)

    There are separate winners if you decide to use NTTG (different EXP gains).

    My characters:
    Haven't made 'em yet.
  2. Haldurson

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    I'm in. I'll start playing in a bit.
  3. Arron Syaoran

    Arron Syaoran Member

    I'm out. I still have achievements to conquer, and I have a goal to Defeat Dredmor on all 3 Pure Builds. I'm still waiting for 1.1.2 before I start playing again.
  4. Haldurson

    Haldurson Member

    Here I go:
    A) Name: Indy Lennon
    Roll 1: Dagger, Axe, Blood Mage, Archaeologist, Rogue Scientist, Communist, Tourist (Rerolled)
    Roll 2: Staves, Unarmed, Psionics, Necronomiconomics, Blood Mage, Archaeology, Communist (Kept)
    OK, so far I've cleared level 1, and feel like I'm doing very well. I started with a point in Unarmed, another in Arhcaeology, and my next goal is to max out Necronomiconomics (just got Pact of Fleeting Life).
    Darn it! Died to a boss on level 2.
    Score: 15,192
  5. GreyICE

    GreyICE Member

    Hmmm, I'm busy doing the Reddit Challenge this week (Rogue Scientist, Blacksmithing, Tinkering, Wand Craft, Alchemy, Fungal Arts, Perception, AKA I think I need five extra inventories), but maybe after that.
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  6. Arron Syaoran

    Arron Syaoran Member

    I think I'd absolutely hate the reddit challenge. Then again, it is easier with Pocket Dimension.
  7. Gaidren

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    I'll give this a try.

    1st go:
    Name: Ned Stark
    Roll 1: Dual Wield, Swords, Assassination, Golemancy, Blood Mage, Communism, Big Game Hunter (kept)
    Score: 281576, dead on floor 6 zoo. Was cruising along until I had a purple poison cloud dropped on me at my choke point where I was tanking/spanking the zoo monsters. It hurt, a lot. I could have survived if I had started moving just one turn sooner, but I really underestimated the damage it would do. Having characters with a teleport has spoiled me it would seem. Bah, what a waste of a good roll...this was probably end game viable if I found any sonic wands....

    2nd go:
    Name: Jon Snow
    Roll 1: Daggers, Beserker, Assassination, Egyptian Magic, PI, Werediggle, and...Vamp. Pass.
    Roll 2: Axes, Arms, Astrology, Burg, Alch, Smithing....and Golemancy. /sigh, too good to pass up but I was hoping for some variety after going heavy Golem last run. Maybe I'll stop at Wall this time around instead of leveling it to the robot pet...
    Score: 817648. Dead on floor 9 zoo to a (I think bugged?) crit charge for 100+ hp lost. Grrr, I had infinite health potions and solid gear too.

    Name: Sansa
    Roll 1: Archery, Dodge, Dual Wield, Alch, Emo, Vegan, Magical Law. I almost kept this, since Emo has a heal....but I hate the stacking debuff on the Emo heal. Also got burned out on Alch a bit last game.
    Roll 2: Daggers, Unarmed, Dual Wield, Arch, Tinker, Fleshsmithing, Warlock. Daggers + Dual + Tinker could get melee immune by mid-late game, Fleshsmithing for heals.
    Score: 66736. Died at the VERY end of a 100+ monster zoo on floor 3. Too many Octos. I did fine against the melee horde (had the defensive dagger stance up), but didn't have the goods to handle THAT many ranged mobs at once. I should have ran...but after clearing out 80+ melee mobs I wanted my reward, damn it!

    Name: Arya
    Roll 1: Swords, Dodge, Necro, Astro, Magic Training, Wands, Tinker. Kept. Early game could be rough.
    Score: 832. Yep, early game was rough. My own fault for letting myself get cornered though. Dead early floor 1.

    Name: Shae
    Roll 1: Shields, Fleshsmithing, Leylines, Alch, Burg, Smithing, Magic Law. UGH, Fleshsmithing + mana support is great, but how do I get that first kill?!? Maybe I'll find a weapon early, or can kite over some traps....huge gamble, but I'm keeping it.
    Score: 128. Yeah, that didn't work out. Quickly stumbled across 5+ enemies.

    Final score of best 3 games combined: 1165960
  8. 765Pro

    765Pro Member

    Of course I'm in!
    I'll try this later.

    First run:
    Name: Tyson
    1st roll: Thrown Weaponry, Shield Bearer, Magic Training, Smithing, Emomancy, Rogue Scientist, Magical Law
    2nd roll: Staves, Thrown Weaponry, Fleshsmithing, Mathemagic, Alchemy, Warlockery, Magical Law
    3rd roll: If applicable.
    Score: 396 :B

    Jeez, I've never played Going Rogue before, so we'll see how I do. Can't say I've used magic much either, but I think Warlockery might be fun! Maybe.

    My my that was a step up from Elves Just Want To Have Fun.
  9. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    GR Non-PD for bugs and other possible issues. I still delete the save if I die without a bug causing it.

    Daggers, Dual Wield, Mathemagics, Bankster, Shield Bearer, Killer Vegan, and Magic Training.

    Died in a zoo on level two.
  10. TheKirkUnited

    TheKirkUnited Member

    First Run
    Name: Azoli
    First roll had leylines, bloodmagic... and no magic. Second roll had vampirism. Third roll turned up this.

    Artful Dodge
    Flesh Shaping
    Wand Lore
    Fungal Arts
    Killer Vegan
    Rogue Scientist

    Used zombies to stay alive in the first floor. Power leveled Vegan for hit points and Radiant Damage. I'm at DL4 so far.

    Dead on DL5 to a Rutabaga... really should have downloaded that hotfix but didn't want to invalidate my other saves. Ah well, I think I'll wait for the patch to do any further runs.

    Edit: Forgot to mention I'm running on NTTG. Hope that's acceptable. If not... meh.
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  11. Thecakepie

    Thecakepie Member

    I'm waiting for the patch too. I'm on a good run (my first build with Wizardlands) and it crashes out and Hotfixes didn't solve things for me. >:

    I'm not sure it's fair if I enter this, but if I do, you guys gotta get pumped for the competition!
  12. MidMorning

    MidMorning Member

    When you say no mods, I'm guessing you mean no mods period, and not just mods that add more skills, correct?
  13. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    If you are using a mod that does not effect gameplay and no-one is going to find dishonest or even a cheat of sorts, then I see no reason to hold back.

    There are mods that add things that make the game easier, and there are mods that make the game harder. The latter is much less likely to offend anyone. If you want to run with mods, please do. There is a thread for that too.
  14. Gaidren

    Gaidren Member

    I'm assuming its fine, its the way I'm playing as well.
  15. Giygas

    Giygas Member

    If there are such mods (I never knew they existed :p) then yes, it is fine to use them.

    Of course, there is this competition if you want to use mods.

    I'll just have to make separate winners for NTTG then :p
  16. OmniaNigrum

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  17. Mr_Strange

    Mr_Strange Member

    Ok, It takes me a week or two, often, to get through an entire run. So I'm going to roll all 5 characters now, and update as I play them!

    1. "Light & Dark" - Master of Arms, Psionics, Necro, Astrology, Assassin, Vegan, Piracy.
    2. "Thought Power" - Staves, Unarmed, Shield Bearer, Psionics, Necro, Blood Magic, Magical Law.
    3. "Studious" - Crossbow, Shield Bearer, Golemancy, Magical Training, Ley Lines, Fungal, Alchemy.
    4. "Power Mad" - Staves, Shield Bearer, Berserker, Viking Wizardry, Fungal, Smithing, Magical Law
    5. "Living Furnace" - Swords, Axes, Berserker, Dodge, Pyro, Clockwork Knight, Communism
    Thought #1 - Did I get the same skills quite a bit? I think I did.
    Thought #2 - The "Studious" build looks crazy! So many good magic support skills, but only Golemancy to actually use with it...
    Thought #3 - I would really have loved to name my last build "Crimson Dynamo"...

    • Ok! Living Furnace died to a Monster Zoo on level 2. She had just joined the Vanguard Party, too... unfortunately the named octo boss got too many 10 damage ethereal missiles off before getting softballed to death. Sigh. Score: 16,520
    • Boom! Studious got jumped by 5 diggles in the first room! Blade Golems dealt with a few, but no mana regen options meant there just wasn't room for the bolts to do their work. Score: 120
    • Ouch! Looks like I might finish this competition if my luck stays this bad... "Thought Power" died a quick death by getting cornered by a pair of diggles just a few rooms in. Unarmed doesn't do much damage at level 1... Score: 312
    • Argh! "Light & Dark" was having an amazing run... Astrology let me cast Deathly Hex on all the animals, and I found a couple awesome rings on level 1. I had level 5 vegan and felt pretty invincible... so I killed a few animals, laughed at the debuffs and... triggered an acid bolt that killed me. 16,732.
    • It's all up to "Power Mad" now!
    • Aaannnddd.... I'm done. Closed my eyes at the keyboard, moved into a trap, opened my eyes to see the death screen. Not even sure what happened. 3612. Maybe I shouldn't game when I'm falling asleep at my keyboard at 11:30am?
    Total score: 37,296.
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  18. Giygas

    Giygas Member

    I must have gotten lucky :D 2nd build was Axes, Artful Dodger, Burglary, Emomancy, Werediggle, Warlock, and Psionics. Looks like a good enough gish, although no Dual Wielding/Archaeology is a shame.

    One of my (NTTG) rooms, though, contained 3 (!!!) Dredmor statues and Bee Arthur. I leveled up, like, twice in there. There were also two Wizardland codes.
  19. Dynamod

    Dynamod Member

    Sounds like fun... count me in :D

    I'll roll up a character right now.

    First Character, First Roll

    Artful Dodger, Master of Arms, Fleshsmithing, Astrology, Ley Walker, Burglary, Warlockery... I'd rather not have warlockery if there's only one warrior skill. REROLL!!

    Vampirism, Alchemy, Archeology, Killer Vegan, Rogue Scientist, Communist, Paranormal Investigator... This is too hilarious to pass up. LETS DO EET!!

    Naw, this is a serious run, I should take my chances with a third reroll.

    Swords, Shield Bearer, Artful Dodger, Golemancy, Piracy, Rogue Scientist, Magical Law... Well thats certainly better than the first two. I'll go with this one.

    EDIT: I died unreasonably fast to random traps! ;_; my score was a merely 1046. I got to level 2 and got the moustache golem and I though it would be smooth sailing from there... I guess not.
  20. Gaidren

    Gaidren Member

    You threw away a Fleshsmithing, Astrology, Leywalker, Burglarly roll? That's early game and end game covered with those 4 skills alone....IF you can handle life without Blood Magic.

    That being said, you got an awesome 3rd roll. Piracy + Magical Law....Swashbuckling spam, good times.