Announcing Conquest of the Wizardlands Expansion!

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Daynab, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Daynab

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  2. The enemy sight cones have me excited. Change the assassination skill tree to allow 100% crit chance when melee attacking from behind? That or break their necks? :p
  3. Glazed

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    I get to make a Communist Bankster. Now I can die in peace.
  4. Essence

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    As one of the alpha testers for this thing, i have to say two things:

    1) Pocket dimensions are awesome.
    2) The new weapon skills are so much cooler than the core weapon skills that they make the core weapon skills blush.

    Everyone who loves themselves deserves to buy themselves this expansion, even if you don't have the core game. It's that awesome.

    Also, three cheers for Gaslamp Games being clever bastards and secretly working on DLC while they had us modders working on DLC for them! That's clever! And bastardy! And bastardly clever! And THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
  5. klaymen_sk

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    I hope it will cost me three bucks and not three euro bucks. :p

    On a more serious note, I like all the new stuff and can't wait for the release.
  6. FaxCelestis

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  7. delta534

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    Day one purchase if nothing prevents me from doing it, but I'm left wondering about the exact mechanics of encrusting. Mainly, what will be needed and will the encrusted versions count as artifacts.
  8. Catbread

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    Oh, yes.

    A huge, legit expansion pack a the exact moment when I get into the game again? Obviously, this was some kind of money-making scheme, but that's okay because the scheme only works because the content is so good.

    C'mon, release! I can't wait!
    The pocket dimension alone is worth the cost of admission, frankly!

    (maybe I should try and get past the 11th floor before this comes out)
  9. Lorrelian

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    Or you could leave it alone until Wizardlands comes out. Then it would be like you had an entirely new game to play after you finished the first one!
  10. Cream Magneto

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    so i just have to put the $$$$$ inside the DVD tray to get this right? :eek:
  11. Kazeto

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    The part about Nicholas' coffee addiction seriously cracks me up.

    But I expected no less from Nearly Sleepless Nick.
  12. Essence

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    Just so everyone 'gets it', the pocket dimension is accessible through a button next to your skill bar. When you enter the pocket dimension, time stops, so you don't heal, cooldowns don't tick down, and so forth. You've got a shitload of square footage to spread out whatever the hell you want all over the floor. When you leave the pocket, it's set for a 30-turn cooldown before you can re-enter. The pocket dimension also contains controls that you can use to access the Wizardlands, which are basically kind of like Mysterious Portal rooms except that they're stable -- every time you put in the same password, you get the same level.

    Also, because someone asked about crusting: thus far, there aren't many crusting recipes in the Alpha, but it works like this. Different crusts use different craft skills, and they essentially consume reagents and add a power or stats and a prefix or suffix onto your item, Diablo style. Each crust also comes with it's own instability factor, which is essentially a chance that you'll blow the hell up when you use your item (in the case of armor, that's 'every time you get hit') I haven't actually been blown up yet (Null can tell you more), so I don't know if it knocks the crust off, just hurts you, or what else happens.

    The best part about crusts is that they're moddable, which means you can expect to see some CRAZY crusting mods popping up around here in no time. Also, they allowed someone at GLG (I suspect David) to create "Seaman's Encrusted Pants".
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    (That line was mine. Nicholas did a first draft of the post, I populated it with images and rewrote a bunch of stuff, then Daniel gave it an iteration, then I did again and edited some screenshots based on feedback from Daniel, etc. It's a Team Effort!)

    The encrusted pants was all Mr. Whitman. We're having him do a good bit of the new expansion content as we think he hits the Dredmor style quite nicely. (... though I'm still a bit on the fence about those pants. They were just for testing we said! And now look!)
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  14. mutated

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    Extremely pumped and excited and giddy and agh. Well played. Day 1 buy.
  15. zaratustra

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    I assume everyone is waiting for me
  16. FaxCelestis

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    Also portrayed by John Cleese in Gaslamp Games: The Movie.
  17. Nicholas

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    ... yeah, pretty much.
  18. LionsDen

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    This sounds very cool. Hope it's out soon. :)
  19. I don't know how its possible for GL to continue to generate such content for such a low price. It's not even the price of a single fancy coffee! Day 1 buy... so, tomorrow?
  20. jhffmn

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    lol, magical law.

    You guys made an entire skill line for the objection spell icon didn't you?