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    Well, I got an Android a few months ago (Xperia sola), and I use it for gaming occasionally.
    Usually when travelling, and I stay clear of the pretty things since my phone is firmly mediocre concerning specs.
    There is some cool stuff in the appstore, I just haven't found most of it yet, probably due to a lack of focused searching :D
    But what I have found so far is this:

    It's an emulator work old adventure games, like Monkey Island or Beneath a Steel Sky. Works like a charm, fullspeed emulation, haven't encountered any bugs yet! Touchscreen is obviously not very good for pixel hunting, but the default mode (dragging the cursor around) works surprisingly well after you get used to it. Monkey Island III is still a blast :D There are a decent amount of classic games for free, and some of you oldtimers probably have discs or floppies with the old adventures buried somewhere!

    Super Hexagon. (1,50€ on amazon, 2,32€ on PlayStore)
    Punishing, addictive, eyecancer inducing, gives me nausea after playing it for more than 10 minutes at a time. Still, so, so brilliant. Gameplay only, with no pretended story or anything. Just you and arrrgh the walls are closing in! Works like a charm on my phone, evidently pretty much anything can run this, which is good :D

    Trials Extreme
    There is a guy on a motorcycle, you need to steer him through a parcour. The most fun part are the hilarious crashes, he breaks pretty much every bone and the audience erupts in "oooooouch". Wonky physics!

    Frozen Bubble
    Well, this game has been on every platform ever, and if you haven't played it you should. Simple, addictive color matching game. Did I mention it's free? Casual fun, lasts a decent time with the included levels.

    Oh, and for Omni there is also a Nethack port, but I'm not hardcore enough for that.

    Any recommendations from you guys?
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    I have an IPAd, not an android, but I do know that some of the games I like have Android versions. Note that in no case have I actually played the Android version, so I'm just hoping they are comparable.

    Catan (based on the board game "Settlers of Cataan") -- this is a fun and simple to play strategy board game for 3 or 4 players that I've enjoyed both in rl and on my IPad (and even on my PC). The board game is a classic. The computer version(s) also include either one or two of the expansions ("Seafarers of Cataan", and/or "Cities and Knights"). My guess is that at a minimum, the Seafarers expansion will be included (Cities and Knights has been slow to come to IOS).

    The general idea of Catan is that a map is randomly created using hexagons and players collect resources, and take turns building roads, and settlements, upgrading them to cities and collecting points for various things along the way. The first to reach a specific point total wins. It's pretty simple as boardgames go, but still fun. Seafarers adds islands and sea routes and boats and a few other things. Cities and Knights does add a bit of complexity to the game (but nothing overwhelming).

    W.E.L.D.E.R. -- Ok, I don't know if this is available for all Android, but I did see that it is available for Kindle Fire so it's possible. This is my favorite word game on IOS. There's a few other good ones, but I probably have logged more hours with this one than any other. There are several play modes, but in the most basic, you have to survive for 15 levels, and the requirements for completing the level become a bit more challenging as you go on. Essentially, you get a specific number of letter swaps (and eventually special sorts of letter swaps) and you need to swap letters on a rectangular board and form words. Every time a legal word is formed, the letters disappear from the board, and new ones drop from the top to replace them. There are also special types of letter tiles, including blanks (like in Scrabble), metal tiles (that can't move, and block tiles from dropping below them), molten tiles that can't be swapped, double and triple word tiles and so on.

    Bubble in Paradise --Yet another word game, but this one is less relaxed, more frenzied (don't confuse this with similarly named games, such as "Bubble Paradise". Bubbles with letters in them appear on the screen. You must select the bubbles in order and press a button to create a word to get points. Meanwhile, the bubbles grow in size and more appear, until the screen fills up and then its game over. There are a lot of different specials in the game, both good and bad. Some bubbles when included will cause other bubbles to shrink in size, or to fall off the screen. Others will accelerate their growth, and so on. It's a fun little game in small doses (I tend to go for the more relaxed games myself).

    There are several games that you should HOPE come to Android (I've been looking up some of my favorites, and they are not on Android, at least yet). Especially keep an eye out for "Ticket to Ride", a really good railroad game (I'm partial to the Empire Builder style rail games, but Ticket to Ride is similar enough and just about as good). Mostly board game translations are pretty raw, and don't work well with a touchpad interface (at least how the developers make them), but Ticket to Ride is one of the big exceptions to that rule. Also Powder is an excellent, though very tough rogue-like that even after consulting the wiki, will have you dying over and over again. 100 Rogues is a lot easier rogue-like, and more casual for sure, but still fun to play. All of these games have good, easy to use interfaces and are well suited for a touch screen. I can't say if any of them will go to Android, but I do know that 100 Rogues is being tested on the new Ouya.
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    I anticipate I will be adding to this list in the next few months. I am still waiting on my Ouya to arrive though. :D
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    A few of my recent favorites...

    I really like Pixel Dungeon. It's a good little roguelike that borrows a lot of its mechanics from Brogue.

    Air Patriots is a cool take on tower defense. Instead of towers, you have planes that you launch by drawing paths for them to make strafing runs on.

    Strikefleet Omega is similar, but you launch your fighters from large capital ships in space. The waves of enemies can come from any direction, though, so it's really more of a tactical game than a tower defense.
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    Ok, trying out the Roguelike stuff now :)
    There is also WazHack, which I guess is good news for Omni :D
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    I do yes. Though the only one I have PC discs for is Space Quest 6. The rest of the ones I have... are on floppy... for amiga. (monkey island 1&2, beneath a steel sky, simon the sorcerer, etc).
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    As the proud owner if a Kindle Fire and a rabid gamer, I've played a lot of Android games. My favorites have been:

    * Radiant Defense, quite possibly the 2nd best Tower Defense game I've ever played, even if it is a little skimpy on the content.
    * Road Warrior. I'm really REALLY not a fan of racing games, but this 2d side-scrolling shooter that happens to also have races in it got me addicted for like six weeks -- much longer than most game/apps.
    * Where's My Perry. Much, much better than Where's My Water, and the Doofenschmirtz levels are even better than that. Well worth the money.
    * Battleheart. It sucks that the iOS version is still supported and has 2 more characters, but the Android version is still the best fantasy RPG/RTS I've played -- it's so good that Gameloft made an almost straight up clone of it in freemium style.
    * Putt-putt Saves the Zoo. My four year old made me put this here. It's an old-school kids' adventure game from the 90s, but they remade it as an app and it's awesome.
    * The Lost City. A free Mystlike that's fairly long and has a (necessary) built-in hintbook. I'm generally not one to go for Mystlikes, but it was a lot of fun.
    * Wind-up Knight. Easily the best 'runner' type game out there. Period.
    * Triple Town. My wife made me put this here. I hate match-three games with a passion, but Triple Town is the best one.
    * Dragon Tower. Kind of a roguelike. You have to get past the clearly bad-Chinese-translation aspect of the game, but of the roguelike apps, it was one of the best.
    * Samurai vs. Zombie Defense. Not a TD game, but one of those 'protect the castle' kind of games, and a very well made one.
    * Sunstones. Probably the best straight-up puzzle game I've played (maybe just behind Quell.) Simple -- but freaking impossible.
    * Robotek. By the same folks that did Radiant Defense. Robotek is wierd insofar as the attacks come in the form of a slot machine, but the game is remarkably fun and long enough that you'll get distracted by some other, new shiny app long before you get close to finishing it.
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