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  1. Clearly *I* am the weirdo for not building my workshops as tiny, cramped hellholes :p
    THANK YOU, I was starting to wonder if I was the only person for whom promotion was not working!
  2. Jacq

    Jacq Member

    I had a colonist carrying invisible wood. She was going around picking up wood, where it disappeared into her bottomless pockets.
    Then she went to my stockpile of wood and stole it all! :O
    4wood.jpg 1wood.jpg
    She did this for most of the day, then at tea time her job changed to "drop item" and the mountains of invisible wood she was carrying were placed on the ground, never to be seen again.

    As with others, my regular build orders (not "standing" ones) are completing sporadically. Usually if I just build 1 thing, it works (and gives me a notification). If I build more than one, the counter usually won't go about 0/# and items will get built indefinitely. BUT I had an orer for 5 carpets and after a while I checked the workshop and it said "1/5" (three had been built).

    I'm also still running into a problem where colonists refuse to complete "construct building" jobs. These screenshots show there aren't enough jobs for my 43 people to be too busy to construct things, and then that I have plenty of cots just sitting around waiting to be built. They hadn't built more than the initial twelve cots for at least 3 or 4 in-game days.
    20160518234735_1.jpg 20160518234744_1.jpg

    Incidentally, is it really necessary for an entire work crew to be engaged in burying each corpse? One guy hauls the bandit, while three stand around idle? ;)

    Finally (though the screenshot didn't "take"), I got a "fishy Idol" pop-up with nothing in it. When I clicked it it was just an empty semi-transparent box without text or choices.
  3. Selly1

    Selly1 Member

    The way the decor mechanics is, there will always be *a* spammable decor item. Is there any plan to cap the (positive) decor contribution for each item type?

    One wallshrine will add +1 decor to a building, but an additional wallshrine won't add any more decor.
    For each bed in a building, one wardrobe will add +1 decor, bur more than that won't add anything.
    Windows add +1 decor for each one window per four lengths of wall. So covering a quater of your walls with windows would be beneficial, but more than that won't add anything.

    My thought is that this would push the player into more variety, and make for much more interesting buildings.
  4. Alavaria

    Alavaria Member

    Yes because the cost is basically constant, you pick the best one and spam it.

    What would not be amusing with the current per-module system is trying to make 10 different decor items. How annoying that would be heh...
  5. Selly1

    Selly1 Member

    Windows don't use workshops, and with the other decor items it's already the case that each workshop only makes a small handful of each type. Would it really be so annoying to make a batch of (say) ten wall-shrines, then forget about wall-shrines for the rest of the game as you have plenty in stock.

    Or do you not stockpile?

    Even if you don't then having one workbench for each workshop set to maintain a minimum stock of a given decor item: one wooden item, one pottery, one metal one later on in the game... hardly that onerous.
  6. Alavaria

    Alavaria Member

    Haha, sure well suit yourself. I think the carpentry has like 10 if not 15+ different decor items that come from it.
  7. Rentahamster

    Rentahamster Member

    I just overlap all of them on the same tile :p
  8. Selly1

    Selly1 Member

    I guess we have different ideas of how many items makes a handful :)

    In any case, the problem is still the same: Far more decor items than would get used if someone was going for efficiency only. Unless there's some form of push in the other direction, that is.
  9. Cyjack

    Cyjack Member

    I'm only interested in seeing that if the game ever implements the idea of personal property. In other words, we have to build many small individual houses or cells, instead of large communal ones. As long as the game promotes large, efficient communal structures and floorspace costs a premium in time and resources, I think I'd resent having to pay such a heavy "floorspace tax" to keep colonists happy.
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  10. Alavaria

    Alavaria Member

    Gotta get that max value from your bricabrac/tradevalue, that stuff can be costly...

    Of course, it's only like ... 3 overseers that -really- matter (Farmer, Kitchen, and Diplomacy?)
  11. Jacq

    Jacq Member

    Farmer's stew cooks instantaneously.
  12. dbaumgart

    dbaumgart Art Director Staff Member

    This should be fixed in 50E, which came out yesterday. But uh, 2.5 hours after your post.

    Locking this thread btw!
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