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  1. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    This sums my feelings pretty well, I think. I'd love the best of both worlds if it's possible, but if not, this new system will likely be the best way to go.
  2. Fredrik

    Fredrik Member

    Where do I build the spice rack? It's gone from the carpentry menu, am I completely blind or what?
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  3. It seems to just plain be gone for now, but it doesn't hurt anything because you don't need it to unlock any recipes right now.
  4. Fredrik

    Fredrik Member

    Oh yeah, didn't think of that. In the ceramics workshop, do I need something else other then a stone ceramics kiln to make glass panels?
  5. Bluebird

    Bluebird Member

    Brick Kiln ... took me ages to figure that one out :)

    Loads and loads of crashes though ...
  6. Fredrik

    Fredrik Member

    Why can't I make glass despite having the necessary things to make it? Is this a bug or something? I can make Bricabrac from Glass but not glass itself. Even though the description says I can make glass from the ceramics workbench... noglass.PNG
  7. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    Brick kiln. There probably needs to be a temporary sticky for this.:D
  8. Fredrik

    Fredrik Member

    But I don't have the option to make it from my brick kiln? :'( halp.PNG
  9. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    That's a brick charcoal kiln. What you want is a brick ceramics kiln, which you make in the ceramics workshop with the ceramics workbench. Then make sure you place it in the ceramics workshop.

    I know, this stuff isn't super clear right now.
  10. Selly1

    Selly1 Member

    Some of this has been mentioned already, but I'll add all observations to keep things in one place.

    Love the concept of this! From what I've seen so far this should work very well as a mechanic. Unfortunatly at the moment there seems to be problems with workers moving on to the next available/possable job...

    Also a module will not "blank" its queue once it has finished. EG I tell it to make one chair, and it is making one chair forever, just like a standing order.

    Edit: It looks like the problems I've seen only start when you've built your second Power Saw. Everything seems to work fine untill then.

    I've yet to successfully manage this. Requesting more info on the tooltip.

    Love this, thank you!

    A very good way of displaying this info

    Interesting so far. Looking forward to Safety and Hunger being more fully implemented. It would be good for the icons to be more visually informative, EG red if thigs are bad. As it is you still need to hover over them for details.

    I like the event director system. It helps keep things very clear. Looking forward to more events in the furture!


    Looks good.

    Thank you! Makes jungle and swamp zones a bit easier.

    Is this only for the starting Overseers, or for all Overseers? My incoming Overseers don't have this.
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  11. Fredrik

    Fredrik Member

    Oh whops, I thought it was powered by charchoal. Then the game threw a script error and it crashed. Oh well new game I guess.
  12. Alephred

    Alephred Royal Archivist for Queen And Empire

    I just thought I'd share a particularly pretty screenshot of my colony, built on a plateau in the Borean Forest. It's a pain in the ass building around the boulders and cliffs, but it sure makes for nice postcards.


    *edit* I should mention that I got a script error when I tried to build a Brick Ceramics Kiln, like a previous post.
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  13. The event system seems to working out well; I got several Fishy Idols and seem to have gotten all three possible outcomes, and a Meteor event happened and the inevitable chaos ensued. Once all the Selenites were dispatched, I took a look at the orbs, and it says they have trade values, but I can't set them as tradeable. Also, instead of getting dissection reports from Obeliskians, my naturalist hacked one up and got copper and gold bars and stone, is this intentional?
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  14. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    Was that all in one game? If so, Wow!

    Selenites don't seem to pose much of a threat that I can determine... other than multiplying and being creepy.

    I've only gotten one fishy idol event and
    My colonist transformed and was supposed to go with the fish people, but she never did.

    It's normal to find metals in the Obeliskians. I think it's meant to represent their "organs".:eek:
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  15. Teutomatos

    Teutomatos Member

    I see the same thing. Second power saw seems forbidden bricabrac for me ... :(
    I destroy it but don t back off from the building list.
    About the rest there s overproduction of everything ...
    Double NCO s problems unsuable with Red coat renforcement at Foreign invasion.

    Theres a strange thing happen with animation of a character when i switch order of modules in the list. Apparently, and seems because of that, suddenly, he became to pick up and down a log to the ground in non stop routine during several minutes ... I guess it was a bug but someone else come to talk with him and he had restart the work on bench ...

    I don t know how to use Switch job order type

    @ Nicholas
    Skill characters don t comin right with our own developpement. Have a tons of scientist or double cooker double carpenter ... Theres no ceramist for example ?
    With your new system, it will be nice and may be more simple, to let characters obtain their own skill by practize, but .. with more quickly gratification.
    It s seems your goal at least anyway, no ?

    More than recurent problems balancing, and since you are in a UI rewrite phase, the two main shortcomings are; in the direct reading of the evolutionary phases of the characters, at least in our perception. And a general problem of rhythm in the chronology of the development of the colony. Between emergency requests and opportunities. But rather concerns the balancing.

    Consultation of the workgroup implies a break and it usually loses much regular implications unless serious crisis.
    Unless you play with the invading "show colonist" open windows. Or we compel to play in zoom in to see the beautiful events of icons appear sometimes. Unfortunately overview is too tempting to keep in the overall intensity of movements.
    I know this is the duality of the format. And that's a shame because this is the living part of the game.
    In this regard the loss of the apparent history display, we did also lose that.

    Suggest : Without altering the graphic quality of all I would see much yet on a side column tranparent background, bearing the faces of the main protagonists mid class, 3 small keys with icons beneath each, to follow a glance these developments . And a click opens their record.
    With a handful can be to make them disappear promptly on the side.
    Immersion with the mindset of our little band would be much more prevalent
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  16. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Can anybody send me a save game for 50D please where work crews have stopped working? People keep claiming this is happening, but I have been unable to reproduce it.
  17. berkstin

    berkstin Member

    If you look at the most recent crash I posted in the Bugs section, I was having that issue in that game.
  18. BillyBabel

    BillyBabel Member

    accepting a bandit from the bandit wants to join event causes your game to crash again.
  19. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Killed a fairly nasty bug this evening that would prevent the multistack code from correctly detecting that it had enough of a commodity to fulfill a stack request. I suspect this is what is causing some of the problems. A fix will be pushed in the next experimental.
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  20. Here's one demonstrating my NCO promotion problem; enclosed is one Nellie Chivery, performing burial duties but not operating as a functional overseer. There's also a cook sausages error in progress. 20160516131535_1.jpg

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