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  1. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    These days we mainly display our juggling talents in the office break room, then slam out some code and go boogie-boarding.
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  2. I read that as "doggie-boarding," which sounds magical.
  3. Rentahamster

    Rentahamster Member

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  4. Teutomatos

    Teutomatos Member

    Hello Nicholas thank for you re answer.

    2 hours for testing is not even a test ... It s a joke.

    Well, just plug 2 carpenters benchs in carpentry workshop and watch the result ...
    And power saw too, i don t want upset my new forum s friends but it seems working. May be not like it suppose but ...
    Try to plug 100 units exactly in each resources in the kitchen like current list of all. Enjoy with the scroll :)
    And use the mini map ... Theres a problem. We need an isometric one like the map plan. Because we loose our orient. It s uncomfortable.
    Make some quality value to each object. Or explain us that windows enlarge the set alarm by vision for example.( ? )
    I m a defender of Aristotéliscian drama, everything must be paid. ( a cost of planks it is not, it s just a walk to )
    Try to make a good flatten terrain issue. Theres a funny thing, Archimedes screw, infinite elevation or dig on same cells by both superposition orders. Or even, without it, i like to call it "the Trench syndrome" :)
    Try to plug a repeal. Because for the moment, flatten terrain is the more intens dramatical tension of the game indeed !
    Preview some pertinent desires and traits for the first serie of overseer for the less ...
    Let kill your NCO ...
    You don't need even 2 hours to observ all i ve just witness.
    Read long lists than some players publishing, everyone see and said the same. In that case it s not a graphic card singularity. And we could think than 2 hours isn t enough to test your nice game.
    And i say it nice without irony, because i love it really for differents aspects, i wish congrats the dev team.
    But not for test !
    Except if bugs is a compromission with rewriting temporaly ...
    I have a trick for you. Offer a good ice cream to the son of the caretaker, and let him play one full day, and u ll get everything u need to know for repear wobbly things ;)

    So i turn around the small annoyances, and i take opportunity of your contact, to congrat about the characters size !
    i m talkin about the zoom out. Because, to my point of view is the really best size for units i wish to see on the most of the game market and your the first to do it well ! ( Gimme the reference if it s not an industrial secret )
    In another hand i don t know the use of the max zoom in ? Watch the beauty of the cell ?
    The weak point is intermediate strate, cause we haven t enough time to zoom for watching speaking exchange and follow a characters in its preambulation. I mean in focus view. I know it s certainly one of the game argument, it s pretty and fun but not really playable. It s not a Baldur s gate Rpg completely. For a semantic of the image,its drama point of view, of course.

    About the rest, we can observ the background intention of characterisation, calibrating for physical, moral etc ... evolution with event and current ressources disponibilities; Well too, with the new colonist traits. But it more an atempt than the finest design you re expecting , i guess. Certainly oriented by supposed needs.
    And i saw in different party with differents choices of building type orders, or rythm of building, may be production, sometimes a carpenter s army comin in, or at the invers a tons of scientist.

    So, i support completly those calibrating aspects. That s a really good point.
    I m impatient to get the complete scenario ... one day. I have good vibrations but for the moment s only my own expectation. I want to be confident.

    It s a really good project, with ambitious idea that we love. Finaly we could excuse some things, finaly and paradoxically more important for the whole game design. Support it more time for final achievement. But less, small mechanicals things which appears to us, more like annoyance; than a real technical insolv problems.

    Take a back step for that. Because at least we are "the son of the caretaker" ! Also, not sure that it's a good trade prodigal ...
    But this is an another thing...
    I was about to forget ! I love your humor. There are plenty of small very funny things. Let's go without reserv !

    With all my support !
    like always, apologizes for my lack of english. Hope its not to loud for read it.
    Soft and quiet like the skinny cat
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  5. I do kind of feel like, now that all the external items are quality 0, there are probably too many of them.
    The minimap is a bit easy to get lost in until you get used to it, but setting it to isometric would kind of spoil the usefulness by either making it too small or too big relative to screen size; I think a better solution would be including an onscreen compass (which ties into my earlier complaints re: invasion warnings).
    And it *is* a lot easier to test-run a game in 2 hours when you have all the dev tools at your disposal.
  6. Alavaria

    Alavaria Member

    I mean we still have a competitive advantage in terms of testing whole series of interactions and so on. Complaining about hitting stuff in Experimental builds strikes me as odd, the stable ones tend to be as named.

    Basically either you use really "expensive" dev time testing, or the still rather expensive (non-existent) specialized testers, or you have people with a negative cost because we (I do anyway) do it as part of leisure. It's fairly efficient.
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  7. Teutomatos

    Teutomatos Member

    You right jonothan Thrace, Isometric mini map have less size, but how do u use mini map for ?
    A compass is a good idea anyway.

    I have small questions i ve forget yersterday.

    How is the alarm radius size nearly ?
    How is the mine set radius from yellow s arrow ?

    Have u playing Gangsters - Organized crime. 1998 dev. Hothouse créations Ed Eidos interactiv ?
    Because looks like and seems inspired by differents aspects. It s not a problem, i ve love it ! I dream it will be refont one day, and i m pretty sure it is in your design habilities.
  8. Samut

    Samut Member

    This explains so much. Gaslamp is a bunch of Elbonians!
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  9. Tarod

    Tarod Member

    I'm all for the broken rapid development builds if we're in the experimental branch. If people can't handle it they should stay in the full numbered releases. Joining a branch that says it could be broken and complaining when when it's broken is foolish.
  10. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Oh good, somebody got the reference. Now can you get this pig off my back, please?
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  11. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Also, testing "Make Planks" is actually on the smoke list repeatedly... so if it's not working for you, then I don't know what's going on. (Not that this matters as we're about to deploy a rewrite of the workshop code which improves matters and makes things... well, you'll see.)
  12. Bluebird

    Bluebird Member

    Oh .. my sordid mind reads that in a completely, non Elbonian form .... <wanders off for another whiskey>
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  13. Teutomatos

    Teutomatos Member

    Not me ! I m not alone, everyone told you !
    Put both or 3 capenters benchs in carpentery and watch the production result. Planks may be not the most signifiant, try with "one chemistry worbench" in build for example.
    You command 1, and you ll take 3 ...and may be 2 will be gohstly in the stockpile list but can t find on map. It s an anomaly. But it s just an example. Anecdotic ! Theres plenty of small things like that. At least plenty of small, make a big stuff.
    Expecting a Naturalist report for dissection or Obelistan, Obelikistan ... don t remember ... etc
    Seriously you don t test you re game, i means you don't play u re own game ! It s an evidence.
    But easy to understand u haven t back step on it, because your near from the cheese every day. And in another form concerns of larger magnitudes. We could understand.
    Use a naive player , a beguinner to make it. And you know what s going wrong.
    Because if you don t know what s going wrong, how could you rewriting code ?

    At least i guess, it is the generic disease developers from everywhere ... :) Don't know ... try to reduce laudanum may be ?

    @ samut
    This is it !
    Last edited: May 10, 2016
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  14. Alavaria

    Alavaria Member

    It's too confusing to read that, I'm gonna guess it's just the multiple-workers thing again.
  15. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Yeah, I cannot figure out what the heck the problem is here. Sorry. :(

    What I will note: for 50D moving forward we let you explicitly assign a task to a given module ("Make Planks", "Make Cot", etc.) The # of workshop modules indicates the # of tasks. A worker will do the task assigned to the first module in a row. Modules are organized in the workshop in terms of priority, and can be moved up and down (i.e. if your power saw is first in the queue, if it is empty people will try to use it first.) So if you have:

    1. Power Saw -> Make Planks
    2. Carpentry Bench -> Make Cot
    3. Carpentry Bench -> Make Chemistry Workbench

    The order of execution will now always be:

    1. try to use the power saw.
    2. If I can't use the power saw, use the first carpentry workbench.
    3. If I can't use the power saw or the first carpentry workbench, use the second carpentry workbench.

    My suspicion, as always, is not that this is a bug in the game; it is a failure to communicate information to a player. We have an advantage because we know how the game works, for instance.
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  16. Alavaria

    Alavaria Member

    My first thought is there's gonna be a lot of microing of the Carpentry. Gonna have to see how well the UI works for this though.
  17. I'm not sure what the planks problem he's talking about is, I've never had a problem getting planks made (or anything else in carpentry aside from floor decor).
  18. Alavaria

    Alavaria Member

    It's the one where if you have a minimum #X but have 3 workers they go over, most likely.
  19. Oh, I thought that was a feature, since it seems to happen with all production.
  20. Are you guys talking about how you'll, for instance, have 2 guys working in the Carpentry shop, queue up 3 planks to be built, and end up with 4 planks made? If so, I always assumed what was happening here was that the job wasn't internally (behind-the-scenes) being removed from the Job List/marked as "I'm on it!" until after actual production was started instead of when one of the workers goes to start gathering the resources for the plank, thus resulting in the final bit of production being picked up by both workers.
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