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  1. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    It's up! Changelog:

    new alert code framework for events and non-event alerts
    close alerts button, history button, both moved to appropriate places, ticker moved to history window
    hooked tooltips to stubs for a bit more info on those
    bug with choice windows spawning on the other side of the alert and thus out of the game window
    madness removed, character state calculations simplified, despair implemented to combine sadness and madness
    corrected some typos in the new memory aggregator function
    refactoring of emotion names to separate emotion names "anger, fear", from actual moods "angry, afraid" which was making writing things really awkward.
    changes to UI layout of emotion window
    implemented the first pass on the bricbrac system: Bricabrac can be crafted in most workshops using different resources, and is used to make decor modules. Decor now contributes an amount of quality to buildings based on its bricabrac cost.
    removed building quality from all outdoor wall modules because it was exploitable and didn't make a whole lot of sense
    added "Quality: X" tooltip to all relevant modules now that module quality is a variable number
    added bricabrac as a potential reward in a few events
    changed name of "Decent Cabinet" to "Practical Cabinet"
    added building fancy names to a few places in the UI
    made grapes and prickly pears basic-cookable
    re-enabled Planets Align event
    military units will not immediately disband after the death of their NCO, but rather some other member of the crew will assume control.
    first implementation of fences
    clicking the minimap will now move the camera
    added sand to the desert
    added charred meat
    added ability to repair buildings
    rather than beating hostiles to death with trade goods, traders will now flee from combat while their guards fight
    made bandits far less likely to spawn directly in the middle of the player's town
    FIXED: embarking on an area near water will have dramatically more water than indicated by the original map
    FIXED: some tiny memory leaks
    FIXED: scripterror with food delivery from empire
    FIXED: reloading guns is now essential to being able to fire them
    FIXED: guns now use reload times per gun type and reloading animations will loop if total reload time exceeds anim length
    FIXED: unbuilt building that is somehow destroyed will now unlock its building materials
    FIXED: faction relations now cannot exceed 100 on the scale of -100 to +100.
    FIXED: in certain rare cases people would attempt to intimidate a fishperson who died while they were running over to the fishperson
    FIXED?: stone smelter assembly job took in infinite stone
    FIXED: invisible cactus
    FIXED: spawning of NPC groups is now much more robust
  2. mistrornge

    mistrornge Member

  3. Thank you very much for addressing my sand complaints. I will let you know if the kiln/smelter problem is still ongoing.
    EDIT: collapsing and expanding the workcrew list seems a bit bugged: I do "collapse all" and can't expand them individually, and if they're all expanded I can't collapse some of them individually.
    FURTHER EDIT: It looks like I can open/close 3 or 4 crew listings and then it'll stop letting me do it, if that helps.
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  4. mistrornge

    mistrornge Member

    My kitchen is in Horrible -7 status. Current items in the kitchen are:
    3 stone stoves
    1 brewing vat
    1 workbench
    1 spice rack
    4 closed windows
    1 rolling door
    1 sign hanger
    1 work desk (the little 1 box desk that has a sloped top)
    3 open windows

    Seems like it should be better than -7.
  5. Alavaria

    Alavaria Member

    Seems not, windows don't do anything now.


    It is time to modify my bunkhouse of hellish pleasure plans. This will be fun!

    I can already see that being careful about bed placement etc to get the most out of each piece of decor will be critical here.

    ahahaha, this is great ;)

    Oh actually that was rather simple. From my 9x9 Pyramid set up, the same 18 beds should require now 10x10 set up... and this is pretty great
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  6. Fredrik

    Fredrik Member

    Woah lots of new changes but this one will be interesting.


    You're the best ever Nicholas. Gonna play this for a couple of hours now to test everything out.
  7. Spectrum

    Spectrum Member

    Oh, that's nice. No more waiting on my 2/4 HP Foreign Offices to fall over in a stiff breeze and lose all their progress.
    That's pretty big, wonder if that means we can delay rax in the opening build order...well, it's still nice for getting a 'free' overseer early but still.
    Hrm. Uh, does that mean we actually need Combat Supplies now in order to maintain a working military?
  8. Alavaria

    Alavaria Member

    I'm actually wondering if that trick will be removed. It isn't really that amazing though, I guess...
  9. Tikigod

    Tikigod Member

    Ugh. :(

    Oh well.

    Onwards with the generalisations! :p
  10. I don't really like the new alert/timeline system, it makes it too easy to miss events if you're like me and don't constantly watch the game while you're waiting for things to get built.
  11. Fredrik

    Fredrik Member

    Wait a minute, why wouldn't windows increase building quality? This doesn't make any sense, why would having a cloth line inside the building increase quality but not a window? Sunlight and a view sounds like it would increase quality.
  12. Alephred

    Alephred Royal Archivist for Queen And Empire

    From the 50C notes:
    I guess the justification there was that windows in their current form were exploitable, or leading to uninteresting decision-making. (I know I personally spammed windows everywhere and generally never used interior decor)
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  13. Fredrik

    Fredrik Member

    Make it worth less the more you use, the first one gives +3 quality, second gives +2 quality and the last gives +1 and then they're worthless. Easy peasy. Makes it worth having windows and the players who try this won't be frustrated having to build barc stuff for cloth lines.
  14. Alavaria

    Alavaria Member

    Just wait until you see my new Pyramids which are lined with Ornate Wall Shrines
  15. Puzzlemaker

    Puzzlemaker Member

    Well, from the comments of the dev log, it looks like it's not that much of a change.

    Daniel wrote:

  16. Alavaria

    Alavaria Member

    Really now, in the past you could have high happiness AND sadness which is probably also rather odd...
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  17. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    Yeah, it makes sense that low happiness equates to sadness. Combining sadness with madness to make "despair" doesn't bother me that much, now that I know all the systems are still in place. It just feels a little weird losing the word "madness". It's a good word.
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  18. Alavaria

    Alavaria Member

    Ideally they should sound orthogonal, so combinations wouldn't sound odd (though that has its own charm perhaps).

    Happiness / Terror / Rage / Insanity...
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  19. Wolg

    Wolg Member

    Anyone else finding that the mouse wheel while over some lists, especially the work crew panel, sometimes does nothing, or zooms the camera instead of scrolling, or zooms while scrolling?

    Seems fine in button grids like module selector or workshop product list, but not the production queue list... Weird.
  20. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    At first I was a little upset at the lack of events ticker. Then I realized the history window can be moved and left open, which is nice because I can put it in the bottom right corner where it belongs. ;)


    Nevermind, the history window doesn't update when left open. Can this be changed?
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