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  1. dbaumgart

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    Found, repro'd, and I believe fixed for the next patch. We will test it again however because it's such a straightforward operation that should not ever fail into an infinite loop like that.

    It is done for the next patch.
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  2. At first I thought that because of some combination of "I'd mined stone really far from the colony and it hadn't been sent to the stockpile yet" and "my overseer died in the middle of making one so they set it off limits" they'd set the job as off-limits, but I watched my team members and they were definitely working at it and gathering far more stone blocks in than they needed.
  3. I think that part of the "choose your area" dialogue box should be "crops available at outset." I keep starting games where all I can grow is chili, cane and tea and winding up with a starving colony.
  4. Unforked

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    I'm finding chilis a pretty effective starting crop personally. Then once you research coconut groves you're golden.
  5. I'm sure they would be if I could get there.
  6. Alavaria

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    Yeah I also used chilli for quite a while (nothing like having *just* that as your only cookable crop before research), the main thing to do is throw enough farmers at it.

    The big point is more of when you have access to the special Republique bonus.
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  7. Bandits are still setting up way too close to home. 20160422222013_1.jpg
  8. Can we order our military to do anything through the barracks or general military commands section? There was talk of patrolling and training in the past I believe?

    Perhaps in time we would be able to subdue hostiles rather than kill them, then interrogate them in our prisons to learn their dark secrets/curry favour with the empire?
  9. Had several issues in this game, but upon loading it today I got two script errors, super slow performance and then a crash,. had a few script errors etc in this game before as well. Calling in food via that friendly people building (forgotten the name) didn't get me any but it showed up several times in the log. Few graphical glitches around farms/terrain flattening and certain zoom levels. Colonists being starving but their hunger not showing as anything. I think I've attached all the relevant info but if you need more let me know :)

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  10. Wolg

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    It looks like areas with no ocean front biome get treated by fishpeople as a licence to put their eggs wherever they like. In my most recent colony, that was practically in the centre of town.

    That in itself was one thing, but they then started to intimidate everyone who came near, which brought up something else: being scared by fishpeople pauses jobs in progress. One colonist got caught between two fishpeople while chopping a tree; his progress bar would move just the tiniest fraction between scare displays, meaning it took him what seemed like a day and a half to cut the tree down. He only got away when other colonists stepped close enough to draw some intimidation away. Needless to say, by that point he had no memories beyond being repeatedly fish scared and was maxed out insane...

    I would have expected fishpeople to at least not put the precious eggs within sight range of human habituation, or to just walk across the map and depart if there isn't a suitable shoreline for egg placement; the player can still choose to ambush for caviar and steaks. Placing eggs like that in a manner which declares the land as belonging to them, not the mere humans, could of course be seen as an aggressive move on the part of Johnny Fishperson, but if so it tends to paralyse things a bit much. Perhaps the intimidation could be throttled, or not freeze a fleeing colonist in place, or not be performed against colonists in progress bar jobs (or at least completely interrupt them so the colonist can get away...)?
  11. Training and patrolling should happen automatically when your militia aren't fighting or hunting (assuming the AI is working properly).
    As far as subduing goes, I know there's a prison cell in the modules list, but I've never tried to build one.
  12. Rentahamster

    Rentahamster Member

    Do priests no longer preach from the pulpit? Did I miss that? They only take confessions now?
  13. So "starvation loop from bad input for Serve Drink" is still a thing in this version. 20160426210417_1.jpg
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