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  1. Here's the first one I made, which I didn't get far in because food was nigh-inacessible: 20160330232204_1.jpg
    And another that I got frustrated with because people were stopping their "flatten terrain" orders halfway through cutting down various mesas: 20160331011751_1.jpg (bonus points for early artifact discovery!)
    And I just generated this one, which is extremely canyon-y: 20160331183920_1.jpg
    Not sure how helpful it is, but I got these three more or less in this part of the map: 20160331183606_1.jpg
    After a tiny bit of experimentation, it looks like doing it in more temperate climes gives you much more reasonable starting areas: 20160331183334_1.jpg (I'm gonna keep this one, because I have been given the blessing of the lizards.)
  2. Daniel

    Daniel CEO Staff Member

    This is one of these instances where having a short release cycle isn't ideal because the system is only about half done. There is a lot of ongoing work to make things consistent, but an incomplete pass of that is going to do the opposite, at least fo rnow.

    A lot of issues we have with the UI right now are actually that there's content crammed into possible display point to tell you about things that have happened, things that are happening, and things that will happen, and we're busy picking through things trying to separate these and put them in reliable places, as well as building tools for each of these.

    Some of it will probably take a little iteration too.
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  3. Alephred

    Alephred Royal Archivist for Queen And Empire

    Here's a save of a single 5 1/2 hour session from embarkation to about 73 colonists, over 30ish days, if you want to examine it for whatever reason:


    I never saw a capybara. :(

    Also, at colonies of this size, the bug afflicting 'basic food' and 'basic drink' (i.e. they get produced endlessly, regardless of limit) cause serious inconvenience.

    I noticed far fewer strikes than the previous experimental build, and colonists seemed to stay happier, in general. I found some wild grapevine, and harvested a couple bushels of grapes, but could not do anything with them, despite a fully-equipped booze facility.

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  4. Wolg

    Wolg Member

    I got a similar case in 49A when a bandit raid was allowed to take the goods, but walked straight into a fishpeople goods procession. The two sides fought, and the now-neutral bandits fled back into town due to taking afflictions, but didn't resume their walk back to camp afterwards. Instead they loitered around the middle of town performing all their rudeness jobs. Intended?


    • Could we have the expand/collapse state of work crews in the list get saved & loaded?
    • Post-load, seems I now can't remove workers from crews while the crew is collapsed...

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  5. dbaumgart

    dbaumgart Art Director Staff Member

    Interesting! Logged as OC-4575. (I'm digging around in hardening start and home positions for all non-player agent groups, so this seems relevant to that task.)
  6. Fluffeh

    Fluffeh Member

    This is now the second time that reading a hilarious bug fix you guys have done, makes me realize the cause of one I've been chasing in my own code. I should dick around on forums instead of working more often, apparently :D
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  7. Wolg

    Wolg Member

    I think I know what did this: reassigning a lower class worker to a different group while they were carrying the logs to construct the building. Tried it again just now and the subject dropped a stone block in the building under construction, but it didn't increment the building materials counter.
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  8. The same thing was at one point happening with modules. I got to where I've just been super careful not to reassign workers from a crew who are constructing anything and I've not noticed any unusable logs, so this is a distinct possibility.
  9. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    So... I accidentally built a farm on top of a cliff that was scheduled for excavation. The result was a partial mudslide, but luckily the rest of the maize still grows at the bottom.

    Also, it's hard to notice in the shot, but those trees, nodes, and bones are hovering in midair because they weren't cleared before flattening the terrain.

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  10. Alavaria

    Alavaria Member

    Yes, this happens. I think the farm will be fixed if you save and reload (the game seems to "paint" the farm and crops on top of the surface)

    Floating things, too, can be interacted with as the game doesn't seem to really have any vertical distance check. It looks odd, but they will stand next to the square a node or tree is on and harvest it. The items should appear on the correct level.
  11. Viion

    Viion Member

    Ooooooh.... Having a great time playing the game. Had the first crash in a very long time. Not quite sure what happened to trigger it. Was playing a long game and refusing immigration to keep population at about 25 (was 27 at crash). Was slowly building the colony up, and by slowly I mean really slow :) So there weren't anything new happening as far as I know when the crash happened.

    Actually... considering that the console was 216 MB I'm unsure if that might be an issue. Too large to upload though.

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  12. There is a dead bandit within my colony's limits that refuses to be buried; if I click on or highlight it I just get the "shoot bandits" option.
    I've also noticed that with this version, bandits get a lot bolder when it comes to setting up camps. Whereas before they were at least a couple screenlengths away from my buildings, they'll pitch tents right in my back yard. Literally in my back yard in this case: 20160407151855_1.jpg
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  13. I'm going to drop this in here rather than create a new thread because it's a small QoL (quality of life) suggestion, but I'd quite like to be able to press say ctrl/alt to bring up the overview that shows which areas of land cannot be built on.
  14. Alavaria

    Alavaria Member


    Desert biome, the tall thin cactus you can chop down.


    Fishpeople traders? I'm just neutral with them (since you can't go Friendship now)


    Can already tell this is going to be annoying, compared to the usual tree-spam. Ironically the main things needed are trees and a little stone....

    Colonies eat so many logs... basically constantly summoning Novorus special trader (an alternative is to start farming bamboo I suppose, think the trader is a better way to do it, plus they provide side-services.
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  15. dbaumgart

    dbaumgart Art Director Staff Member

    Just fixed a similar problem with Fishpeople -- looked at the script, and the same fix can be applied to Bandits to address this issue. Done!

    As for bandit camps, they might not be checking to NOT target "civilization", I'll double check that code ...
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  16. I'm finding my current game is very slow - colonists seem to get stuck on the spot for a few seconds before they move on. If it's happening still tomorrow morning I'll upload a save etc for you.

    Also a request, as we can rename colonists can we also have a box to give them a nickname too?
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