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  1. dbaumgart

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    • Re. farming skill: before anyone reports it, yes, found a bug where only the overseer actually increments their own farming skill. (an extra "local" on line 139 of farming.fsm, ahhhh!)
    • We'll add better feedback for drone riots, have some ideas to implement.
  2. Palindrome

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    Still crashing at around the hour/hour and a half mark. No obvious cause.

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  3. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Was the UI trade window open?
  4. I'm quite missing the little info box on the UI that showed me the number of workcrews I had/how many are currently idle. I looked at that a lot more often than I realized before it was gone.
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  5. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    The work crew box being idle was, in fact a lie: it didn't give you any information on idle work crews working in buildings, merely tier 1 work crews. So it would be very misleading.
  6. Daniel

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    The removal of this widget is a deep and complicated issue....

    Oh, nicholas wrote something! Yes, that is one of the issues. We are basically moving this data into other places, both in the UI and in the game simulation itself. This transition is not yet over, but hopefully the display of the info will be less ambiguous and similarly visible when we're done.
  7. Palindrome

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    Nope, I had 1 group of traders that left about 20 minutes before (who also stole most of the pistols in my stockpile which they picked up to defend themselves against bandits)
  8. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Okay. But you had a trade depot. Do you remember what you did that *closed* the trade window before the game crashed?
  9. Palindrome

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    I presume that I closed it normally via the X. The crash was quite some time after I closed the window though, maybe 1-2 in game days.
  10. Drumhead

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    I also have a crash. Occurred while I was placing the ceramics workshop and the autosave popped up. I clicked the blueprint 'Done' button pretty much exactly as the autosave appeared. Also the save might be wonky it looks smaller than the last one. Here have em both (autosave 1 is the latest).

    This scenario of being in the middle of construction when autosave appears is actually something that happens to me really often. It may be worth looking into preventing autosaves when players are placing stuff. pause the process if it triggers until the build/module menus are closed perhaps?

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  11. Trifler

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    Well that sucks...

    I guess I just think that decorating a building up to max quality is silly in a starting colony in the middle of the wilderness. Resources are scarce and people should have low expectations. Perhaps it would be better if there were more carrots on the high happiness side and less sticks on the low happiness side. Maybe it should be possible for lower class workers to perform work when the Overseer is unwilling, and make them less demanding than the middle class. One thing I'm sure of: work groups assigned to farming should understand that striking because they're hungry is going to make them hungrier. So that means striking for a certain reason and not just based on general happiness. Those are my thoughts.
  12. Alavaria

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    Well, it's static in terms of how memories give happiness and how happiness feeds into workshifts.

    Besides, it depends... if your Comfortable beds were all in a single building, you're only 4 planks away from Wonderful (60 happiness) or 2 from Great (55 happiness).

    1 cot is already 2 planks so....

    (If your other buildings are also built really large, that's where all your planks went...)

    Most of my workshops are undecorated and sit at -1 quality (which means no decor if you only have 1 module) which is "typical". It's only the special one which has beds that matters.

    Striking has to do with 1. anger vs happiness (it seems, I have to delve deeper and greedilier to find how it actually works) and 2. is only for the overseer.

    To deal with issues like this, you can micromanage two overseers such that you (manually) set them to different starting times and swap them. You can of course move over the lowerclass and abuse the fact they work depending on the overseer....

    It's a pain to swap though. Twice a day if you have 2 "4shift"ers and change on shift 5. At some point you don't really care much and can let it be.
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  13. It appears that if a worker is carrying a boxed unit to assemble and you reassign them to a different work crew, they set the module down at the intended destination, but it then becomes unobtainable.
  14. Alavaria

    Alavaria Member

    One possible workaround is to try forbidding and then claiming the item. Try that?

    I'm wondering if the issue is that the job doesn't finish but the item is left "locked".
  15. dbaumgart

    dbaumgart Art Director Staff Member

    Logged as OC-4504, looking into it ...
  16. Kaidelong

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    I am not running on a supported platform, so I don't know if this is relevant to your interests, but just in case it is useful, here is a crash dump.

    Also, the new module placer could use some UX improvements. First of all, the green squares completely disappear into the blue of the floorplan right now. Second, while it is good that modules no longer snap, they should turn red when they're invalid placements.

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  17. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    The square of the module should, indeed, turn red already. Or do you mean I should tint the geometry itself?
  18. Kaidelong

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    Oh, yes, I think I do mean that. I think the floorplan gobbles up the red square you are talking about though, all I see is blue. I am on unsupported Intel HD so if it is not on your end it might count as won'tfix.
  19. Wolg

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    It's not just you; same on my nvidia. Green spaces only appear if they fall outside the floor footprint.
  20. For no good reason, I decided to let a colony that lost all but three of its overseers to an invasion and had way too many workers die off, and I noticed that characters who "forage due to starvation" will go for lacquer trees if they're the closest thing to the colony instead of something edible.