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    Crash Fixes, UI cleanup, all in a days' work:

    lab optimization, take 1
    clearables now use assignment beacons correctly in all cases
    tweaked how portraits are handled in work crew UI (unsatisfied with this, more work to come)
    day/night widget now survives save/load, has reliable day count information on it (finally), shows name of current hour
    collapsed work crews now show working status of MC char by highlighting their name tag button
    expand All / Collapse All button now on work crew UI window. Work crews now start all expanded (since you don't have enough crews for this to be an issue at - start)
    added correct icon when office is complete to completion ticker message
    when trader arrives at trade depot, an alert will be created
    (48B): all crops re-added)
    miners will now receive building quality memories for the mine they're working in
    added variant to Novorus Logging Moratorium to reflect conditions if you initiate it while hostile
    balance: trade values of large number of items updated to reflect reworking of ores/metals
    balance: lower-level kilns/ovens don't require advanced metal parts to repair
    balance: confession now takes less time
    balance: building costs changes using new materials
    FIXED: building Mineshaft Module crash
    FIXED: "sucked up to" memory text
    FIXED (48B): wheat harvest error
    FIXED (48B): text errors in foreign_relations_correction
    FIXED: many boxed modules took no time to assemble
    FIXED: bug where shortening the interior pane of a scrollable window to the point where the scrollbar would disappear would not reset scroll position and instead cause elements to be permanently out of view.
    FIXED: a couple of crash bugs
    FIXED, probably: "run-time error" dialog message
    FIXED: barbershop crash
    FIXED: zones can now be deleted again
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  3. Tikigod

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    No tweak to the event log mentioned. :(
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    Ah excellent... now I will try out my new(er) colony plan. And poke at numbers etc again
  5. Unforked

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    Yeah, not to be repetitive, but is there a chance we can get the event log back where it was (in the lower right corner)?

    You just can't play while having a single event listed, because sometimes multiple events appear and you miss a ton of them. Opening and closing it constantly is a real pain, and keeping it open looks terrible on the top middle of the screen.
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    Nooooooooooooooo who took my pumpkins away!

    You fiends!



  7. Alavaria

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    Hmm, I suspect the miners have returned to their bad "Drop Item" habits. If someone has a mine built, can you please tell me if your miners are dropping their things at random (giveaway last time was a "Drop Item" job when they left the mine with their ore etc)
  8. Alavaria

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    Welp, what happened now~
  9. Tikigod

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    Pumpkins locked to a researchable.

    Now your options before research are:

    * Wheat.
    * Maize.
    * Cabbage.
  10. Alavaria

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    Ah so much for the latest crop post being sponsored by pumpkin.

    I was going to try a different strategy this time around, centered on Maize, actually...
  11. Tikigod

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    I'm finding it's not quite so intrusive expanded when playing at 1920x1080, perhaps when it's being designed it's mostly just being checked against at 1080 or higher and not at lower resolutions where it REALLY gets in the way.

    That said, it is kind of chasing after reiterating and further polishing something new to bring it up to basic usability conditions of the what was already there... functional compactness is great if often borderline made a religion out of sometimes but designing for compactness and then blowing time tuning it to fill basic usability needs afterwards like it seems the event window is going to need seems a bit of a redundant effort in my book.

    From a player and usability standpoint it was neither intrusive or broken beforehand, filled its role sufficiently well and really could have done with being the single part of the UI that didn't need touching up. heh
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    What?? They stole our pumpkins???
    That's it...
    <drinks an entire bottle of booze and joins a cult>
  13. Alephred

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    Some impressions of r48c:

    - generally speaking, much more stable that r48b. I played one continuous 1.5 hour session with no bugs, script errors, glitches or crashes, excellent
    - highlighting the names of active overseers in the work crew menu is nice
    - is it just me, or has the exhaustion chance of foragables been adjusted back to regular levels?
    - I notice stone charcoal kilns are no longer an option - I didn't find the lack of early charcoal too limiting, though, thanks to incidental coal production at mines
    - on a related note, it's nice that mineshafts no longer require iron to construct (thus removing the need for early-game charcoal and a functioning metalworks before building a mine)
    - spontaneous world events are also a nice touch

    Player Feedback re: Happiness:

    In my session, I noticed some aspects of production seemed to be dragging, To my surprise, at least four of my crews were on strike. At that point in the game, I had plenty of high-quality food and appropriate beds, and barracks. I had not started on booze production, and had not constructed a chapel, and a few colonists had died in bandit raids, so there were definitely things I could have done to promote happiness.

    My point, though, is that I had no indication that strikes were happening, and further, a new player would not have a good idea why the colonists were striking, or how to remedy the situation. A little more feedback in that area would be very helpful.

    I've attached all the files from that session.

    Attached Files:

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  14. Trifler

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    I logged in just now to comment about the need for some more feedback from the game regarding strikes and what the colonist is upset about, so now I'll just say that I agree with what Alephred said here. :)

    I'm an experienced player and I still have no idea why the strikes are happening. I mean, I obviously can't provide many services on day 4... :p
  15. Alavaria

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    What was the quality level on the buildings holding the beds? Also on workshops, if the strikers were doing workshops.

    Striking seems to have something to do with anger vs happiness, best I can tell. This also interacts with the way the game goes from memories to final happiness/anger #s
  16. Trifler

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    Looks like I have... comfortable on the beds, and typical on the workshop.
  17. Alavaria

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    Refer to this: Experiences: From Each According To Their Happiness

    Your sleeping & work arrangements are pulling your colonist happiness towards low values. While shiftwise maybe not so bad, but you are more vulnerable to strike if the colonist suddenly gets 40 Anger because someone slapped them or whatever.

    Well, sleeping at comfortable isn't that bad, happiness 40.

    Sometimes I think the real issue is how to avoid the very small happiness memories..

    A wooden brewing vat is 3 planks?

    Booze is a pretty nice bonus (40 happiness) and also you get 3 per raw food (maize/wheat)
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  18. Trifler

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    Great post on your link Alavaria!

    I have to say I'm glad they say balance changes to happiness are incoming, because that's waaaay too much effort to keep them happy for my tastes. I'd like to see their expectations scale somewhat based on how much the colony has.
  19. Alavaria

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    The way happiness affects workshifts now, you should be pretty good to go with:
    • Basic Food
    • Cots crammed into a building you've decor'd up to max quality
    • Maybe Basic Drink? (they are 1->3, an even better ratio than the Basic Food)

    If you're referring to the dev post in the linked thread, that is, er in the past. As in 48B already has the "changes". (Before, things like better food and military had very small effects)
  20. Daniel

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    Consider this message acknowledgment that you have a pain point on the new UI organization here, and that i'm thinking about it.
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