ALPHA 45 RELEASED ON STEAM: "How to Make Enemies and Exorcise People"

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    If someone is simply maddened, has been "cult seeded" (and not marked by some flavour of eldritch horror at that point), and their traits don't tip them in any particular way, then it's essentially random. Um. Or in order of cult theme definitions; I'll have to double-check that one.


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    Whoops. Fixed for next build!
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    Can confirm, this is true. x3 But at least rebuilding a mine may work as an alternative solution for now if you don't want to kill off an overseer, like when it's one with jolly good skills.
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    Yeah, demolishing and rebuilding fixes it
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    I love how the Vicar stops to go eat some stew then charges back in.
  7. Best. Bug. Ever.
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    Reporting a bug with bamboo farming.
    I'm not sure what caused this.

    The work group farmed up the bamboo until it was nearly finished, but then went idle. The group will not return to the bamboo. I can send them off to work on another task and they behave normally, and a new group assigned to the plot will similarly ignore it.

    I have a savegame here.

    Confessions and pubs are similarly bugged.


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    A couple of bugs that keep catching my attention...
    1. Basic Food & Basic Drink standing orders don't check their quotas correctly (acknowledged as OC-4068). Any orders below these in a kitchen's list will never be started (unless the ingredients for the basic job are not available).
    2. The Blackboard (if that's the component responsible?) seems to intermittently ignore which work crews are assigned to farm plots and allocates Tend Crops jobs to any crew looking for something to do (reported, but didn't get an OC-#).
    3. If a militia citizen trains up to redcoat status, then is unassigned and placed in a civilian crew, then returned to a military squad, they take the militia uniform again. (I haven't been able to confirm whether this is purely a cosmetic issue; they will do military training but don't get a progress bar when they do, though I haven't seen them in combat.)
    4. Design a kitchen as a 5x5 square. Place a loading bay roller door on one edge touching the corner. On the adjacent side, place a lower class door one square away from the same corner.
      Now place an open window so it touches the loading bay on the corner and the lower class door with its other edge; CE will crash.
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    Iron wool rugs never caught on in The Empire, much to the disappointment of its inventor.
  11. According to the press statement by Lord Palmerstroke, they were found by the Royal Academy of Science to better serve the Empire as giant scrubbing pads for the equally giant metal pots for cooking stew. In related news, researchers are currently developing prototype giant steam powered mechanical dishwashing limbs. :p
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