ALPHA 45 RELEASED ON STEAM: "How to Make Enemies and Exorcise People"

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  1. Nicholas

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    Full Changelog:

    Major player-facing additions this month

    • Building quality mechanics! Add decor to make your workshops & houses more pleasant (or don’t!)
    • Revamped military AI! Soldiers will consistantly rally and follow orders with our newer, stronger AI infrastructure
    • Haunting Spectres! They’re spooky.
    • Additional opportunities for madness and the occult!
    • Point lights! Bring some cheer to those dark, creepy nights.
    • Enhanced murder.
    • Character memories have been cleaned up, extended, and given a longer-term record in the character UI.
    • (Continuing work on Secret Things, deep and dark.)

    Alpha 45 full changelog is now available on the blog, since it won't fit in a post this month.

    Edit: And here's a link to the blog post.
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  2. Why do you do this to me just as I arrive at a hotel to celebrate my 3rd year anniversary with the Mrs? And no laptop for at least 3 days! Curse you!
  3. Unforked

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    Okay, so this part of the Progress Report is mysterious and fascinating:

    • added Grape Vine crop (commented out)
    • added Wine commodity & production (commented out)
    • drew grapes + wine icons, attached to commodities (commented out)
    • re-added poetic memories to use hearExclamation (Poets just don't spawn right now)
    • started some defs for Obeliskian tech/commodities
    • adding infrastructure for obeliskian forge (not fully implemented)
    • added Nicholas's new Arcane Symbols to the documentation on spacial maps (I have no idea what this means)
  4. razrien

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    "Enhanced murder"

    Oh god
  5. Tikigod

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    How else is one to make giant suits of elder being protection, or madness rifles if not through Obeliskian forges? :p

    That last one sounds like something to do with the overworld though, "Here lies madness.".
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  7. Mikel

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    I did not expect this. Happy day.
  8. berkstin

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    Yay! Playable again on OSX. Did get a crash after a fairly long session but otherwise seemed very stable. Looking forward to checking out all the new features.
  9. Tree curse or Beetle curse? :p

    P.S. Happy Third Year Anniversary, @An Actual Englishman ;)
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  10. Kamisma

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    What happens when a fishy cook serve fishpeople meat to everyone :


    Didn't manage to have her transform into a fish although i had the first event about her and her cult-mate looking kinda fishy ("fishy look reported" they might even have gills). Her cult mate was a clerk at the chapel so she gave strange sermon to people when she was there :p

    Tried to play normally and not have 90% of my colonist on food production, then food shortages made people turn to fish meat (the kitchen was not systematically cooking butchered fishpeople meat for some reason, as if they waited that there was a demand for fishpeople meat before they started cooking it, meaning for quite some time i had raw fishpeople meat all around my colony just lying until someone decided to eat it, still raw, while only a handful could get actually cooked)

    I was kinda blocked by lack of hematite deposit anywhere near my colony, so i was reliant on events for iron and I still can't figure out a reliable source of sand, i tried building a mine on the beach but fish people killed the overseer before the mineshaft was completed and i don't know if it's related or not but the mineshaft couldn't be completed each time a colonist brought some planks, the amount of planks at the mineshaft was staying at the same 2/3 value. Also chronic lack of overseer since my colony got trashed by bandit once (there should be a way out of this because currently the game expect you to produce more to get more overseers, which is difficult when you just got trashed at half your previous population.

    Bugs :
    - Most major bug is that my military squad stopped eating/sleeping and don't train because "rallying" seem to take priority on most other actions (they still fight pretty well, but i have to unassign them from the barracks each time i want them to sleep or eat which is kinda cumbersome).

    - Also confession doesn't seem to work. Chapel just piles up confession job which are never completed even when chapel is fully staffed.

    - Couldn't demolish properly the mine i built on the beach (it was after the save below i think so you might reproduce the issue) meaning the building was demolished, but there was still the blue print of the building and modules left on the building's location

    - Lots of glitches with moving modules. Like the "move or destroy" icons staying for the whole game after i tried to move a clay amphora/pot thingy, and also a crash when i moved a cot on the same place as another existing cot (already built) in another building (i didn't intend to do that but i misclicked somehow)

    - The fishperson pie is not in the kitchen menu anymore for a few updates, wad ?

    - I'm using an AZERTY keyboard and can't rebind my keys. Wouldn't be an issue if D was still working (to pan the camera to the right) and if pressing E wasn't panning non-stop to the right for 5 minutes instead of simply rotating to the right.
    I can only use A (pan left) W (pan up) S (pan down) and Q (rotating left). So to move the camera right i have to rotate with Q twice and then go left. At least allow screen-edge panning please :p

    Few other remarks :
    - I don't know if it's supposed to be the case since it wasn't working but colonists who had confession shouldn't want a confession again for a while
    - Colonists should not seek services at an office which is "Unassigned"
    - Rally point and military related orders should be accessible from the barracks
    - Office building quality should be displayed (barracks, chapel etc.)
    - Stance against factions should be set through the faction window rather than trough unreliable events. Alternatively a bureaucrat's office should handle the colony "laws".
    - There should be a way to prevent colonists to perform a burial job, for instance when they try to bury that naturalist who died in a bandits camp, and that the burial job takes priority on everything else and 5 of your colonist died trying to retrieve a corpse that is 25543 km away.
    - Colonist should maybe prioritize haul of items that are required for production. For instance i had 10 or so bushel of sand lying on the beach (i mined them from the dune) but no one bothered to bring them back to the stock pile. And they lied there for days even though i had glass orders on my ceramics workshop and the bushel were registered in my commodity list. But because they were too far no one bothered bringing them back (i even stationed my military there to see if it was not a field of vision issue).
    - Geologocial survey should show roughly the same information as when you plop down a mine, because i kinda want to know where i can mine "sand" elsewhere than on the beach.

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  11. ShadowTani

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    There's another save/load issue similar to the one with the work schedules that got fixed: the wounds people have will not be displayed in their UI after loading a game.
  12. Rentahamster

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    When the pub is full of drink orders, it seems like the overseer bugs out and doesn't want to do anything at all.

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  13. LSky

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    I've experienced this in 44 as well. Even when there's plenty of drinks to go around.
  14. Kamisma

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    Yeah it seems to be similar as the bug for confession.
  15. Drumhead

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    Gotta say I am enjoying the new changes so far.

    However, can we please take a look at increasing line of sight a tad. It is so low that soldiers are able to fire at enemies they can't see. It's been like this for ages and I haven't seen it mentioned much.

    Also, materials are still left behind after building sometimes and it looks like hauling jobs are not getting done this patch. my stockpiles are empty and everything is sitting in the woods.

    Now if you'll excuse me I am off to form a cult
    in the game. a cult in the game.
  16. That's what they all say.

    P.S. Thank you for the juice.
  17. Rentahamster

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    My kitchen doesn't seem to be cooking caviar. They cook bread just fine, but ignore orders to cook caviar.
  18. Mokkun

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    Had a nice finely run game, no crash. ;) just 3 script errors and some food problems.

    Also, as a surivor of TWO invasions. there really needs to be some way to ask for permanent overseers after the second and other later invasions..


    Hope it helps.
  19. Unforked

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    Has anyone ever gotten more than two members per cult? I can get multiple cults per game, but the limit seems to always be two members each. All efforts to recruit past that are always rejected.
  20. Seems to be only two members with mine as well. Does anyone have a different experience?

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