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  1. Tikigod

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    Any word on 44A?

    Bit unusual to have a 2 week gap on the first experimental of a revision.
  2. Unforked

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    Well, Nicholas's decision tree rewrite of doom and miltary overhaul may be a factor (based on the last blog post), or maybe some things exploded.

    Either way, I'm pretty sure we're looking at Wednesday at the latest. Of course I have no idea but I like to speculate.
  3. redchaostry

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    I thought the military rework was aiming for 45. What is the doom rewrite?
  4. Unforked

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    The decision tree rewrite has to come before the military rework begins (already begun?). Nicholas has been blogging about this for quite some time now. Yes, it's aiming for 45, but they might want to get it in experimental fairly soon. Again, just guessing for fun. I know nothing!
  5. Nicholas

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    Various people have been down with various illnesses last week, and I have spent most of Friday and today dealing with cleaning up some very old code that was quite crufty and a) slowing things down; b) leaking memory occasionally or c) at least, jamming up our memory footprint to the point where finding real memory leaks was a major issue. (Also, most of the renderer got rewritten.) So it's a combination of things. The decision tree rewrite won't be in for 44A because book-keeping came first.

    There just isn't enough coffee in the world some days.
  6. Tikigod

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    Ack, sounds hectic. :(

    And no, there is NEVER enough coffee in the world. Even when medical science progresses to the point where the young can be genetically engineered to replace blood with caffine, there still wouldn't be enough.

    The only thing to do is find some coffee companion substance, like cheese... or Nachos.