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    There was one, way back.

    Clicking it crashed the game, so it got removed for quit without saving, which did the same thing more cleanly.
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    Damn those Possessive Personal Pronouns!

    The regular ones are bad enough, but the possessive ones? Jeez they need to totally take a step back and stop menacing people.
  4. Concerning Parmelia Oreshewer's traits, Fishy Behavior and Patriotic. Looks like Patriotic trait was stronger, since she would have been in awe of the experience to meet fishpeople (not upset) if the Fishy Behavior trait was stronger. Is this what is expected to happen to memories if a colonist's traits conflict with each other in relation to the memory?
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    Wrong memory.

    This is a memory that seems to be triggered only if the colonist has 'Fishy Behaviour' and are attacked by fish people.

    Not the first encounter with fish people memory. In Parmelia's case she was indeed awed/excited when that memory was created IIRC.
  6. Is it at all possible that chairs are the reason some colonists are still getting "stuck" in some games? It seems like all the screenshots I see this happening in, there are chairs in said building. I haven't had this happen for awhile and I also don't build chairs because I was under the impression the colonists won't use them anyway.
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    I just had a colony of 50+ attacked by enemy troops. They managed to kill mostly overseers, in a colony that was already undersupplied with them. I ended up with 15 unassigned labourers, but no sign that the supply of new overseers would ramp up to make up the difference. Now, I guess I could turn away new labourers and wait for overseer immigration, but by Cog, that would take a while.
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    I've experienced this as well.

    Is the introduction of overseers tied to accumulated total production of goods, and does it take the current amount of overseers into account? Is it a milestone system where you get a new overseers at x amounts of accumulated goods? If the latter, then these situations where enemy troops kill overseers at a greater ratio than laborers shows a serious flaw in this system.
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    I too am interested in what triggers new overseers. After my own invasion I went from 12+ overseers to 4. And over 7 days later I had yet to receive a new overseer, but had 3 immigration requests for more laborers. I hired 2 prisoner work parties to help try to get the colony back on track without much success.
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    The distinct impression given during the immigration changes is that overseer immigration is tied to economic production worth (Not net worth stored).

    So chop down a tree and gain more wood for your colony has a value of xxx per unit of wood gained.

    Make a unit of bricks in the ceramics workshop and that has a value of yyy per unit produced.

    So to keep overseer immigration triggering you need to keep production flowing... it doesn't seem to matter how much you have stored. All that matters is much more you produce.

    In Revision 44 I had a colony that was facing an imbalance between workers and overseers as well when I scaled off production somewhat to focus on dealing with food production and the far too over present obeliskians.
    Production of building materials was still going but only to replace what was being used, most activity was focused around defence, eating raw food every other second and hauling things across the entire map ignoring neighbouring stockpiles.

    So eventually I set my ceramics to a standing order of 60 bricks or so, and my carpentry a standing order of 60 planks or so, and once that got under way I soon received quite a few additional overseers.

    Worker immigration however is still a fixed time event. So no matter what happens you'll always trigger the same number of worker immigration events across an allotted amount of time.
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    That's interesting. I had the remaining work crews focussed on keeping the food production going. I guess food doesn't count!
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    I suspect everything counts, just in varying amounts.
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    Ah, this is the last place I would have expected a Depeche Mode reference. :)
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    Bit of a stretch to call that a Depeche Mode reference. :)
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    Found a reason for people getting "Stuck"
    when they are getting a confession while in the middle of something, they have a CHANCE of becoming "overwhelmed by the great spirit of the gods and are paralyzed by the might of such powers!" though they won't admit it *wink*
    *** have full crew with this overseer (vicar) doing double duty spiritual guidance and forestry, did not witness If vicar or underling did the confession.

    another one that has gotten me and I had to reload a save: Get the beetle!
    a dozen people go after it, it hides under a bed where nobody can get at it, down the line it finally emerges. Person who gets it is rewarded with continuing tasks, the rest get so bummed they just can't get themselves to ever return to such things!
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    apparently my edit didn't work correctly : (

    also had an overseer (of a farm) die of starvation, crew went ??? and 2 got stuck

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    if the "stuck" issue continues, I would suggest giving us a button next to frontier justice, just says "I'm stuck" and have the game just completely remove the character and any items they have in hand, call it maybe "they jumped into the airship during a daring escape and got away clean" and then have the game issue a new colonist. It doesn't have to have the same stats or anything, just issue a replacement. Only thing asked if you think about this is that replacement be even up for laborer or overseer.
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    Fixed for 44A!
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    That would be a nice option. May lose some experience, but you dont lose the numbers or force your colonists to shoot one of their own.