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  1. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member


    game now remembers the game window location on restart
    made a bunch of character info panel changes to expose more of the character state
    character window: emotions and madness now shown on a scale
    character window: mousing over a memory will show information about how that memory affects the character's state
    character window: memories now shown with more detail, image fades as they are forgotten
    (character window: lots to go still with this, but it's functional enough to push it to experimental)
    colonists who are happy or drunk will occasionally dance
    deer will now appear in the New Antipodia biome
    colonists will generally be made happier by the presence of local military in the colony.
    added new "Quick-start" loadout
    added new "Basic Food" recipe to kitchens that merges stew, meat, and many other recipes into a single button
    removed recipes now made extraneous by Basic Food
    crops will now reach their "mature" model one stage earlier, so you can actually see it for a bit
    crops will let out a sparkle when harvestable
    scholar Praise Event will now show how much prestige you earned
    colonists Denounce Bandit Cowardice event now has an additional possible response
    upper class immigrants have been removed from regular immigration.
    upper class immigrants will now emigrate at a rate of 1 per available upper class house.
    prisoner overseers will now be identified as such
    fixed grammar and typos in several events
    fixed prestige cost for food favour
    added new desire: "Kill some wild game"
    added progress bars to workshop jobs
    reduced madness from being attacked by fishpeople
    added Fishperson dissection job for Naturalists
    added Fishy Look Report
    "Clear Stump" and "Clear Sapling" jobs are now part of "Clear Terrain"
    gravestones are now randomized
    prisoners given hats
    added Fishpeople Organs
    madness overhaul & rebalance performed (rather in-progress)
    soldiers will now stow rather than drop their weapons to train
    added holy book to some Vicar animations
    hunting will no longer display character combat info panel
    split buildings into "workshops", "offices" and "housing"; added support for subcategories to the module placer.
    split military operations into commands and constructions
    a great deal of office code was written to procedurally define offices, and their UI elements
    added "office jobs" that will be done by the office crew assigned to an office
    added office job UI display widget for chapels
    supplicants will now show up looking for preaching if a chair is available for them to sit in at the church
    supplicants will also look for confessions if a vicar is around to hear them (confession mechanism currently uses the Cult Deprogramming code.)
    balance: removed 21-person start. Because it was just way too good.
    balance: throttled back beginning time & strength various attack events (bandits, fishpeople, foreigners)
    balance: Tweaked costs of several modules
    balance: graveyards now pack in graves a little more efficiently
    balance: increased starting exploration radius
    FIXED: colonists should no longer get memories for killing vermin
    FIXED: foreign troops will proper interrupt going to mission goals to fight enemies (or friends, if they're hostile)
    FIXED: saskatoonberries & lingonberries counted as same item in commodities screen
    FIXED: colonists will no longer attempt to interact in various ways with fishpeople meat as if it were a fishperson
    FIXED: miners mining in mineshafts will no long leave a floating pickaxe by the door
    FIXED: you can click directly on a mine survey point OR drag a box around it to order a survey done (also gave the job a proper icon)
    FIXED: all factions will now properly update their UI description string to reflect whether you're shooting them or not
    FIXED: Bandits will now fight back when attacked by rampaging Aurochs
    FIXED: The Fleshcube is now a valid ingredient
    FIXED: Foreigners won't die again from splash damage after already dead
    FIXED: characters hunting an animal will attack it until it is killed rather than taking just one shot
    FIXED: ranged attack would always send out a gunshot alert to sleeping characters upon completion even if a gun wasn't fired
    FIXED: building name change spam when mad & overseer switched (but needs to be tested; can't 'til madness works again)
    FIXED: Ominous Dreams event was never firing
    FIXED: Broken memory icon for recruited bandits
    FIXED: fishperson assault crisis scripterror
    FIXED: added bounds checking for corePooledList (and warning messages instructing anybody encountering out of bounds list reads to e-mail us)
    FIXED: optimized stockpile code when you have a lot of goods that need to be stockpiled
    FIXED: characters occasionally being unable to do new work after they no longer belong to a workshop
    FIXED: crash setting filters or information on a deleted work party
    FIXED: various issues w/ retreat jobs getting stuck
    FIXED: bricks will now be stacked
    FIXED: Tooltips showing the wrong name for stacks after items had been removed from them

    (For those of you at home: the Mac build is now built again. Let me know how it works.)
  2. Tikigod

    Tikigod Member


    So now our crops will look like something from Twilight?

    As in bodily organs? Or large musical instruments?

    The idea of a convoy of Fishpeople lugging a giant pipe organ between them, plonking it down in the middle of the colony and putting on a show is pretty cool.


    Dare I ask what in the name of Cog requires cubes of flesh?

    That'll teach those Foreigners! All coming to our colony and thinking they can die as many times as they want! One death is all we get, why should they think they're entitled to more eh?

    If you're going to live in our colony you got to put up with how we do things. Only one death per person!

    Side note: Did you guys change anything in the starting location generation behaviour for 42d?

    Started a new colony, and the starting location is almost entirely flat with a crap ton of open space, sufficient stone, clay and coal, nice forage spots and a herd of about 8 Aurochs.... all in the initial revealed location.

    Seems a bit TOO perfect a location. :)
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  3. Tikigod

    Tikigod Member

    Initial reaction to the new colonist information window:

    "Fuck me, that's cluttered up close together".

    After a minute or so hovering over the memories and seeing how it changes the display of the emotional states, I kind of took to it.

    I'm not sure the various emotional states need to be quite so prominent.

    And for some reason having the memories just slightly off centre makes looking at the memories feel a little awkward. Something about how it's not properly away from the centre but is just enough for it to bug out your natural instinct to look in the middle of the window makes the whole thing 'feel wrong'.

    So I'd much rather settle with the emotional states being slightly smaller if it means the memories list can be properly centralised.

    (In terms of centralising the memories frame, I mean horizontal position. Can't really describe why it feels off, but reading the text just feels like I have to rest my eyes in a unusual position? *shrug* )

    Edit: Now it's bugging me to figure out what exactly about its positioning is bugging me. *sigh*

    Curse you colonist window and your mind games. But having the window and breaking it into quadrants the feelings frame does seem to be the only element that is positioned in such a way relative to the center of the overview window.... maybe that's it?


    Anyway, it's bugging to look at for some reason. And trying to figure out why it's bugging is bugging. So going to try and forget about it and hope it goes away. :p
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  4. Samut

    Samut Member

    Script error:


    Files attached.

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  5. Daniel

    Daniel CEO Staff Member

    Regarding the layout, it's SOOOO not done, but there was enough functioning in there now that i slapped together a scheme that was "good enough" for experimental for this one, because i wanted to get the code in the live codebase.

    I appreciate the critiques though, i'll take a look at them later this weekend or on Monday when i get around to putting the final pieces together.
  6. Tikigod

    Tikigod Member

    Ah in that case then pretty much disregard the points about it.

    For a temporary solution just to have something player facing thrown together it's more than sufficient. :)
  7. Alephred

    Alephred Royal Archivist for Queen And Empire

    Just a quick note, my client very occasionally stalls for around a minute, at semi-regular intervals - approximately the same interval as the autosaves, but those are also firing off as usual. The game will resume with no ill effects shortly afterward.
  8. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Alright, David was getting those too, but nobody could reproduce it on a machine with debug code. I'll take a second look tomorrow morning. Send me a save game that does it, if you would be so kind?
  9. Alephred

    Alephred Royal Archivist for Queen And Empire

    Here's the save, it experienced several stalls, and they gradually became more frequent (although the game continued to function normally otherwise). Bonus picture of Beetlemania:


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  10. Wolg

    Wolg Member

    • If a Clear Terrain order from a building placement captures a tree, colonists will cut it down by digging it with a shovel...
    • Drag-select hunt orders remain in the jobs list after the targeted creature(s) get taken care of.
    • Starting NCO still puts down/picks up weapon like a hot potato once assigned to Barracks.
    • (suggestion) Block non-prisoner colonists from initiating conversations with, or reacting positively to conversations from, prisoners (unless the colonist is Of Criminal Element).
    • (suggestion) UI for memories: I like the arrows that indicate the effect of a hovered memory, but would be nice if they also make obvious the magnitude of the effect. (Currently it just looks like it's centred on the bar area.)
    • ...Why do sleep deprivation memories reduce fear and sadness?
  11. potashcar

    potashcar Member

    Great plan! A paddle steamer river boat with a steam Calliope aboard. The fishfolk would be well practised because of all their organs,,_the_wonderful_operonicon_or_steam_car_of_the_muses,_advertising_poster,_1874.jpg
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  12. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    T̶͇H̸̗̫̩̦̫̜E K̙͚͖I̦͙͇͈͘N̬G ͖̳̼̻̳́I̷͙̜̝N҉ ̴̟̳̤̙̗̤̞Y̭̦̹E̼̗͘L̰̯̫̙͎̕ͅL̜̳̼̖̗Ọ̻̙̱̝Ẁ͈
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  14. mailersmate

    mailersmate Member

    On the subject of the colonist panel - having the memory detail in the panel and not a tooltip instantly feels like an imporvement.


    The roof disappearing with corner modules bug is fixed? Anyone confirm?
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  15. berkstin

    berkstin Member

    Mac Build works! Although my first colony was almost immediately attacked by beetles who then killed EVERYONE. :(
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  16. vonnyboy

    vonnyboy Member

    I love the addition of the personality meters and memory fading! Wonderful! Keep up the great work!

    Edit: sick dancing
  17. Daniel

    Daniel CEO Staff Member

    Now that we are showing you why people are angry, we just have to finish implementing reliable tools to make them less angry and then, finally, we can have horrible consequences. muahahaha
  18. Wolg

    Wolg Member

    Might there be another state of Gone Horribly Right?
  19. Alianin

    Alianin Member

    Clearing a stump by clicking it displays as clearing a sapling.

    Moving a worker to another work party when they're bringing materials to a construction job makes them drop the materials at the destination, but the material count does not go up. When the module is built, the dropped materials still show.
  20. Lily Phoenix

    Lily Phoenix Member

    Damnit, I loved the 21 person start. *sobs*
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