Alchemy Transmutation making Runes

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Wootah, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Wootah

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    Which is weird because there is no record of runes anywhere that I have seen.
    I imagine that it is from the The DLC but somehow bled through to 1.08.

    Unfortunately I was trying to make a staff and now the runes add to the number of random results possible for gems.
    So far I have created:

    Rune of Difference
    Rune of Growth and Decay
    Rune of Direction
    Rune of Digging
    Rune of False Hope
    Rune of Pillars
    Rune of Scrutiny
    Rune of Thaumancy

    As a side note. PLEASE add the ability to separate stacks of gems. If you have A ruby and an emerald in your inventory and you are trying to randomly reroll another gem into a sapphire (to make the 3 gem staff... I don't know what it is called because it has no tooltip) and one of the gem you are rerolling turns into either an emerald or a ruby, you cannot separate them and nolonger have a way to get all 3 gems. Obviously it would be easiest to simply put them on the ground before hand, but this still causes problems.
  2. Nicholas

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    The runes showing up: bug. I'll fix that.

    ALT-click should still stack split gems in your inventory...?
  3. Wootah

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    Oh it works. Was that in the tutorial? I have never read that anywhere. thanks for the fast reply.
    Will edit my post :)

    That makes my life much easier, Thanks!
  4. blob

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    What ? Alt click splits stuff ? Great news.
    Man, we need one of them oldschool manuals for this game.
  5. Wootah

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    Yeah to think that this little gem wont be read by most forum users who don't bother to read the bug report forums. Another thing that gets me is screenshots. I see them all the time, posted by gaslamp, and by people in the forums and on twitter, but nothing happens when you hit the 'Print Screen' and there is nothing in the keybindings about it. Are people just using windows to make screenshots?
  6. Daynab

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    I play in windowed mode so you can just use the snip tool, or you can use a program like irfanview (great freeware image viewer) to do it. There was a shortcut to take a screenshot but I can't remember it right now...