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    Concept stands, I'll PM Essence, as not to spam this thread anymore.
    Gonna be a shapeshifter, though, that much I can tell you.
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    Mh, well, since I did not get an answer yet, I will post it here anyway.
    Maybe you have some tips for me:

    Cacame, the Elf:
    He never had much contact with other humanoid being, except his foster father, who found him in the forest when he was roughly 1 year old. Because of this, he does not have much knowledge about how to treat other people.
    This isolation in a forest gave him a great opportunity to develop his magic shapeshifting skills, though, which he uses by making pacts with the beings/objects he transforms into. Though physically, in his basic form, weaker than most other people, he is very quick, heals fast, and can (obviously) transform himself into other beings, which may be stronger than him.
    Because of this need for contracts, he developed an aptitude for speaking with spirits, and can also talk with many typical forest animals. Other animals may be problematic to communicate with.
    At the age of 23, a group of knights, searching for heroes srong enough to face the evil Dredmor, met him while traveling to the next major city. Seeing him transform fluidly from a wolf into a human convinced them he was a srong enough magician to be sent for the task, or at least would weaken the dungeon by serving as cannon-fodder.
    He took longer than the other characters because he mostly transformed himself into other materials to hurt the foes hitting him, and spent much time with dredmor switching the form of his arm between the magic shields he had found before to protect himself better from Dredmor's curses.
    Finally, he managed to kill Dredmor, too, and got sent after the other heroes on the quest for....
    Only Danickdave knows what.

    He is kind of shy, I would classify him as neutral good in D&D, does what has to be done, Does not know much of the societies in the cities.

    Character Sheet:

    Elf, ~23 years old, 180 cm high, weight: 140 pounds, Green eyes, blonde-greenish hair, righthanded, but not entirely incapable of doing things with his left hand, either.

    3 Earth: Specialisation: Regeneration because of his shapechanging powers (also in skills).
    Weakness: Emotionally quite easily to manipulate because of the isolation as a child.

    6 Fire: Specialisation: Fast for even an elf
    Weakness: Physically weaker than other people his age (in humanoid form)

    4 Air: Specialisation: Talking people/animals/spirits (of objects) into doing his wishes.
    Weakness: Cannot handle ranged weapons or complicated mechanisms (think highlevel DoD Crossbolts

    2 Water: Specialisation: Feeling (and talking to) spirits (see his powers)
    Weakness: sensing dangers, since the animals in the forest usually warned him of dangers.

    Virtue: Nature (Life energy)
    Flaw: Overlooking the diamond (Failing to see opportunities)
    Fate: Inspiration (Creativity)


    Shapeshifting: Partially or fully shapeshifting into living beings or inanimate objects (I think inanimate objects only partially). Only possible after making a contract with the thing/being he wants to morph into. Usually time-restricted. Infinite contract with wolves (see his childhood)
    Major Power: 3
    Versatility: 2
    Frequency: 0/1
    (Don't know, what would you say?)

    Fast regeneration (because of shapeshifting):
    A regeneration that is not instant, but much faster than that of a normal humanoid.

    Major: 1
    Versatility: 0
    Frequency: 1

    Dabbling Fire magic:
    This is only here because he has 6 fire skill. Would be enough for lighting campfires etc. Nothing big, only utility, so I think it should be 0/1 (more like 0)

    Speaking with animals:
    Stands in the rulebook you posted as a costless power, but quite characteristic for Cacame here, don't you think? Also, only on animals that would be encountered in a forest – For others maybe drawing cards if he met them before.
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    Cool character, should add some new options for our group.

    COMPLETELY UNRELATED: I have noticed that many of you tend to refer to me by my full username. I'd much prefer it if you could use a nickname, like Jade(d) or even TJM.
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    If anything, I think that now we have to drag Essence and Fax there...

    Is "Mieu" alright with you?
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    I suppose it's fine. I just tend to prefer Jade because I think it's a cool name, and two of my favorite characters in video games have that name.
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    What, you played Beyond Good and Evil?
    Or was it another game?
    Please tell me it was BG&E!
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    Jade from BG&E was one of them. Loved that game, don't know why so many people hate on it.
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    I don't know it either. Nice characters, nice plot, and the scene with the lighttower still makes me cry a little when I see it.
    All in all, I hope that BG&E 2 will come out sometime, too, and that it will not sacrifice the things mentioned above for something like "flashy graphics" or "action gameplay" or something. I really liked it as it was.
    Enough off-topic, though :)