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  1. Kazeto

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    Nothing can go wrong if you have two smooth talkers in the team*. Especially if both of them are different (your music versus TheJadedMieu's speechcraft), and if both of them have a way to heal others.
    Not to mention that your Ililani is closer to being an illusionist (a fun archetype to play), while his is closer to a riot officer (which is also fun to play, but only if you have interesting co-players), so it's not like they really overlap.

    * Usually, everything goes wrong if you do. But that's fine, Essence said he doesn't want to kill our characters needlessly.
  2. OmniaNigrum

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    Chinny is indeed a tank. I have been awake too long. :)

    I guess I never really considered you a rogue. I think of the lockpicking and traps side of things as more of a specialty. Anyone can throw things, but no-one can compete with you. You are something altogether different.

    Speaking of traps, I am not particularly observant with my low water and air stats, but I can be present at places others cannot get to and see things that may indeed be there and real, like traps in some cases. I may even be able to see what is on the other side of a door before we open it.

    But be fairly warned that I am playing a character that is no hero. I am here by a odd circumstance and really do not care much that there may be a trap or enemy on the other side of most doors. So just because I see nothing special, that in no way means there is not a deathtrap waiting to trigger in my OmniPresence that I simply do not care enough to notice. This is not to imply that I will work against the party. Just that I am not to be trusted. After all, my Air Specialty is Lying. :)

    I may observe that someone has a thing for "Shinnies" and see them in places where there is actually a trap. Wheather this is intentional or not is another matter.

    Triggering traps from a distance is not exactly the same as disabling them, but I understand your point.

    The reason I mentioned a utility summoner is that my Instant Regeneration Power specifies that I can still die from starvation or dehydration and similar things like suffocation. But if we are not going to worry about that and presume we have our needs covered then I will also ignore it. It also specifies I cannot die from "Wounds" but there are injuries that leave no wound. So I guess I will play it by ear.

    I wonder how far you can throw me? :p
  3. Kazeto

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    You are right on that one. It is just that we have no characters that would specialise in being more roguish than me.

    Which is neat.

    With Zebedev's intuition and SAaLaLaA power, we have that one covered. If a certain TheJadedMieu likes that character, that is.

    If you count as a thrown weapon, then very far.
    If not, then a normal distance man of average strength would be able to throw another human.
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  4. TheJadedMieu

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    :confused: I love it!

    Once I saw that Fax's character basically did everything I wanted to do, I came up with an idea for a really articulate diggle who refused to conform to society. But that character looks like it would be good fun to play, and it's different enough from Fax's character to not be redundant.
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  5. Essence

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    OK, so we have:

    OmniNegro (name?) the extradimensional squidbeing,
    Kazeto (Oleandre) the walking arsenal/garbage heap,
    Lorellian (Billy) the slaughterhouse,
    Fax (Ililani Kaona) the vocce,
    TheJadedMieu (Zebedev Futuo) the senator,
    and Daynab who hasn't made a character yet.

    I think that's more than enough players. :) Give me a day to get Daynab's character and look carefully at the rest of them for balance and we'll get started.
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  6. OmniaNigrum

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    The concept of a name is lost on my character. "Crazy Tentacles" was my original idea of a name. It fits. But any old hat fits too. EDSB works as shorthand for Extra-Dimensional Squid-Being. If you prefer I have a name, call me anything you like. The odds are my character will not recognize it as such anyway.

    I have put some thought into backstory to add to the play as time goes on if needed. Like how I may be sought by the dreaded Bolt Council since I am composed of Squid Bolt byproducts... I could have a strange obsession with crossbows for a reason that may not make any sense. A Ballista would be a dream come true. Or a nightmare for someone else... We will see how much improve is needed to keep everyone entertained.
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  7. Lorrelian

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    "The Slaughterhouse". I like that.

    For all its Dredmorian zaniness I feel like we have a really solid, well-balanced party here.

    In combat we have one tank (moi), two "casters" (Jade and Fax) with specialties that allow for significant utility as well as combat application, one dedicated ranged character (Kazeto) and one AoE control character (Omni), plus whatever Daynab does. I feel that a dedicated healer (armed for something beyond just staunching blood in the middle of a combat) of some sort would be great (Emomancy and/or Blood Knight, Daynab!) but otherwise we're in good shape.

    On the exploration front, Billy's got some mechanical skill, witness his keeping the clockwork sword up for two years on his own, so he can pick basic locks or disarm traps provided other people find them for him. Omni gives us eyes everywhere. (I vote we name him Argus or Panopticon. Or Argus Panopticon.) We can manipulate by sex appeal or cunning language, and we have several ways to reach across chasams or some such junk. Really, we need a Generally Skilled individual who can do stuff like Know Everything or Survive the Wilds. Factotum or Ranger would be useful. Or maybe Essence can keep us from the True Wilds for a bit, until we have time to grow an expand a touch.

    Billy already has the primary Power he needs to keep ticking: Pimpin' Sword x1. So he's got a lot of flexibility growth. Ditto Oleandre (fun fact: this is a poisonus flower, which I find amusing given his poison resistance). I'm sure our Squid-Dude will find strange abilities to tack on as time marches on. The "casters" can develope new powers as needed to remain well rounded, both are well rounded. But I'm worried that the Senator relies so heavily on other people to do the work for him... there are barren wastelands out there too. o_o

    My favorite part is the vast spread of personalities: Classy musician, stuttering lumberjack, mischevious trickster, manipulative so-and-so, daring rogue. I wonder if we'll actually be able to complete any jobs without slaughtering each other.
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  8. Kazeto

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    Walking garbage heap... Yeah, that's pretty much it.

    Technically speaking, the flower is called "Oleander". But yeah, the name is derived from that one. And "Villien" (his last name without the last two characters) means "Wild" in some language.
    But I stand by the point that it's all totally random. Which it is, though my brain's RNG is undoubtedly skewed.
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  9. TheJadedMieu

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    Senator Zebedev would like to remind you that he has never personally "slaughtered" anyone, and takes no responsibility for the actions of his followers.

    Also, the Senator isn't opposed to plonking away at someone with a slingshot if need be, he just doesn't want to kill anyone.
  10. OmniaNigrum

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    Daynab, you may consider stirring things up a bit by playing Lord Dredmor.

    It could be the case that you accidentally killed yourself and were sucked up into the alternate reality because no-one else was around to take the credit. Or you lost something of value and decided to go to another reality and steal the same thing from another LD. Either way, you were pulled in and now are stuck with a bunch of Eyebrowed Horrors. So you pretend to be good. For now...

    It could even be the case that you gave up your evil ways and decided to be good. As consolation, you were invited to join the band of Eyebrows.

    It is just an idea. Your call. :)
  11. Kazeto

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    As fun as your idea sounds, I think Essence prefers our characters to be "generally non-evil". And either way, Daynab's current idea is a telekinetic guy.
  12. OmniaNigrum

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    Cool. I have not heard anything so far on his character idea except that little bit, but I think he has his hands quite full at the moment with the DLC and Update stuff.
  13. Lorrelian

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    Woo! One of his powers should be PK Flash!
  14. TheJadedMieu

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  15. Daynab

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    Currently working with Essence in balancing the char and such.
  16. Daynab

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    Olaf the Meek

    An applicant to the elusive Bolt Council, his promising career was cut short after he kept dropping and breaking expensive equipment and generally making things explode by mistake. They quickly gave him the boot and told him not to ever come back.
    Nevertheless, not one to give up easily, he decided that he would prove them wrong by doing an impressive heroic act.
    Unfortunately, he arrives to Lord Dredmor's lair just as the killing blow was struck by a group of adventurers. As he is meeting them, a vortex suddenly appears and he is sucked in with the rest of them.

    Earth: 3 - Speciality: Fireproof, Weakness: Poor balance
    Fire: 3 - Specialty: Dodging, Weakness: Clumsy
    Air: 6 - Specialty: Tool use (can use exotic objects) Weakness: Influencing people
    Water: 4 - Specialty: Identifying magic, Weakness: Spotting traps


    Telekinesy, 3 major 2 versatile, 1 frequent

    A natural born telekinesist, he can use his gift both for small effects, like flipping a switch at a distance, stealing a pair of keys from a guard, or to large, immediate effects such as preventing a barrage of projectiles from hitting the party, or knocking a large monster off his feet.

    Identify Object, 1 major

    He has a knack for figuring out what items do, but his knowledge isn't the greatest. Occasionally he is able to discover instinctively what an object is for, or what a mechanism does.

    Sense Creature, 1 frequent

    He can check a room to see if there's any living being in it, or hidden ones.

    Reads every language, 0-point

    Does not affect speaking or writing, merely reading.
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  17. OmniaNigrum

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    Poor balance and clumsy seem to contradict dodging, but it looks good.

    You are the sage of the group. I think we have a winning group of Eyebrows now. :)
  18. Kazeto

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    Actually, "clumsy" means that he is bad at handling fragile stuff with his hands, so it doesn't contradict dodging. And it's not like his character has to be well-rounded - the whole group is pretty imbalanced, both individually and when put together, but at least some of our tricks cover for the rest of the party (Olaf's Telekinesy can potentially save the party from Oleandre's blindness, or help when subtlety is required; Zebedev's speechcraft is the best bet for controlling Argus Panopticon [your character officially got named, OmniNegro], etc.)

    Well, kind of. Some characters are better in doing certain "sagely" things better than he can, in their limited area of expertise or under certain conditions. But he is definitely a useful addition to the group, with him being the only character that actually uses subtlety for achieving things (Zebedev and Ililani use vocal abilities, and the unmentioned trio just destroys stuff).

    Yeah, we'll win this game. Or die trying...
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  19. FaxCelestis

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    Just don't draw the phoenix reversed.
  20. Kazeto

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    That one is my character's flaw, or something...