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    The latter.

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    I guess I killed Dredmor by trying the Fire of Perversion around him and myself. I did not care one way or another about him, but was suddenly and inexplicably unavailable for his AoE Necro spells. While he was suddenly very very vulnerable to negative energies. A second later the AoE ended and he was destroyed and I was again back and everywhere in the general area.

    The next thing I know, I am drafted into this crazy group of lich slayers and no-one including myself knows how or why. Oh well. My previous life was usually made up of being fired from a crossbow at things and doing bad stuff in general over an AoE. How could this really be any worse? :)
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    Yay, I love these answers.

    And, as promised in the last post, here's the character:

    Oleandre Villiendo*, the long-sighted** thrown weapon specialist.

    Having though that he would be receiving a job and not being able to read the paper because of his long-sightedness, Oleandre agreed to get down to the dungeon in which resides Lord Dredmor and kill him. Or seal him. Or whatever, it's not like he knew what he was supposed to do there, not being able to read the papers and stuff.
    As soon as he encountered his first diggle, it became clear that even with his trusty weapons, he wouldn't be able to survive for long if he tried to hit something that was near him, so he learned how to throw things. Because he had troubles with finding weapons he threw, he also learned how to make more weapons, and because he had many of them, he could learn how to throw weapons fast, accuracy be damned. He tried using poisoned weapons instead, but the frequency with which he managed to stab himself with them only served to increase his resistance to poisons and had no effect on his offensive capabilities.
    In his fight against Lord Dredmor, he threw so many projectiles that the evil lich suffocated himself under the pile of them. It was quite anti-climatic, really. And after defeating him, he got sucked into this weird portal. But he still can't see, and he's out of job now that Lord Dredmor is dead.

    Oleandre is a rather young man of average height and build. His head sports short black hair and a pair of green eyes (not that he knows, long-sightedness and such). His wear consists of a light brownish vest with a lot of pockets, a pair of pretty average pants (with lots of pockets), and a pair of rather massive brown adventuring boots (with no pockets). Oh, and a cloak, yes. It is a light green cloak reaching to his knees, with a silver flame motif on it which, or closer look, appears to be a stain from some kind of acid that can no longer be removed and stopped being acidic some time ago. Also, from his looks you can conclude that you have absolutely no idea where could he keep enough projectiles to be able to throw them around as he does.


    Virtue: The Defender (skill)
    Fault: The Phoenix (destruction)
    Fate: War (great effort)


    Earth = 4
    Speciality: Verbal abuse
    Being half-blind, Oleandre learned quite a few insults of varying eloquence in his life. Because of that, he is capable of using many swear words, and he is able to use them for anything from persuasion to threatening someone. If he doesn't get the wrong person because of his blindness, that is.​
    Weakness: Resisting magic
    With him being able to kill everything from distance, Oleandre hasn't had many opportunities to experience magic being cast on him. As such, his body still hasn't learned to deal with its effects efficiently.​
    Fire = 4
    Speciality: Damaging things
    Because of his less-than-perfect aim when attacking with anything, many of Oleandre's attacks hit the environment instead of what he was aiming at. One dungeon later, and he had become quite adept at destroying the environment with his attacks, often with quite amusing results.​
    Weakness: Melee combat
    With peculiarities of his own sight making it rather difficult to see close targets, Oleandre's ability to fight with non-thrown weaponry is rather lacking.​
    Air= 6
    Speciality: Throwing things
    Having thrown around tons and tons of projectiles, Oleandre has become quite proficient at making them go where he wants and doing what he desires. When he isn't busy being half-blind, that is, though far targets are exempt from this rule.​
    Weakness: Recognising toxic/poisonous substances
    Because of his high resiliency to poisons, Oleandre didn't pay much attention to them. Now, it has backfired as he has difficulties recognising one poison from the other and this acid from that one.​
    Water = 3
    Speciality: Sensing danger
    Because he couldn't rely on his sight in the past, Oleandre had to learn how to detect things with his other senses. After some time, it got to the point where it allows him to sense danger, by detecting the heartbeat of creatures on the other side of the doors or the faint scent of Spike Sharpening Potion under the floor.​
    Weakness: Sight
    Due to his own long-sightedness, any text he would be able to read is too far away for him to be able to read it. Thus, he has problems with understanding anything that is in written form. Even more, because of his inability to notice things that are close to him, he often has troubles with finding things when he has to rely on his sight.​


    Projectile Storm (twice major, twice versatile, frequent, 5 points total):
    Oleandre can throw many projectiles in quick succession, making it appear as if something just conjured a storm of throwable garbage. Its main purpose is dealing damage in various ways, though it has other uses. It can be used to trigger switches, make decorative silhouettes, keep doors open, make impromptu bridges or stairs on walls, or keep the dog busy. Obviously, its usefulness depends on Oleandre's accuracy (which does raise some warning flags), and on the right type of projectile being selected (which can be hard as he is long-sighted); trying to make a bridge with rubber balls instead of daggers will not result in anything useful, and neither will trying to make a pile of balls when he is throwing burning darts or flasks full of tentacular rape.

    Poison Healing (once major, 1 point total):
    Because of Oleandre having poisoned himself with pretty much every kind of poisons and acids available to mankind (and then some more), his body got used to them and now he can tune it to regenerate his wounds and fatigue at an increased rate when he is poisoned. It still isn't enough to heal him from half-dead to fully healthy in a matter of seconds, as it is merely strongly accelerated human regeneration, but it is enough to render him fresh in a few minutes, and he can't die as a result of poisoning (though poisons he never encountered before can leave him half-dead until his regeneration kicks in). It would be a great asset of his, if not for him forgoing use of poisons entirely, and thus having no way to poison himself.

    The One With the Best Sight (once versatile, 1 point total):
    Due to the peculiarities of his sight, Oleandre had to learn how to notice things that nobody paid attention to (because nobody could tell him about them, and thus they were dangerous for him). Because of that, he now tends to notice things that nobody pays attention to. Whether it's a treasure, clue, job offer, a monster or even its weak point, whenever there's something that nobody else notices, he can see it regardless of his long-sightedness. Though it only works when he's the only one to notice it; such is the tale of a half-blind adventurer.

    The Pointy End is This Way (0 points total)
    Because of his experience with thrown weapons, Oleandre is capable or using anything that could remotely be known as a thrown weapon, including using multiples of this item when he unleashes a Projectile Storm. This somehow also includes cats.

    Feel free to make adjustments if you feel they are required and/or recommended.

    * I know it sounds slightly Spanish, but the name is entirely random and chosen because it sounds like it has potential for being amusing. Or at least that's what my brain is trying to tell me.
    ** For the sake of comedy, we assume that his sight is normal unless him not seeing something right results in funny or amusing situations. You can just assume that "sometimes, he forgets to put contacts into his eyes".
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    Beautiful. Projectile Storm sounds like it's probably only once versatile, unless you want to toss in Dredmor style flasks and bombs and shit in there with all of the mundane projectiles. Then you're golden.

    Also, don't forget to include your elemental specializations and weaknesses (Omni too). :)

    This is going to shape up to be a hell of a fun(ny) game.
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    It's an all-purpose storm of thrown garbage. Softballs, bolas, knifes, daggers, axes, darts, needles, spoons, forks, anvils, flasks, bombs, stuff on fire, exploding stuff, frozen stuff, frozen stuff on fire that explodes, etc.. With him supposedly having tinkering, it's not like he can't have bombs too, and it's better to have something that really can be used for everything or you'll get stuck on something stupid someday. It's just that those aren't as versatile as some of the more usual stuff (though they can be used for weird situations that occur once in a blue moon).


    Losing is fun...? :D
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    Also, I just noticed Oleandre is one point over. I think given his archetype maybe an Earth of 3? Or take one point off of Long-Sightedness and make it either major or versatile?
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    Yeah, thanks for that. I don't know how I did that, though the fact that it's 3:45 AM probably has something to do with it.

    I'm not sure if making something that is supposed to be helpful non-major is a good idea (even though I'll probably never use it, but it's sort of a fail-safe or the party so it's fine), and I don't know if making it non-versatile wouldn't change its effect into something less useful (because now it is supposed to show pretty much all kinds of things, for as long as nobody but Oleandre noticed it), so I'll just change Earth to 3.
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    My basic idea:

    A really charismatic guy who can inspire people and (somehow) cure wounds through motivational speech.

    Low Earth (specialty: verbal trickery, weakness: blunt trauma)
    Low Fire (specialty: sharing passion, weakness: killing)
    High Air (specialty: smooth talking, weakness: writing down ideas)
    Moderate Water (specialty: intuiton, weakness: detecting magic)
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    While I'm still waiting on a decent rolling plugin let me know if you guys need anything special done with the forum and I will try to accommodate you.
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    Billy "the Chin" Chandler

    Height: 5'5" Weight: 212 lbs Hair: Blonde

    See attached.

    Fire: 5
    Specialization: Chin-itiative
    Billy is a touch... unpleasant looking. And such people tend to attract the wrong kind of attention. As a result of a youth spent ducking attempts to improve his face, Billy has learned to react to danger quickly. He reacts faster than normal whenever surprised and dodges attacks more often.
    Flaw: Stumpy Legs
    Poor Billy was never able to run away from his tormentors. His stout legs couldn't quite move him as fast as they should, a problem he still suffers from.
    Earth: 5
    Specialization: Chin-tegrity
    With a target like that, it's no surprise Billy got hit on the chin a lot. Problem is, jaw bones break finger bones more often than the other way around. So people wound up hitting Billy in other weak spots, until they got to be almost as tough as normal spots. Billy suffers much less damage than normal people from "critical hits".
    Flaw: Thin Blooded
    By quirk of biology, Billy's got weak blood. He suffers more, and longer, when bleeding, poisoned or diseased. There just isn't enough of the red stuff in there to take care of those problems quickly.
    Air: 4
    Specialization: Mexi-chin Standoff
    When you just plain look mean, it's easy to give people a nasty glare. Billy is good at intimidating people with actions and expression, he usually wins staredowns and similar battles of will.
    Flaw: Speech Impediment
    All that chin is tough to talk around sometimes. Billy has trouble pronouncing the "th" sound, usually saying it "d", and it makes him sound vaguely ridiculous most of the time. He's bad at talking people into things.
    Water: 2
    Specialization: Chin-sight
    Billy has an uncanny ability to find hidden items. Being around them makes his chin itch, although no-one's sure why this would be the case. Maybe it works like a dousing rod. Fortunately for Billy, he's not one to question, he just accepts that that's the way it is.
    Flaw: Ryoga Sense
    Billy gets lost easy. Really easy. Crazy easy. Party members may need to lead him by the hand from time to time, particularly if it gets dark. Maybe they should hang a bell around his neck. There's a lot of it there to hang from, so that shouldn't be a problem.

    0 - Inarticulate Rage
    Every so often Billy gets mad when he's fighting something. There's nothing wrong with that. It happens to everyone. But everyone doesn't have a speech impediment. So it's very hard to understand Billy when he gets like this.
    4 (Majoring in Majorly Majority, Frequent) - Crazy Chain Sword
    Ever since he found the thing on sale on the first floor of the dungeon, Billy and this baby have been inseparable. Sure, he had to save up forever to buy it, but hey, at least Brax was willing to throw in a free box of cigars. Now that he's got his hands on it he's been careful to keep it in tip-top shape, and he's replaced broken teeth on the chain with razors taken from defeated Robos. As a result it's electrically sharp!
    1 (Major) - Tattoo: Orange Octagon of Unreasoning Terror
    Billy got magic tattoos after he lost a drinking game and... well, that part's kinda fuzzy. However, the joke's on the other guys! Turns out these are magic tattoos. Using this one creates a shield of flickering orange octagons, one inside another, radiating like a shield between Billy and his foes. The first one trying to breach it runs screaming in terror! The second is in danger of getting hit with Billy's sword, since the shield will be gone then. If he does, there's a good chance the third will run screaming in terror! But that has nothing to do with the magic tattoo...
    1 (Major) - Tattoo: Soldier's Chevrons
    Another drunken magic tattoo. This one lets Billy carry up to his own body weight in stuff or people without slowing down or getting tired, so long as he keeps singing inane marching songs. Due to the nature of these forums, we can't actually reproduce any of the lyrics for these marching songs, but he will be singing whenever he uses it.
    Yes, he sings with a speech impediment. Singing well is not a requirement of the magic.
    2 (Major, Versatile) - Earthshaker Boot
    Sometimes you just need to kick something. Billy knows how it is. He's mastered the art of kicking things. He can kick in doors. He can kick over people. He can kick the ground hard enough to make stuff jump off the ground. He can kick walls hard enough to bury his feet in them and walk up. Slowly. A useful, multi-function ability.

    Story (in his own words):
    I'm Billy d'Chin. Dis is me story, from d'days when I was a wee lad on d'docks until -

    Yeah, that's not working. I'll summarize:
    Billy was a lumberjack who got lost one morning, which isn't particularly surprising because that happened to him a lot. He came across a long line of people so he shouldered his ax and stood at the end. Billy was smart enough to know he couldn't find his way home on his own, and he'd probably lost his old job as a result of being late again. But lines usually meant something good (no one wants to stand in line to pay taxes) so he lined up.
    It turns out he was standing in line to audition for the chance to fight the Dreaded Lich Dredmor. Billy had never done that before, but he really impressed the king by beating the captain of his guard senseless when the handle of his ax flew off and hit him in the face as Billy hefted it!
    After making a mental note to do a better job keeping up on his weapons maintenance, Billy descended into the dungeon. What followed is doubtless a record in Danickdave's logs. It took Billy two full years to find the bottom of the dungeon and defeat Dredmor, and he did that mostly by luck and the fact that it took forever for his case of Teleportitis to wear off, ironically making it easier for him to find the stairs down.
    His final confrontation with Dredmor is far to epic to record here. Suffice it to say there was thunder and lighting. And lutefisk. Lots of lutefisk.
    Billy wasn't exactly surprised to wind up teleported somewhere else after his victory. That's how a lot of his life goes. But he is glad to have finally discovered someone with a face(s) uglier than his.
    Not that he'd ever tell Danickdave that.
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    Ililani Kaona
    Earth: 2, specialization: first-aid; flaw: claustrophobia
    Fire: 2, specialization: dance; flaw: swimming
    Air: 5, specialization: musical performance; flaw: linguistics
    Water: 3, specialization: mental balance; flaw: shiny-object-syndrome

    Versatile Musician: (0 pts) Ililani can play any instrument as if she were a master of it if she picks up or practices with for at least five minutes. Once she has learned an instrument, she retains the knowledge of how to play it for a month before it recedes.
    Ventriloquist: (1 pt, versatile) Ililani can throw her voice up to 20 feet away and can make her voice sound like any manner of human. Sounding like another creature or like a specific human is difficult, but she can do it if she's lucky.
    Healing Hymn: (1 pt, major) Ililani's music is capable of mending wounds, albeit not instantaneously. If she's unable to perform (say, gagged or muted and without an instrument), she's unable to use this ability.
    Defensive Shout: (2 pts., frequent, major): If Ililani is aware of an incoming attack, if she is not using another song she can let out a shout to defend herself. On the surface, this startles her opponent, but it also changes the world slightly, sometimes just enough to get her out of a scrape or to deflect an incoming missile. Unlike her other powers, Ililani can only use this ability through her voice, not through other instruments.
    Sonic Blast: (3 pts, frequent, major, versatile) Ililani can control her voice to the point of being able to shatter mundane objects and damage creatures with its intensity. More durable objects (such as steel and granite) are much more difficult, but creatures--especially constructs--can be hurt by her song. She is capable of directing it through her Ventriloquism power to focus it on a single target, or can strike a larger area if needed. Like most of her other powers, she must be able to perform (generally, sing) to use this ability.
    Illusory Song: (5 pts, frequent, twice major, twice versatile): Ililani can use her music to create semisolid images with sound effects. This ability is draining, so she uses it infrequently, but if necessary she can create an illusory defender, barriers, bridges, or other temporary structures to help herself or hinder her enemies. Things created by her song are fully real for her, but are only partially real for other creatures, so creating a song-bridge wouldn't allow her to transport her allies, but a song-wall might stop enemies from chasing her, and a song-formed creature would be able to defend her partially from her opponents. Like most of her other powers, she must be able to perform to use this ability.

    Virtue: Inspiration (Creativity, :dmg_conflagratory::dmg_hyperborean:)
    Fault: Trickery Reversed (Subterfuge Revealed, :dmg_conflagratory::dmg_aphyxiative:)
    Fate: The Eagle (The Mind Prevails vs. Thoughtlessness, :dmg_aphyxiative:)

    It is whispered that Ililani is the daughter of a dragon and a human. There is no proof of this, but her amazing control over her voice and music in general has to come from somewhere.

    Ililani comes from a large family, but she never knew her father (so who knows, maybe the dragon thing is true) and she's rather detached from the rest of her family: they never appreciated her musical talents, and her ability to create illusions got her in trouble more frequently than it helped out. She left home at a young age and went out adventuring (because it seemed like something to do!), wound up finding the dungeon, and decided to give it a try.
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    I have been reading the player guide. I think I screwed up my stats. I went heavy fire, and thought I should be disposable. But I am thinking now that aside from physical fighting and speed, I need fire less and earth more. Specifically there are loads of things that instantly kill those they attack who have less than x earth skill. The only hope I would have against those things is that I may be elsewhere when they attack me. (It sounds like a pure cheese tactic.)

    Earth is "Might, Resistive Integrity, and Passive Power"
    Fire is "Action, Forceful Energy, and Active Powers"
    Air is "Thought, Focused Energy, and Spoken Wisdom"
    Water is "Feelings, Receptive Integrity, and Silent Wisdom"

    Above I have 2 Earth, 6 Fire, 2 Air, and 2 Water. This makes me frail and idiotic and really means the only way I will survive is the Instant Regeneration Power. But I wonder if my powers are really chosen acts or more passive abilities? A snake has a potent venom it can use that will slay it's foes, but it is not smart really, it simply has a natural ability that is passively useful. It does not choose to use it's venom, it simply reacts to things that seem dangerous in the way that comes naturally to it.

    So in this way, I think my character needs a bit of guidance in terms of what the stats should be. Are the Fires of Perversion an intended action, (Implying Fire as the controlling stat.) or a directed passive ability? (Implying Earth as the controlling stat.)

    I think They should remain unchanged except that Fire and Earth will be two and six respectively unless it is an active power in line with Fire.

    Either way my ideal specialties are as follows. Please let me know what you think of this mess.

    Earth Specialty is Resisting Magic. In particular, magics that are not native to my home dimensions.
    Fire Specialty is Movement. I would have said running, but that is not really quite right for the character.
    Air Specialty is Lying. I am not too smart though, so I am not always good at this. I usually get away with it even when people see through my lies though, simply because I am clearly extra-dimensional.
    Water Specialty is Stealth. (I am usually most everywhere, so I can be elsewhere when someone or something is looking for me.)

    Earth Flaw is Easily Persuaded. I do not have much in the way of intellect. So I can be talked into many things.
    Fire Flaw is Unable to Remain Still. I am usually most everywhere and cannot easily not go places as needed.
    Air Flaw is Dumb as a Bag of Rocks. 'Nuff said.
    Water Flaw is Easily misses things that may be important but "I" do not care about.

    My character is an ass. He does not really care about anyone. He is rude and smells bad. People can look at him and see that I am a train wreck of a humanoid. Most people are much more stable than I am and this should be obvious to everyone.

    So how am I doing? Sound good? I am prepared to take whatever role is needed. If this is getting too unmanageable I can make another character. Any advice or suggestions are welcomed.
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    [16:39] <Daynab_> if anyone is seeing this, can you do me a favor and post in Essence's thread that Ill make a character tomorrow because I have no functioning internet tonight
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    Yay, made some changes for Oleandre to get him to make slightly more sense (like changing Earth back to 4, since he was supposed not to be the frailest character ever, having poisoned himself many times and survived, or making TOWtBS just once versatile [with it being something like "give me a hint" ability, I'm now sure that it doesn't have to be major even once to work]).
    Other than that, I added a short visual description of that bastard, one 0-point power that is there for flavour (because it's only common sense for him to be able to do that), and some more pseudo-stats that I found in the rulebooks (yayness).

    I find it amusing that he wrote that on IRC. But oh well, weirder things have happened (and I know there are IRC clients for cellular phones).

    Other than some of your weaknesses not really being weaknesses but rather natural results of your character's parameters being low (and even that can be ignored because we don't have to start power-gaming), I don't see any problems there. And other than your Earth being 2 (which can be alleviated if you just take one point off Fire and put into Earth, if you think it's appropriate to do that), there isn't anything that would be weird there; it's a tentacular humanoid from another dimension, so Water being 2 (lack of empathy when dealing with humans, since they don't understand the virtue of having tentacles) and Air being 2 (limited ability to communicate with humans due to his body language not being understood) is acceptable.

    It is most certainly an activated ability. So fire is all right, and from what I understand it's more about narrative potential than stat values.

    I don't know, Oleandre could look at him for years and not see anything.
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    ...flasks full of tentacular rape... Nicely done! Sounds like my character's Family Reunions.

    You realize that at times I can make you a nearsighted melee savant that cannot throw anything? (Depending on DM approval.)
  16. Kazeto

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    You never know where he got them from.

    Sure, have fun. TheJadedMieu wants to play a character with a healing ability, so I don't mind more insanity.
  17. OmniaNigrum

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    What do we still need for a well rounded party?
    A diviner? (Someone that can magically map the area and identify unknown items and such.)
    A utility summoner? (Someone who can magically make small items needed by us like food, water, rope, and other things.)
    A rogue? (Lockpicking, trap negation, and general sneakiness.)
    A tank? (If I need to explain this then you are not thinking and need more Coffee.)
  18. Kazeto

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    I have some of those covered if anything that is thrown can be used for that role, and everyone else have utility skills either way (like your Flames of Perversion, which can be used to disable things). And things like food, water, etc., are assumed to be kept by characters in their hyperspace pockets (or something, generally equipment and items are kind of handwaved in Everway).

    Hey, I'm a rogue, even if one centred on throwing weapons. Maybe without the "lockpicking" part because of the long-sightedness, but if nobody else notices that the lock can be picked, then I can work my magic. And I also have stealth capability, for as long as there isn't anything lying on the floor that I could stumble on.
    Trap disabling is also covered, unless the traps explode so violently that triggering them from distance is not considered a viable option.

    I feel forgotten about. T_T

    Also, Lorrelian's Billy is a tank, and Fax' Ililani a multi-purpose utility character.
  19. Kazeto

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    Let's see...

    I hope you like this one:

    Zebedev Futuo*, a politician of average corruption level

    Monsieur Zebedev Futuo was an aspiring politician with a few years of experience. Travelling from village to village, he always ended up departing with more gold than he had upon his arrival, and all was good until he arrived in the town where entrance to Lord Dredmor's dungeon was located.
    Having chosen his words in a rather unfortunate manner, he angered the already irritated by Lord Dredmor's imminence mob of townspeople, and was issued a one-way ticket to the dungeon itself.
    The beginnings of his journey to the deep were difficult, but soon his rhetoric abilities and political prowess changed a lone traveller into a general of a diggle army.
    His battle against Lord Dredmor was epic. Hundreds of diggles fighting on both sides, and various other creatures of matching ability, in the end only Zebedev and Lord Dredmor remained. And so they started fighting as the last remaining champions of their armies, using their ability to... talk smoothly. The debate was fiery and full of powerful arguments from both sides, but in the end Lord Dredmor's rhetoric proved inadequate and he lied defeated.
    Just as Zebedev was about to gather the remnants of his diggle army and come back to the surface to celebrate his victory against evil, a portal opened where Lord Dredmor's body lied, and he was sucked into it. His army left behind, but he worries not, for he knows he can create another army for himself, this time even stronger and more breath-taking than the last one.


    Virtue: The Dragon (cunning)
    Flaw: The Lion (physical weakness)
    Fate: The King (gaining authority)


    Earth = 3
    Speciality: Verbal trickery
    As evident in the title of this speciality, it is in no way related to anything that would be even remotely close to deceiving others. By "trickery", we can only mean one thing - it is juggling with words, to encourage others to the best of your ability, and "verbal" means it is evident whenever you are leading others. But you already know that, dear townsfolk.​
    Weakness: Blunt trauma
    Not in the face! All the years you spent having soft tomatoes thrown at you made your body think that nothing can strike stronger than that. Oh, it was for so much surprise when you encountered your first diggle.​

    Fire = 3
    Speciality: Sharing passion
    You know how to convince others to do what you want. No, that's wrong. You know how to convince others than they want to do what you want to get done. And you also know a fair bit about encouraging them in the process.​
    Weakness: Killing
    Hurting others with physical actions had never been your forte. You are a man of words, therefore it would be inappropriate if you ever made your hands dirty.​

    Air = 6
    Speciality: Smooth talking
    You could spend half a day spouting a words about your ability to spout words that people want to hear. The point is, you talk. You talk big, and when you do, people like it. Other than that one time when it got you thrown into the dungeon.​
    Weakness: Writing down ideas
    For as long as you write nothing down, none of them will ever be able to prove that you lied. Therefore, you do not write anything down, ever.​

    Water = 5
    Speciality: Intuition
    Years of experience as a talker and public figure left you with knowledge of potential results of your actions. Because of that, you have honed your intuition to peaks of human ability, you are now able to recognise dangerous and detrimental things and situations easily.​
    Weakness: Detecting magic
    You never had to detect magic, there were always people who did it for you before your career as an "adventurer" begun. Now, that skill of yours has become so atrophied that it counts as one of your weaknesses. Not that it matters, though - words are more powerful than magic.​


    Don't You Dare Die On Me (twice major, 2 points total)
    There are times when people say what they were supposed to say. And there are also times when they shout unreasonable orders out of irritation. Whenever someone's blood dirties your body or clothes, you can use your authority to order him to stop bleeding everywhere. And they always listen and regenerate their wounds for you, for as long as they can hear your order.

    Stay Awhile and Listen, and Listen, and Aargh (once major, once versatile, frequent, 3 points total)
    When you say it's time for them to listen, it's time for them to listen. You can launch into a long-winded speech that will soon confuse, put to sleep, aggravate, or anything else that can be a reaction to a speech, a chosen target. Just don't confuse your aim, or you'll aggravate villagers instead of convincing them just like that time when they gave you a ticket to visit Dredmor's dungeon.

    Power Word: Parley (frequent, 1 point total)
    The one crucial ability that a politician should have is ability to turn hostile masses into their followers. For that, various means can be used. Buying their loyalty with gold, threatening to hurt their families, or even smooth-talking them to switch their loyalties. You, my sir, are a master of the last, able to convince your foes to stop fighting at a moment's notice. Though obviously, they will start fighting once again if you don't work your magic after that.

    Yes, My Liege (versatile, 1 point total)
    The ones easiest to inspire are those who trust you. You can convince a character to do something he would not be able to do normally (for as long as it lies within the realm of possibility but is just very unlikely), and they'll feel no fear while doing that, but it requires the target of Yes, My Liege to express his loyalty to you every time you want to inspire him.

    Two Sides of Every Coin (0 points total)
    In your live you've seen a lot of gold, silver, and other materials. You've also heard a lot of coinage jingle, and discussed about precious materials with nobles. All that experience with handling coin left you capable of feeling the presence of unclaimed coinage, and recognising what it is made of from merely touching it.

    * Of course you can change the name, I just chose it because it's amusing (though the last name is vulgar, people who know Latin will realize that). Then again, you can change anything you don't like there, I just thought I'll try getting more experience at creating characters.
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