BETA 53 Adjoining doors: Buggy feature or useful bug?

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  1. Puzzlemaker

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    Are adjoining doors, AKA doors between two directly touching buildings working as intended? Or are they a bug?

    I made a colony that used this "Feature" a lot, and I noticed weird behavior. Notice on the left side, the dormatories for the lower class. The connecting hallway is also a lower class bunkhouse. They can't actually path to those rooms for some reason, the one closest to the main area disintigrated because nobody with the upkeep trunks could reach it. You can see confused colonists with upkeep trunks wandering around right south of the dorms, trying to find a way in.

    20160810153929_1.jpg 20160810153933_1.jpg

    And here is a bug, as you can see the doors open up into a wall which can be walked through. Is that just an oversight, or am I breaking the game?


    To make adjoining doors, build a building, add doors, and build another building right next to it. The door will let you pass from one building to the other. You cannot make a door once you have built both the buildings, which is either a bug (If adjoining doors is a feature) or intended (If adjoining doors is a bug).

    Just thought I would share some of the insanity.
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  2. tojosan

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    I hadn't tried this but wanted to. Fun with doors?!
  3. Nicholas

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    Bug. My TODO list includes not being able to place buildings adjoining each other for exactly this reason; I haven't gotten around to it yet, but this is craziness and I guess I'll fix it now...
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  4. Puzzlemaker

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    Nooooooooo, I like this "Feature"! I should have kept my mouth shut, ahahaha.
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  5. Bluebird

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    That is such a brilliant way to build = definitely needs to be a working bug and not a disabled "feature" :)

    Makes a lot of sense to have a large building with rooms - pub in the middle, kitchen to one side and sleeping areas linked off. Yes, you have issues with demolishing but you take your chance when making it.
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  6. Alavaria

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    A bunch of us are conditioned to never let buildings touch since the old days when it made the roof renderer explode or something..
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  7. Puzzlemaker

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    Yeah, maybe you can add certain cases where they can touch, or make the loading bay doors able to join two buildings together if placed right between.
  8. dbaumgart

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    The Occult Inspector does not approve of this door-sorcery.
  9. I've always kept my buildings at least 2 spaces apart from one another to account for possible future pipes and such jutting out from the walls. That, and if I don't feel like my colony looks "realistic", I feel like everything else I'm doing is a big fat lie. (This is also why I'm so antsy about roads/paths and such being added)
  10. Puzzlemaker

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    So according to the new devblog this feature will be nuked. This makes me a sad pupper.
  11. Mikel

    Mikel Waiting On Paperwork From The Ministry. Forever.

    All good things, dear sir... All good things
  12. dbaumgart

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    (But it makes me so happy. You have no idea.)
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  13. Nicholas

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    The alternative is that I merge buildings that are adjacent to each other and have some concept of "internal wall" and "external wall" and... gggghhhhh. Yeah, that way lies madness.
  14. Puzzlemaker

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    I like the idea of internal walls... but i can see the madness gaping from the code from here, so oh well.

    In that case, can you make sure that the defensive structures work/can be built? Please? So I can still make walls? And maybe add in the ability to get the soldiers to hang out in a specific area when on duty?

    (And I am guessing your relief has something to do with pathing issues :D)
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  15. Tikigod

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    Is a shame that neighbouring buildings is getting nuked, as it opened the door for some interesting colony layouts like having 4 workshops establish a 'U' shape and then place housing to cap off the enclosure.

    Then have the homes exit into the enclosed courtyard, and the workshops have entrances either end leading into the courtyard and also out into the open.

    Get creative and you could even create layouts where you'd have a colony with a central 'street' and then behind rows of workshops you have a more isolated network of alleys.

    Going to miss that, but the current overlapping double walls behaviour to neighbouring buildings is problematic I suppose.
  16. Alavaria

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    Well if you can't do things like put gabions between building "alleys" then the solution is the most tedious, which is you build a single very large building around the entire colony but with a single "gap". So it's a ring with a small portion cut out.

    At least something like a middle-class house means you only need to carry uh, two stacks of goods and then someone hammers it for a length of time which is now capped to a maximum.