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    dang, i finally made the 100 krong curses, but i cheated - i saved in a room with 4 anvils and kept reloading until i got the achievement. and today all my other counted achievements got reset - AGAIN. now they don't even feel an achievement anymore, it's more like a struggle or a patient test. i don't feel like cheating my way to kill 5000 diggles in a single playthrough... every time i beat the game the achievements seem to reset... this is so annoying, and never happened to any other steam game. please fix it!!!
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    Drowning. How do you even do this?
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    Be vampire, transform into a bat, fly over water, wait for polymorph to expire.
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    That's hilarious.
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    yep, this is what i have been trying to say.
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    f**k this :mad:. Just as soon old character is deleted all progress achievements reset.
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    Could be an issue with the Steam cloud. Are you playing in online or offline mode?
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    I doubt that, in library it doesn't show cloud support (icon) at all and i never play games OFFLINE.
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    I am not one who gives a shit for achievements, and I do not even use Steam at all, but how exactly are you ...people... arbitrarily deciding that you know the cause of the problem is Gaslamp games despite the fact that they deny that, and Valve does not deny the fact that sometimes Steam fails to handle achievements correctly?

    On the same sort of arbitrary judgment, I am arbitrating that *YOU* are responsible for all the problems in the universe. It means nothing to blame someone for problems. What do you people expect?

    When you have code that is given to you by a company that forbids you to modify it in any way, and part of it fails to work as anticipated, or part of your own code conflicts with it, it can be a royal nightmare to get things working as they should. Be patient.

    Start a massive petition to get Steam to make your achievements working and see where that goes before you come bitching at the developers here. As I said, I hate achievements, but I promise I will sign a petition to get them working. I doubt you will do it, but remember that as much of an ass as I am, I am more than happy to help with that even, so what would the others here that actually care for achievements do?

    Ultimately there are three options:
    1. Whine on the forums forever to zero effect and never learn that you are misdirecting your rage.
    2. Petition Steam to bother to support the achievements better and help developers use the achievement system. Then come back and let us know where to sign your petition.
    3. Go play another game and eventually run into the same exact problem you decided was Gaslamp Games fault, but with another developer.
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    This is the only game that achievements are fucked up. DoD's achievements are buggy since it's release.
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    I'm not sure why you have these problems. Especially since I have yet to have any major problems with Achievements in this game. Some minor problems, but they went away.
    But I don't think you need to chainsaw the people at Gaslamp Games over it.
    Bare with them, be nice to them, and they'll treat you with respect, and help you.
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    I think you mean to say that this is the only game you own that has this problem. Having dealt with Steam's API myself, I can assure you there is at least one other game that currently has a problem with achievements. In reality, there's probably dozens.

    Progress tracking is buggy on pretty much all games connected to Steam. Even Valve games like Team Fortress 2.

    Can't tell you how long I played Pyro only to never have my flamethrower damage exceed 25,000 out of the 1,000,000 required.

    Anything else just needs a command sent through the API, which (there's what, 30~ achievements?) 89% of the achievements function fine. I don't think DoD has any internal tracking for steam based achievements, so there probably isn't anything to fall back to if steam decides a version update/cloud sync justifies wiping it out.

    If anything, I'd take this as a recommendation to build some kind of tracking system in DoD and not rely on Steam's innovative(but honestly partially dysfunctional) Community API. Something like a statistics screen of sorts to showcase things that players find interesting, like how many times they've died accidents involving a foot, a door, and a horde of sexually frustrated diggles, and then push a command through the API to validate the achievement's completion Steam side.

    That said(And to another forum user here): Achievements are achievements. Cheating to get them, or complaining about not being able to do it in a single play through is pointless. They're achievements because you need to do something worth achieving, and they're a means to keep you interested in the game. That is the entire reason achievement systems exist in the first place: player longevity. You're right to complain about something not working, since A)You paid for a fully functional product, B)It helps developers correct issues, since this game development team is small.

    That said: This isn't Blizzard, or EA. Your toxicitiy isn't tallied into a statistic by analysts and ignored/dismissed by forum moderators. People, and I do mean people, listen. There's no reason to act childishly caustic over your E-ego boosters.
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    Jeeeeeezzzz, I know what achievements are. Why do i have to do that thing xxx times to unlock one freakin achievement just to see it pop up? Every bloody progress has been reset and AGAIN i have to do that shitty action, it will be pointless because it will reset later AGAIN.
    Seriously i'm tired of this game i have beaten it ~8 times with different skills now what i do is only hunting last achievements.
  14. NaiDriftlin

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    A)Because developers/studios(Gaslamp Games,etc.) want you to play their game by giving you bits of positive feedback and engaging you in a way that makes you feel rewarded, which has obviously worked exceptionally well for you, to the point that you broke out of your comfort zone(Steam Forums) and came here in order to get that positive feedback. Valve(Steam) wants it because it's free and infinite draw to their software and community, which gives them free advertising to sell games.

    B)Because Steam dependent progress tracking sucks, yet another reason why internal data management is better than external data management. -- In layman's terms: Giving your pokeman cards to your mother to keep track of and tell you when you've collected all 150/200/394/1000 is significantly less effective than keeping track of it yourself, then telling your mom/friends about it.
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    Stop this shit. Or perhaps you would understand better if I insert an obligatory "freaking" before shit... Stop this freaking shit. Go make a petition to Valve and/or Steam to bother to fix the achievements system. I already told you I will sign it.

    You keep saying this is the only game in the universe that has a buggy achievement system. Have you paid any attention to the others here? They are telling you that other games suffer the same sort of issues. A half dozen people have told you the problem is on Steam's side. Do you understand these words?

    Make a petition or go away. Period. I want the problem solved too. I want you to get every achievement you earn. But this is like arguing with a parking meter for more time. The meter does not write the citation. The Policeman does. In this case, Valve is the Policeman that needs to hear how the meter cheated you out of your paid parking time.
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    Keep it civil.

    @OP, I don't have any answer that wasn't said already regarding what the problem is.
  17. dbaumgart

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    I won't get into any details or timescale yet but we are going to overhaul achievements in a way that should make life better for everyone.
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    At least single response from dev. Thanks i'll be patient.
  19. I didnt get the one for playing as both genders either but its weird my numbers don't reset I haven't actually beaten the game but I have made numerous characters
  20. Nicholas

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    Unfortunately, we sometimes miss these threads. (Still, that means more time programming - or, in the case of today, rebuilding a broken Linux installation.)

    A little more technical detail: Steam counters have a nasty tendency to reset themselves. I don't know why; it doesn't seem to be on our end, I've looked fairly thoroughly. What I think most games do is keep their own local counters, which are authoritative, and then use them to override Steam's counters (downloading and updating from Steam's counters if it decides to give you a version which is higher than the last local counter.) We don't do that; we foolishly elected to put our trust in Valve.

    So, yeah, achievements will be getting this fixed by adding local data - just not until after we name the DLC Pack.