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  1. So, as most of have probably noticed, there's a Steam Workshop mod named Cheat.
    It lets you level to max pretty much, letting you max out skill trees, thus obtaining the respective achievement.
    I personally, think achievements shouldn't be obtainable with mods enabled.

    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    This is just my personal opinion so don't take it as the official gaslamp position or anything, but I feel like taking away achievements from ALL players who use mods would hurt both the players and mod scene. If cheaters want achievements they'll find ways to get them, and it doesn't really hurt anyone but themselves.
  3. Jacq

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    If people want to game the achievements, I say let them.

    Dredmor's a single player game. Cheevos mean absolutely jack (except as personal goals to obtain), so if someone wants 100% completion of them, let them ruin their own fun.
  4. Urthdigger

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    It's not like it's difficult to get skill achievements in the first place. Elvish Easy, No Time to Grind, take Big Game Hunter and Tinkering for bonus xp, and focus solely on the skill you want an achievement for. You'll have it before finishing the first floor, or early onto the second.
  5. Maze1125

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    You shouldn't punish honest mod users just because of some dishonest ones.

    I used a couple of Civ 5 mods once, ones that didn't even change the gameplay, and didn't get the achievements I was due because of using them. I wasn't the end of the world, but I did find it frustrating, especially as the game didn't even warn me that was the case at any point.
  6. Daynab

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    I have seen that mod (and similar ones) reported in the workshop before, and have elected not to do anything for a few reasons;
    You can already get all achievements just using debug mode, and for high scores well, those are stored in a plain text file anyways.

    Bottom line is this is a single player game and trying to prevent people from cheating wouldn't be worth the effort.
  7. OmniaNigrum

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    I have pointed out many times already that a memory editor can do all this and much more. Punishing people who use mods is crossing a line you should never cross.

    That said, I do not think *ANYONE* at Gaslamp would do that in any event.

    Some few may remember my screenshot joke of my high-score that I did ages ago. The game breaking tool I used was Windows Notepad. :D (Daynab said it plainly, but this shows his point for those who want to see the joke.)

    High Score.jpg

    *Edit* One more edit...
    High Score.jpg
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  8. Jacq

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    I often just erase my highscore list for whatever (or no) reason, like when something's nerfed, or when I went from DM to GR.