Achievement bugs - again? Seriously?

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Mr_Strange, Aug 8, 2012.

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    Sadly Steam causes numerous little bugs that go unnoticed, and a dozen or more major ones that result in lost saves and achievements being lost as well.

    That is why Gaslamp added their own method of tracking achievements. But think of it as a beta. It doses not and cannot currently track every possible error and/or bug that Steam causes. But I expect it will get better with time to the point that people never see this thread.

    And the "Steam Cloud" stuff happens even if you only use a single system too. One day, I expect you will be able to play without Steam even installed and get achievements that could be unlocked in mass when you install Steam. That day is not today in some cases though. If you check my Steam statistics and achievements you would think I am a newblet who has never even played the game. But I have done almost everything. And the hours I have played... Well it would exceed the maximum message length to put that many digits in a post. :p
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    Steam Achievements are bugged. There's no way to undo achievements. (Why would you want to? Because I cheated.) Achievements in Video games have always been a pain in the arse in my end. I'd prefer Community/Self Made Challenges, that way people can be creative in achievements. Right now when I play Dredmor, I'm trying to defeat him in GRPD with All 3 Pure builds, no Encrusts, Mages/Rogues not allowed to wear heavy armour(determined by -nimble and -magic power)
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    The Paranormal Investigator should not be bugged anymore, I've just maxed it for error with Cheat mod because I wanted to know how good was the Bless of Gu'oh (or something like that), and the corrispective achievement on Steam was achieved.
  4. Arron Syaoran

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    I meant bugged as in you can't undo achievements or reset them. Not in the unattainability sense.

    Edit: Steam really needs to finalize. As of now it's somewhat buggy(still), and Loads slowly on Open and Exit. No more content updates, just bug fixes and speed improvements. I'm talking about the Client, not the games within.
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    This is what I'm talking about, since I've seen no positive answer to the report.
    Also, I've hardly saw any game that lets you undo your off-game progresses, like the achievements. I would never call this "bugged".
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    I hate achievements so much!
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    Does anyone know about the other question though? The You Used All The Glue on Purpose achieve doesn't have a counter shown in Steam, where many other counts do, even when they are at 0. Is this one working?
  8. Zalminen

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    Similarly has anyone else gotten the achievement from two consecutive bad krongs? I've gotten three bad krongs in a row in my current game and no achievement yet...
  9. Mr_Strange

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    I earned that one a while back.
  10. Mr_Strange

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    UPDATE! I earned the Double Rainbow achievement today - a very satisfying thing to finally do! I was even able to get a bit of testing in, so I can answer a few of the questions we've been asking.

    #1 - Do you need :dmg_piercing: to get the achievement? Answer: Yes.
    #2 - Does the :dmg_transmutative: from a Midas potion count? Answer: No. The creature is hit by the :dmg_transmutative: damage after your melee hit, so the achievement will not pop up.

    One more tip for those of you looking to get this achievement - remember that you can always dual-wield weapons, even without the Dual-Wield skill. You'll get some pealties, sure, but weapons are the easiest way to actually find something that does :dmg_aphyxiative: or :dmg_existential: or:dmg_transmutative:. I ended up just putting cheap staff weapons (which usually have :dmg_transmutative:) on Krong Anvils untill I FINALLY got :dmg_aphyxiative:.
  11. alkaris

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    With encrusts this achievement much more easier to achieve than before.
    Also :dmg_blast: is also needed for achievement.(Tinkering encrust)
    I had problems with :dmg_transmutative:(solved with tome) and :dmg_aphyxiative:(artefact)
  12. Mr_Strange

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    This is not true. You only need to have one of the basic damage types: :dmg_blast:,:dmg_slashing:,:dmg_crushing:. (You can't avoid having at least one of these). I got the achievement without :dmg_blast:.
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    I can't get the trigger/disarm 50 Traps achievements, even though I'm in the hundreds for both. Desura, all expansions, 1.1.2, linux64
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    Challenge accepted
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    I got the double rainbow achievement back before any of the expansions. I found a staff around dungeon level 8 with several types of elemental damage and got the "taste the rainbow" achievement on an attack without noticing. I checked my equipment and spares and noticed that by swapping some of the rings I was wearing for some of the spare ones I had, and by drinking the elemental potions, I was able to get the rest of the damage types. I ran in with my mage and whacked a weak looking monster for the win.
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