AAAAGHGh what the hell happened

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    Kind of annoyed a single trap ended the run despite me being on a full 110 life.

    "Killed by a spell mine". Wizard with promethean magic,leylines, flesh smithing and shrooms and wand law.
    I'd maxed the first three.
    Was on level 8 going rogue, perma death feeling really strong with 110hp. Had lots of 5 star wiz gear and traps were hardly damaging me despite that I insisted on playing very cautiously. I thought had a shot at winning as nothing was coming close to killing me.

    However I must of trod on something really nasty. Had a large fire explosion. Then it looked like I was standing in the middle of a gogs tactical pyre and surrounded by fire. I new i'd take dmg if i moved so i used invisible geometries to teleport back where I came from which should of been safe. However suddenly there was a rune of exploding there !

    I first tried a heal potion but the damage being taken was too much, then tried the stitch wounds spell and finally drank an infernal out of desperation still died.

    Anybody know what spell mine that was hadn't seen anything like it. A lot of time invested to lose to one mistake :(
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    Morals been restored and buid tweaked I'm making sure those traps are spotted from a mile away this time round :p
  3. Very Hot Fiery Surprise Trap?

    I seem to recall the first time I wandered into one there were suddenly lots more traps/dangerous spots lying around. It was a while ago, tho, so I don't remember perfectly.