A Few Suggestions

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    This is a couple of sugestions and a few bugs I've noticed.

    *First if you have a item on your cursor and you walk up to a item to try to pick it up, you destroy the first item?
    *When you drop an item on certain npc or shrines you can no longer pick them back up. (maybe not being to put items on squares that are taken by other items would work?)
    *Can you please bind the recipies menu to the R key for easier use.

    Here is a picture for my next suggestion because I may not be able to explain this properly.


    If you go in to your recipies through the Ignot Press and you click on the tabs on the side for other recipies from diffrent tools. Lets just say you are snooping around and you find something in the Tinkerer Parts that you can make insted and you try to make it, it does not auto switch from the Ignot. You have go back and right click on the Tinkerer Parts and go through the recipies that way. It would just be less fiddly if you can just go through the recipie menu and click what you need to make and it puts the right ingredients in the right tool.

    Other than that this game is very enjoyable and very hard, two things I like in my games.

    Please keep up the good work and best of luck with future projects.