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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by DMT, Jul 19, 2011.

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    First I'd like to say that I'm loving the game. I've played a lot of roguelikes from Nethack, DoomRL, ToME to DCSS and I found DoD to have more than a few features and elements that make it refreshing, original and fun to play.

    There are a number of things that quickly prove frustrating and tiresome, however. Most of these are mentioned incredibly often so I won't go through them here. (waiting to heal, monster similarity, inventory space etc)

    My biggest gripe is running out of inventory space within 10 minutes of a new game. I don't even clear half of level 1 before I'm picking and choosing carefully what I can get away with dropping and making repeated trips to a shop to laboriously sell anything worth more than 100z.

    One of the reasons for this lack of space is the huge variety of food and drink items you find that all occupy individual slots. You can easily fill up many spaces of your inventory with different yet almost identical types of cheese before you even get to level 2. Couple this with however many different mushrooms and then whatever different potions you find as well as multiple different ingots and you have lots of stuff you don't want to drop or sell and no space left for anything else.

    My suggestion as a fix for this would be to have a separate inventory just for food and beverages. Call it a 'demonic picnic hamper' or 'enchanted lunch-box of impressive girth' or whatever. I picture this accessible not through the inventory screen but as two buttons near the quick-bar. One will automatically contain any food you collect, the other will hold any drink you find. Perhaps the drink section would be divided into potions/alcohol while the food section would have mushrooms/normal food.

    Not only will this make it much easier to know how much food you've got left, but you can also find it easily and sorting it should place it in hp/mana value order.

    A separate bag for small crafting items would also be great, as gems and ingots often end up filling half your inventory and are never items you wish to throw away.

    Are there any negatives for this extra storage? I can only imagine it making the game a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

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    I like the idea along with the names, "Demonic picnic hamper" made me laugh so much xD Anyway, I do agree. Being a melee guy with the mushroom skill, I tend to have no room in my bagpack after all the mushrooms and food.

    Even if they added one more row, that would be excellent! Whatever way, loving the game, waiting for the next patch though before starting a new character (My level 8 guy died because I got impatient D:).
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    Nethack used to have a 'tourist' class that would carry around a cooler, among other things. It was very heavy, but it would keep your food fresh (food could go bad). It really wasn't as useful, though, as the other Tourist staple -- the flash camera which would blind mobs.
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    Sounds interesting... maybe if they add a backpack item, or something similar. Or something like you said. Maybe, a skill called "Hiker", you can carry 25% more items, and something to do with liquids maybe.

    Maybe, better melee, once you level it up. Y'know, spikey hiking shoes, or even better staff or axe. Not sure ...