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    just some general points on military. I come from an American military background so if there are differences between it and the British Empire please sound off.

    Saluting is between an enlisted member and an officer or an officer with a higher level officer. The lower class enlisted should never salute an NCO (non-commissioned officer). The NCO would be aggravated If saluted. If we do get officers (the upper class) they would expect to be saluted by enlisted troops if they meet outside.
    If we ever get to the point of soldiers rebelling because they don't want to work anymore... That is usually dealt with my killing the members involved in the rebellion. They should be the last group to rebel (have a higher threshold and be more used to living without any comforts).
    The "training" seems to be ad hoc. Is it possible to add an area to the barracks to train? Everyone walking around pointing weapons at everything should never happen.

    I know this is all simulation for fun so please ignore my points if it is not appropriate.
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    Thanks for the link! Yes I had seen it, but no real commentary on it. The only thing my imagination can actually come up with is being an officer being a high-class colonist (could be either any sort of on duty officer or a retired officer/general) that would give bonuses to the troops, aka better damage, reload speed, or hitpoints, or a combination of any of those - only if he's happy that is :p

    @mistrornge on point with the saluting. I have no military background except the silly ROTC/Academies I've attended, and yes only saluting of officers in real life.
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    Fixing the saluting is a nicety. Yep, to officers only.
    I wonder then should you have to designate one of your NCOs as the general?
    Or maybe there should be a command type module for the barracks giving the NCOs some benefits.
    I wonder if it's possible to have a single instance module?
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    Idk about NCOs being a general lol. I still like the idea of them being upper class colonists, giving you a reason to want to make sophisticated food and nice comfy chairs lol.

    Of course these bonuses can fall in line with production and other things, like a retired/legendary professor giving bonuses to science research etc, but you know I'm not a programmer just a dreamer haha