A Debacle of Diggles

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  1. Given how Polymorph currently works, that could be a pretty big debuff, in an off itself. The kind of thing low-hp/high damage builds (ergo, blood knight dependent melee, or mages) would be very vulnerable to. I like it.
    Edit: To keep the flavor, I also think it should apply the actual werediggle polymorph buff. That way, it's a hassle for everyone but those select few who've taken up the challenge of a werediggle centric playthrough.
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    That sort of thing would make my mages cringe in fear every damned time they see one of the monsters that does that. It would be worse than playing a pure mage with Radiant Wizardry and trying to melee a zoo. At least in that suicide you *Could* still choose to abort the melee and cast, Polymorph would negate that chance entirely. Pure suckage.
  3. That's kind of the whole point. Remember, we are playing a rogue-like, not a "let's-all-be-friends'-like. That being said, we're still tossing ideas around. Balancing it comes after. However, given just how much diggles we're putting out, I would rather have a bigger variety of diggles, and only marginally more diggles per stage than normal, rather than turn the whole game into a diggle fest. An interesting concept would be to have a "boss" diggle and his pose every stage, or every few stages. They would have their own rooms, the layout of which could be a challenge, in and off itself. I would totally diggle (typo intended) a diggle summoner gym, where you take on summoner diggles one at a time before finally going up against the gym leader. Fax probably knows what I'm talking about.
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    This game barely qualifies as a Rogue-like.
    It has three difficulties, and the ability to turn off Permadeath.

    For what it's worth, a temporary polymorph would be okay, but only if it was balanced properly.
    Balancing it before it's released is better than having people complain about it after release. :)
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    You know, that's the kind of thing I was actually hoping for with the Werediggle skillset itself. In most werewolf errata, the transformation is not controlable, at least not entirely. Maybe I should pose this suggestion to Essence on his RotDG skill rebalance thread...
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    Errata? That means a list of errors and their corrections inserted, usually on a separate page or slip of paper, in a book or other publication; corrigenda.
    Perhaps you meant lore? :)

    But yes, you are indeed correct about the controlling, or lack thereof.
    However, one should realize that not all werewolf lore is the same. Same for Vampires. Some of them don't burst into flames nearly immediately from direct sunlight. Some of them can turn into wolves, and still others sparkle. :p
    Some can't cross running water, which is a very lame weakness, :)
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  7. I agree that the game doesn't do anywhere near as much as it should. Which is why I'm trying contribute to the modding scene. That being said, the sad truth of the modern gaming world is that even in this imperfect form, DoD is Rogue-likier than 99% of games out there.

    As far as i'm concerned, sparkles are like the Mario movie. I pretend neither ever happened, which allows me to hold on to my sanity for a few years longer. Admitedly, playing radiant wizard means that I probably didn't more than a few years to begin with. Ahum. *puts on mod hat* Gentlemen, let us talk about a matter that is dear to all of us: Diggles.

    Alien Diggles that "come in peace". No really. They help you by abducting dungeon dwellers FOR GREAT SCIENCE. Unfortunately, their tractor beams don't work inside magically sealed dungeons, so they essentially run around casting flashy spells at your enemies that essentially do nothing. They should have moderately low stats, and have a low spawn rate, and give you a negative debuff (they CAME IN PEACE YOU MONSTER) if you ever kill them. As to why we would want to have something like this in the game, let me ask you instead - why would you want to NOT have something like this in the game.
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    Digglezilla. 'Nuff said. You could even make it a special room with a surprise or ten.

    Diggle Snipers. Like Commando Diggles, but they throw stuff at you instead of meleeing you.

    Digles. (Not a typo.) Not really a Diggle at all. But a penguin that is trying to pretend to be a Diggle.

    Tux. The *Real* Penguin. Eats Arch Diggles for breakfast and breaths fire on other OSes you. :) (Give him the sprite of a black and white Muscle Diggle or somesuch.)
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    How can you put on a mod hat, you're not a mod? I'm confused.
    This game is fine as it is, though. It's supposed to ease people into the world of Rogue-likes.At that point, it does wonders. No need to make Going Rogue even harder. This isn't Omega.
    But that is for another topic.
    This is digglecon 2012. :)
  10. Used to be. Started my forum career in a forum dedicated to manga. Fanboyism was a rampant plague that threatened to derail every other discussion topic. Eventually, the regular posters took it upon themselves to call down offenders. Ahum. Anyway, I will finally get to try the diggle pack proper this weekend. More feedback then.
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    Right. I meant lore. couldn't think of the right word. This leads me to believe that I should limit my early morning postings because my brain likely hasn't fully woken up. :p
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    Looks very promising, can't wait to try this mod.
  13. r_b_bergstrom

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    Lots of fun. Specific feedback:

    Diggle Traitors are a genius idea, and work great on the floor where they spawn. At one point my characters life was saved by the timely turncoat disrupting a pack of monsters that had cornered me. I was using 2 modded skills I'd never taken before, and kept trying to figure out which one of them was charming diggles for me. When I finally realized it must be an entirely new diggle type, it made me laugh. Well done, Fax.

    I finished off floor 2 without being able to tell what the Smith, Chef or Farmer Diggles were supposed to do. They may be too subtle. I had to look in the xml to figure it out. Don't feel like I got a particularly large amount of ingots, food, or mushrooms, either, so it's doubtful (but not impossible, I suppose) that they were spawning loot on death as expected and I was just not noticing. Even if they were, it still feels like those diggle types could probably use something more overt to reinforce their concept and theme. I've got three ideas:
    1. For the chef, you could possibly just add a really low grade food to the end of the spawn list, but set it with a really high percentage. So, if nothing else spawned you'd at least be guaranteed a single unit of shredded cheese. That's probably the easiest solution. Similar solutions might be possible for the other types, but would be a little trickier to balance.
    2. A somewhat more labor-intensive solution would be to give them each their own minor buff that's themed to their type. That way even if the player doesn't notice the spawning on death, they might at least notice the diggles casting something. Plus it might add tactical depth to the game, in the same way that sometimes the Angry Diggles are more or less of a threat based on whether or not they've self-buffed.
    3. A third and most extreme option would be to increase the odds of them spawning everything they currently spawn. Of course that could end up imbalanced pretty quickly, so you'd probably want to counter-balance it by setting the diggles themselves to not spawn randomly. Instead you'd just make a couple themed rooms for each type, so they'd only show up a couple times per floor and not get out of hand.

    Diggle Adventuring Team Member, and his radial buff, are pretty amusing. I really like their impact on hordes and zoos. It's probably my favorite so far.

    Cyclopean Diggle would probably be cooler if it shot its eyes more often. I've done about half of the appropriate floor, and they haven't lasered me yet. I'm looking forward to them giving me the superman stare. On the other hand, I had a crash while fighting one, so for all I know they might be bugged. I had a variable enhancer potion in my system at the time of the crash, so I really can't say for certain what caused the freeze.
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    Couple of oddities with the Diggle Adventuring Team Member:

    1. He casts his buff centered on me, and it buffs me as well.

    2. [​IMG]

    EDIT: And he just killed me instantly with 47 damage! Ah well, I wanted to change over to NTTG with this build anyway.
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  15. Alright, I recently got around to combining Big Game Hunter and Debacle. The net result was that a few levels in Big Game Hunter early on netted me ABSURD results in extra food and exp for the rest of the game. As it stands now, if you want something "balanced", you either should lower the proc stats on Big Game Hunter manually, or stay away from it if you're playing debacle.
    Also, I noted further that... well debacle makes smithing too viable. Smith diggles are abundant and stop cropping up very early, and for a few levels worth of investment, one can very easily nab a full ultra refined steel weapon/armor by the end of level 2... which makes everything up to level 5-6 a guaranteed face roll.

    To fix this, i propose putting some of the diggles under a different "taxa" to maintain floor composition, and decrease the rate of incidence of Diggle smiths.

    On a sidenote, i just died to the diggles above. Dealt 10 damage to me on first hit (which i was able to tank easily), 20 (which put me at ~20-30 hp), and then dropped w/e was left for however much damage. Somehow, i'm pretty confident that amount of damage output was unintentional.
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    Perhaps it is just me but with the new expansion around 30-50% of the time I kill a diggle from this mod, especially with grenades for some reason, it kicks me back to the desktop. Not sure if this is just growing pains from the expansion or not though.
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    Same for me: I'm in a monster zoo and there is something behind my Sandstorm. The game autosaved after the cast, so i can't evade this "crash", nor I can see the diggle in question (but it wasn't the first time).
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    Someone should raise Fax from the grave, like how I am necroing this thread.
    Because, you know. Diggles.
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    If Fax ever comes back, it will be unexpected by most here. He is still here in spirit though. We have numerous bugs with mods and all are magically his fault. :p
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    Fax is around occassionally. Hes always in the chatroom.
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