41E - Farm experiments and cooking.

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  1. That experiment of yours Tikigod was interesting as it looks like wheat is producing quite high amounts for a dual purpose crop. It would be good to know what the nutrition values are for each crop and whether they are changed with different builds.

    Ok, off to do some farm and cooking testing.
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    So far I've noticed the following:

    Wheat takes around 4-5 days to grow. Seems to give 4 units of flour per crop however I'm noticing my wheat fields are spawning at least 2 wheat objects at each crop location, initially didn't notice as they overlap and blend together but what should be 1 crop is actually multiple individual objects.

    Unsure if this is intentional as a means of providing more yield per crop artificially, or if it's a bug.

    Flax, similar grow period as wheat but each crop only yields 1 flax bundle.

    Pumpkins, seem to be the single most effective way to feed your colony through farming. Growth time should be within 1 day and gives 1 unit yield.

    Growth rates of course vary depending on if your colonists are to busy to tend crop. If a colonist doesn't arrive to tend the crop it won't initiate the next growth step from the looks.

    Edit: OK, just observed two colonists planting new crop at the same location. Definitely a bug.
  3. Finding that making very small 1 x 5 farms is very productive as nothing has time to spoil and farm is worked hard. Made a few 1 x 4 cabbage and a single 4 x 3 pumpkin farm and this so far seems to get over the cabbage spoiling problem. Lots of greens for Dinner.

    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    For now it's just a way to get a bunch of wheat per crop. Once I have some time they'll spawn as proper stacks!
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    I have still seen spoilage with a 1x4 or so cabbage... Are pumpkins more forgiving?