Windows XP 2 Bugs and a spelling error

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by LionsDen, Apr 15, 2012.

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    I have noticed 2 bugs and a spelling error in the last 24 hours. I'm not sure if they are mentioned anywhere else, in fact I think the stairway one might in fact be mentioned somewhere else. But I thought that I would include it anyway.

    Bug 1: Cheesy Omelette costs almost as much as the Deep Omelette even though it's health benefits have dropped drastically. I think this is just an ommission and not technically a bug.

    Bug 2: I have had stairs blocking small areas that you can break the walls to get into. Sometimes, there is good stuff in there like statues or wands and such. The picture below shows one such occurance but is luckily in a secret area that has never had anything in it.

    Spelling Error: The Defensive Bash skill has the word his instead of hit in it's description.

    Stair Blocker.jpg
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    Erm, no.
    You get 30x more cheese than you get diggle eggs. So 3 Grated Cheese instead of 3 Diggle Eggs is a huge decrease in price. Cheesy Omelettes were nerfed for that reason, because we agreed that they're too strong compared to Deep Omelettes.
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    I think he's talking about price in Zorkmoids
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    It would be a bug, then.
    And my oversight on the matter, too, seeing as I never cared about the price of food (in zorkmids) in DoD, but only about the crafting requirements.

    Sorry about that, LionsDen.
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    That's ok, I did mean in zorkmids. It just seemed strange that a food that did about half the healing cost almost as much. :p

    I should have made that clearer. :confused:
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  6. dbaumgart

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    Thanks! Fixed xml issues aside from #2 which is in the code -- and now on A List.
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