1000 Ways to Die

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  1. I was traipsing the dungeons with a serious case of Your Inventory Is Full disease. Dual-Wielding melee roguey dude with high trap sense - I had picked up every trap from the ground for 3 or 4 floors. Stacks of them occupied a row or two of my inventory.

    I saw my first ever Mysterious Portal. I figured it was probably dangerous, but exciting! I walk in, begin to duel, dodge a few hits, the massive diggle's health bar sure seems to be moving slowly. WHAM! he hits me for 30% or so of my hp! Crap! So I Knight-teleport away and search frantically through my inventory. Hey look, a bunch of traps! I proceed to teleport and trap and run for about 30 turns, eventually killing him.

    Massive experience points! And I see loot in the room! And it's awesome loot! Oh and a smaller diggle. I'll go beat it up. WHAM! This one hits me for 40% of my hp! Size doesn't mean everything apparently. I proceed to dump traps all over the floor yet again... and accidentally walk on to one. YAFD.
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  2. I knew it! Moses, have you ever played Dungeons & Dragons? You can't put a pocket dimensional item into another pocket dimensional item or you'll create a rip in the space/time continuum! Everyone knows that! ;) I never dared, cause I had a feeling the devs threw that in there. lol
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    Once, on creating my character (a mage), there was a diggle immediately in from of me in the first room

    I thought nothing of it, and pressed space a couple of times to let him walk up to me and then took him on with whatever melee weapon I started with

    He won! I died without moving a single square
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    1.selling to brax.
    2.drink radiance potion.
    3. walk out
  5. Got a good Boss/Quest Kill item. Took one step the wrong direction and polymorphed back to human over lava.
  6. Just finished killing a monster zoo, didn't notice I was out of lockpicks. Go to open a door inside the room. didn't check HP...killed when trying to kick the door open >.<
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    In one of my earlier play-throughs I stumbled upon a mysterious portal on level 3 (or something like that), leading to a cave-like level 0. Seeing that the first mob there was a diggle, I joyously approached. 1 turn later the game congratulated me for my courage in engaging an archdiggle in melee with a ranged character.
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    At least you got the achievement...
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    Worst way I've died so far was when i was a nerd, with a build based around Mathemagic, Killer Vegan, and Tinkering. I laid down over a dozen traps all over the place trying to fight a room full of mooks with guerilla tactics. I get whacked for 30% of my hp, turn to run because I'm out off mp, and I run into a thaumite nest i had dropped. dead in three turns
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    After logging 86.1 hours in DoD, I FINALLY killed Dredmor. Yes, it was on Easy, but it's a damn hard game.
    But that's not the point of the thread, is it? The reason I'm posting here is how I killed Dredmor.

    I killed Lord Dredmor... while dead. On Permadeath.

    I had all my buffs running. Radiant Aura, Pact of Fleeting Life, Celestial Aegis, all that good stuff. I planned on whittling him down until I could Move In Mysterious Ways out to a door I could close while I munch on some corpses to regain health.
    It worked fine for a while, but then I ran out of healing potions, and was backed into a corner with 28 hit points left. Dredmor had only a sliver of his healthbar left, so I figured if I died, I was going to take him down with me.
    ...and that's exactly what happened. I attacked, but it was countered. He killed me in the next hit. BUT, my Radiant Aura proc went off and killed him. My character started glitching the death animation over and over again while the ending theme played, and it wasn't until I got the splash screen that I realized that Dredmor's death took priority over my own. I'm now sitting pretty on the Dread Less, It's MY Dungeon, and Dread or Alive achievements, all gained in one go. Yes, I gained the "killed by Dredmor" and the "kill Dredmor on Permadeath" achievements at the same time.

    Most embarrassing way to win the game/awesome way to die? Perhaps.
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    I think it's the most amusing, and probably also awesome, way to do it.
    I mean, how many of us can say that they killed the final boss while being dead? That's, like, the ultimate handicap.
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    A very unlikely win and very epic.
    I wish you got a secret achievement for that. "I'm taking you with me !"
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    Well, about that...
    "I'm taking you with me!" would be a perfect name for an achievement for killing Dredmor and dying in the same turn.
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    Awesome :)
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    Crap. Now I have to plan an entire run around this. Well, at least the game keeps itself interesting.
  16. lockeslylcrit

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    It's GotY 2011 for me for a reason. There are just so many things you can do with the game.
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    I have another two!

    1. Using blaze of glory to charge into a monster zoo without having enough H.P to survive the inital useage

    2. Overcharging arcane capacitor and having it explode, then eating a huge meal and trying to wait the damage out while sitting in the eye of the explosions.

    …Yeah. I’m kind of a clutz. and bad at rationing health.
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    1. Standing next to a jail cell, I see a shiny thing beyond the bars! A copper ring! Yearning for it, I try my luck many times with Froda's Jump Discontinuity, leaping about the prison block randomly, but to no avail. At level one of course, one must take extreme care, and I did not. With my final remaining mana points, I utilized the jump one last time, granting myself more or less permanent internship with a diggle. As a squishy, unarmed, mage, I died a squishy, mage-worthy death.

    2. Facing off against the last handful of monsters in a monster zoo on dungeon level 7, I suddenly realize that I have not been keeping a constant tab on my health (as I often forget to do) and my lifespan is leaning towards zero. I call upon my distraction inducing hunting pack of diggles to hound down the remaining enemies, toss a fireball in for good measure, and duck out into the hallway to eat some cheese. However, I decided that it might make more sense (and better time) to down a Haematic Phylactery instead. Unfortunately I did not have one on hand, and my first instinct was to make one on the spot. This did not agree with my hit points, and the resulting debuff killed me.
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    I was strolling through DL 2, with my makeshift bombs in tow.

    "ololololo nobody can kill me I has a lucky run so far".

    I found a shop, and I looked around. Suddenly, I noticed an enemy at the other end of the shop.

    "zomg ninja enemy i kills you with mah bombs"

    Well, the enemy was Brax.

    "oh crap..."

    I decided it would be best to use a spatial instability potion. After I used it, I was immediately cornered by Dread Collectors and congratulated on my "victory".