1000 Ways to Die

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  1. Post some stories about how you've died in this wonderful game. I'll start.

    When I kicked in the door of the monster zoo, I was somewhat relieved. I was playing a mostly melee character with two health pots on my belt and, most importantly, the zoo was half the size that had just done in my housemate. I began battle with a bolt of mass destruction, somehow not dying myself in the ensuing explosion (is this even possible?). Things went well as I slowly retreated towards narrower corridors until the mustashioed boss monster appeared. He had resistances to toxic, which was my primary attack buff, and dealt damage that I had no resistance to (sorry, forget what type). It came down to the wire against him, after using all my healing potions and some food, I ended up with 1 HP and backed into a shop entrance and he had about as much HP if not a little more. Desperate to eke out a win, I went to my inventory where a Potion of Spatial Instability lay in wait. My ultimate last ditch backup plan. Cackling madly, I drank the potion! Then I wept when it teleported me exactly two spaces back, to the end of the shop. Despite my best efforts, the boss had no trouble splattering me against the shop walls while Brax sold a diggle a road cone helmet.
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  2. Ryuforce

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    Well aside from the first few playthoughs where I was unaware of how powerful ACID arrow traps are.

    Deep in the heart of Dredmor I encountered the fabled Monster Zoo and armed to the teeth I fought them off one by one, minion by minion. Slicing though them all, cutting them down. Even the mighty leaders were unable to stop me despite them being from a harder floor. Then I saw him...the legendary land eel. Confident, overly so in fact, I was going to give it a sporting chance and fight it in melee range. How foolish. For despite my health, it took the monster only a few swings before I fell over and died a bloodly painful death. So should you see the dreaded land eel do yourself a favor. Show no honor and strike the monster down from a distance!
  3. Profanity

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    1. Chilling in the store with Brax.
    2. Batty fly's in.
    3. I set him on fire.
    4. Flame hits Brax.
    5. ????
    6. Fuck.
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  4. Parapet

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    On floor 1 there's a trap heavy room with lava rivers that section off parts of the room. One poisoned arrow trap as you go down one corridor, and then two more traps as you go up into the treasure room. On my first few games I died SO many times trying to get to this treasure, only for it to normally be a plastic ring -.- and about 20 z
  5. Parapet, i ran into the same exact room as you i accidently went through acid bolt and the debuff ran out nd i though i was safe and i saw some treasure but no traps. I walked in there were 2 blade traps next to each other and i ran into em and died
  6. Marak

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    On one of my earliest playthroughs, I was in Brax' shop, cleaning out my inventory. I decide that I'm going to drink a couple of these potions that I have cluttering up my backpack, to see if I should save the rest of the stack(s) or think about selling them for extra cash.

    So, I quaff a Potion of Radiance.


    *Brax summons a million billion Dread Collectors.*

    I'm level 5 on floor 2.

    Me: "..."


    Brax has killed me more than any other monster type in the game. One time it was the aforementioned Potion of Radiance. Another time I had my Thibault's Trompement (stab thru 3 squares) selected and accidently right-clicked while selling things (this was pre-1.0.3). Yet another time I had an AoE crossbow bolt of some sort (Acid or Poison Bottle?) selected and "hit him" with it's cloudy AoE-ness. Thank goodness for shift-click to sell in the latest patch >.<
  7. fishofmuu

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    Tried to use my vampirism to leech my mustache golem. He countered.
  8. IanExMachina

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    Before the achievement patch, I died by kicking a door.

    It was my first try with Vampirism as a skill, and the first room had two Diggles in, I got down to 2 hp, realised I needed to find enemies to heal with, so clicked the door.

    Unfortunately it was locked, and I hurt my foot.... fatally.
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    @Marak I though Brax stops you from drinking a potion you picked up? I guess not.
    There was a post on this forum about someone dying because the ghost of Brax prevented him from drinking a potion he stole.
    So, that's odd.
  10. Marak

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    Brax has never stopped me from doing anything but walking out of his store with an item from a shopping pedestal that I hadn't payed for. It's like he's just waiting for me to accidentally right-click in his general direction so he can sic the Keystone Cops on me.
  11. k0rd

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    rawr the animator was just in a monster zoo.. surrounded. down on hp, no escape methods, no mana. he was about to die. he fired a bolt of mass destruction right into the zomby next to him and we both got to watch the explosion as the game was telling me that he was dead.
    he was my first experiment with golemancy. i really like 'invive thaumite swarm'. the mustache summonable is pretty awesome too. i see how the pillar spell could be useful but i didn't utilize it good enough - he got caught off guard by the zoo - sober as hell with no liquor. no sober person could be seen with a mustached sidekick :(
  12. Null

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    80% shall be in this format:
    1. Accidentally hit Brax
    2. Died.

    Also: Necronomiconomics, but it's a good thread.
  13. Essence

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    I was on Floor 2 with Not a Playa, my mace specialist (he just crushes a lot). It was a sarcophagus room, and I managed to slam a Ragnar's Meteor into a sarcophagus and knock it one square away from the door, which already has a pillar just on the other side of it. I was like "uh, oh -- this room is a dead end. I better not do that again, or that sarcophagus is going to get stuck on that pillar and I'm going to have to quit this game."

    After the mobs were dead, I walk to the end of the room, loot a golden wand, get almost back out to the door when I see a mob with a halo walking toward me. I'm like "Oh, I'll turn on the bling!" I grab my new wand and turn it on...and knock the sarcophagus into the doorway, where it pins itself against the pillar.

    It was a handy wand, not a wand of bling. SONOFABI--!!

    Moral: all that glitters is not gold.
  14. Derakon

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    Did the handy wand then burn out so you couldn't use it again? :)
  15. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks

    You know...I have no idea. I do believe I just assumed I was screwed and quat. Can a Handy Wand move a sarcophagus that's butted up against a pillar? (I think IIRC it was a Monolith, to be precise.)

    Because if it can, I'm gonna feel really dumb now, K? :cool:
  16. Null

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    Just so you know it can if you're lucky. Also meteor could knock it back as well. Also sarcophagi only take up their lower half's tile while the top's blocker is invisible and immovable.

    knockback can hit 1-3 spaces as of 1.06 I believe. thus enough tries would knock it back past the pillar.
  17. ScytheKnight

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    Low on HP desperate for something to eat I ate a Root of T'Char. Not even any mobs around to witness me exploding.

    And one that ALMOST counts since I did actually survive it (barely), greedy for more lutefisk... yeah you can guess the rest.

    One of my first play throughs after buying the game I took Necronomiconimics and seeing how cheep the first spell was started smacking every mob I saw with it... that run lasted two rooms...
  18. MY FIRST EVER DOD PLAYTHROUGH was absolutely hilarious!! I set it up with Permadeath because I knew that was the ideal way to try playing, through experimentation and a lot of death. I came across a Potion of Spatial Instability and drank it to see what it did (like I had done with most other potions unless they were obviously poison). Now, from it's name I figured it would be some sort of invisibility, teleportation, or phasing and I was pleasantly rewarded with a teleport to another room. I realized very quickly, however, that this room was only 1x2 squares... a secret room in the wall! Woah! And there was something on the floor! What is it? A nice mace. Cool! I put the mace on my character and then proceeded to...


    ...to do nothing, apparently. I paced back and forth looking for an exit, but there was no way out! Then I noticed it. Is that... Yes, it is! A lever on the other side of the wall! Laughing my ass off, I made my heroine walk around in circles, eat all her food, booze, and potions until I deemed she had gone quite mad and bid her an amusingly morbid farewell with a crap load of acid, which she deliriously believed was fruit juice.
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  19. Moses

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    I was on floor four. This was an achievement for me, as my supreme suckiness had only permitted me to get to floor two or three without meeting some sort of splattery death. Making my way through the dungeon, I walked across a few items until I heard the dreaded words, "Your inventory is full!" I hadn't found a shop on this floor yet, so it was back to floor three for me. I opened up one of my Horadric Lutefisk Cubes (I had somehow managed to acquire a second one since my last shop trip) and transmuted enough stuff to make room for what was on the ground, and made my way for the nearest stairway to floor three.

    Luckily for me, it was right near a displacement glyph which lead right to the shop. Yay for not having to walk, right? Anyway I pop into the shop and begin sorting all my stuff out, selling what I didn't need and transmuting anything that sells for less than 10 coins, as well as any non-vegan food and any booze. I alt-clicked my cubes to separate them and prepared to shift-click one of them to sell it. I then remembered, "Those don't give you any money when you sell them. You may as well just transmute the spare for another piece of lutefisk." Very pleased with myself for being so brilliant, I opened one cube and put the other inside of it.

    Suddenly, fire everywhere! I wasn't entirely sure what happened yet, but I knew Brax had a reputation for getting VERY mad when you do stuff like set him on fire. I stepped south to leave the store. Brax stepped south to stop me. It looked like there was no way to get around him, so I'd have to fight. I stepped into him and swung my weapons. I took a surprisingly large chunk from his health. Another swing, another bit of his life gone. In just two turns, my confidence had skyrocketed. I would beat him!

    On yeah. I was still on fire. "Congratulations! You have died."

    EDIT: Oh yeah. I forgot to mention. After the initial shock of the whole thing, I realized that the game must have thought I tried to put the cube into itself, thus causing the explosion and fire... Or hell, maybe I actually did open the same one that I was trying to transmute. I don't think the game would know the difference though, since if you're using the cube to store Lutefisk, you can access the storage by clicking any of your cubes.
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  20. Essence

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    It actually doesn't matter, you can cause a Lutefisk Paradox by putting a 2nd cube inside of a 1st. Good story, though. :)