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    Thank you! After a long hiatus lol. Thanks again for letting me know cause I haven't gotten around to building a working science lab before restarting haha, all these new systems take some getting used to :)
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    What known bugs are left to be fixed in 1.0D (bugs, not design flaws)? I might, at some future point, take a crack at fixing them on my install, and post what script file changes are required. Perhaps we can get a stable community 1.1 version with bug fixes out eventually.
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  3. One of the main bugs is a resolution issue, which prevents some players (including myself) to effectively play this version. The bottom left menu is partially out of the screen, leaving the terrain commands (stockpiles, roads,ecc..) out of the players reach.
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    This makes me sad, it was getting so close! Maybe would have been better to have finished the game as it was prior to the "upkeep" mechanics and then done overhauls afterwards. The way things ended up looks like what should have initially been done, being a pretty good balance of things. It was so close guys, thank you all for the good times. Add me on steam if you'd like.