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  1. now, in this exp build it happens even with a clean screen. And the screenshot was taken right after arriving at the colony: so no events.
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  2. Naffarin

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    Neither does whisky
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  3. Naffarin

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    Also the Ghostbusters achievement "Who you gonna call" doesn't take succesful exorcisms into account.
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  4. Thanandorn

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    Thanks for this, I'll try it at home after work.
  5. mikail 001

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    i know of that method, but this is day 1 and there isnt any alert to close and its already sunken, out of sight

    I have also uploaded the savefile in hope that either a dev or another player can load it and see if they get the same problem, thanks

    display problem 1.PNG

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  6. mikail 001

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    quote from steam comments page
    "Machete Jake 20 Nov @ 10:47am
    Screen resolution is all messed up for me. Cant access several buttons (flatten land etc button missing, others getting cut off). Tried several different resolutions. Anyone else experiencing this problem on experimental?"

    Seems like i am not the only one facing this problem.
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  7. Thanandorn

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  8. janny

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    Ja.I have the same problem after I upgrade to 1.0D.
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  9. dbaumgart

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    Oh, logged as OC-5930! Edit: found and fixed in dev.

    1. Logged as OC-5932, we'll have a look! Edit: found and fixed in dev.
    2. Can you send a save? It'd be good to have a look and see what's going on there. Foreigners should, in general, automatically leave the map after a while if their mission cannot be completed.

    This is correct. We were working on a fix but it ran into issues right before 1.0D; didn't want to hold back to patch for the one issue. We'll get it cleaned up!
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  10. dbaumgart

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    Logged both as OC-5932, should be straightforward.

    Edit: Fixed in dev!
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  11. Thanandorn

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    Glad for anyone if it can help. but my problem (if it's only me) is I have none of alerts shown up!! So, I have nothing to close. /sad

    Waiting for 1.0D hotfix..
  12. Naffarin

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    oh boy "that costs more to create" is a huge understatement
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  13. Something like: We have a new model of protected cruisers that you can build, but it costs a bit more to build. It's name is "Yamato" ?

    I'm asking, since I won't play this experimental (lack of time to get so far in the progression and resolution bug [at day 1] :eldritch:)
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  14. Unforked

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    Yes, and the question remains: why would we need it? Unless late game difficulty has been ramped up severely or this new REDACTED (I don't know what it is yet) is ultra powerful.
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  15. Naffarin

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    the hardest i have seen in my arctic colony is the cold...
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  16. The ultimate technology will be radiators and fireplaces to resupply? :D:D:D:rolleyes:
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  17. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    The crash with the leyden guns that was reported is a *different* crash with the leyden guns. It is now fixed, too.
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  18. PeterH

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    Stable? <cough, snort>
    I would not mind so much if this was v. 0.6 or v. or whatever. I mean, I have been here for what feels like a very long time.
    Steam says 471 hours. If I had just bought this game as version 1.0 now, I'd be seriously pissed off at the bugfest. I mean, seriously. pissed. off. Wanting my money back pissed off.
    I was gobsmacked when I heard the words "release date". Sorry, Matt and Nick et al.

    Generally speaking, it doesn't help that, in my opinion, the interface has become ever more restrictive (strongly dislike the stamp system) as has the colony development. Things seemed a lot more free (sandbox!) back in version 0.3xx! It's taking the fun out of it for me to be faced with all the 'must dos' and 'can't dos' that are in game now. So regimented. So restrictive.
    To give a few examples: the naturalist - either look around or geology or hunting. Alexander von Humboldt could do all three and more at the same time. And Naturalists 'hunting' by beating up big game with a butterfly net and getting killed in the process is - just daft, considering how constrained resources are at the beginning of the game, overseer wise. So: better not let them hunt.
    It's good that people can now fight off the odd bandit with frying pans, brooms and shovels, so why do they get depressed and angry when they don't have soldiers in the village who are no longer useful except for loafing around and doing pushups? Once upon a time they could lend a hand, forage, lug stuff around, and hunt, to earn their potatoes and gravy...
    Interaction with the fishpeople seems to have gone by-the-bye. Interaction with obscure objects that are dug up seems to have gone by-the-bye. The current research system seems lacking in scope (last time I looked) and boring.

    But hey, that's life. Tastes and ideas differ .... I think maybe I need to take a break. It's gotten to the point where I just loose interest after reaching 30odd population now ... if not sooner.
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  19. DaCrAzYmOfO

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    I can't find where to build the advanced work module :S
  20. Unforked

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    Hey, welcome back! You have to research that in the lab for the icon to pop up in the carpentry workshop (now I forget which workbench, probably assembly). A lot of stuff needs to be researched now, even rugs and carpets.