1.0 1.0C Unhealable colonist

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    Have an ex-bandit labourer, who in the course of defecting (event defection), as usual got attacked by his former allies.

    He survived, but has been missing 2 hearts for a very long time. I thought he was missing the barber's shifts all the time (barber and preacher are rarely in their offices), but a swap of overseer mid-shift showed what was happening.

    He's got multiple memories of being healed with Tonic, yet is still damaged. Not getting healed somehow.

    Also in the save: Somewhere along the northern edge of the map are several items (flesh cube, sand, etc). They're all floating since they're being carried by stationary floating fishpeople (can be found by clicking where the fish-folk would be).

    Near the bamboo farm there's a projecting section of 3 tall gabions out of line. The gap they're covering cannot have a gabion built there. It used to have a landmine, that detonated (there is a lamp post blueprint on the spot).

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