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Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Sathra, Nov 12, 2016.

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    Got a savegame with a bunch of commodities that are in some strange half-state.
    They're still listed as useable for the purposes of module construction warning and trade, but can't be used/sold. (Trader reply is variation on 'missing trade goods old chap' or something.)

    I did manage to make one happen on purpose, by removing a module (loading bay door in the ceramics workshop) while it was being constructed. Its still next to the (now constructed with a new box) door but is ignored.

    As far as I can figure out the 'lost' items are 2-3 gold ore (no idea where they are), 1 iron plates (on workbench in metalworks), bag of flour floating where an oven used to be and 17 sugar loaf (also no idea). Might be more though.

    Also there's a loaf of bread in the stockpile outside the kitchen, that when tooltipped notes that there are 0 loaves in the colony. Not sure if related to the above.

    Also included: Slowdown in large colony, aristocrats eating aristocrat-food and happy at eating above their station, Naturalist office workers complaining about lack of public house (there's 2 pubs), and multiple stacks of items on 'bottom right' corners of stockpiles.
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    Marvelous. I'm digging into it!
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