Linux 32-bit 1.0.9 can not start game (Ubuntu 11.10)

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Horst JENS, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Horst JENS

    Horst JENS Member

    I was able to play (after installing patch found here) with the DoD 1.0.7 deb from Humble bundle.

    I downloaded the 1.0.9 zip from the humble bundle site, unzipped it but i am not even able to start the game.
    all i get is this errer message:

    SDL version 1.2.14
    ./Dredmor-x86: symbol lookup error: ./Dredmor-x86: undefined symbol: Mix_Init
    I use Ubuntu 11.10 andi installed libSDLMixer via synaptic, without success.

    Any Ubuntu users here able to play Dredmor 1.0.9 ?
  2. Horst JENS

    Horst JENS Member

    ok, i got 1.0.9 running :)
    it looks like i somehow deleted my "Dredmor" file and started the "Dredmor-x86" instead.