Windows Vista/7 64-bit 1.0.8.digglegods bugs.

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Neviskio, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Neviskio

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    As always posting my masterlist of bugs, luckily for now got only one, but a pretty huge one.Didn't have it before dlc so i guess it's new and deserved to be posted here.

    CRITICAL:After killing the diggle in the magic tutorial with pyrokinesis the game crashes.

    Will update later if I find more.Hopefully this will be the only one ;)
  2. kitmehsu

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    I was mid testing a mod when the DLC became installable, and when I resumed testing and used the debug to level up my custom skill to max, instead of the normal skills, I got stuff from the hunter skill tree, instead of the custom skill.
  3. lccorp2

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    Vampirism skill seems bugged--it's not proccing on anything on the first floor, as far as I know. I know it's not proccing on blobbies (blood magic does) and quite possibly diggles of all kinds, at least.
  4. Blue

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    I can confirm it not working on blobbies or Potatoes (intentional, maybe?), but had no problems with diggles so far.
  5. IanExMachina

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    Yeah vampirism only seems to trigger on alive things that would have blood in them.
  6. Blood magic shouldn't be draining mana from blobby kills. The skill descriptions say very clearly that plants, constructs and undead have no blood nor souls to drain.

    Same for Vampirism. It doesn't work on those who don't have blood. This is intended.
  7. lccorp2

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    Which then is a problem, because blood magic is proccing on evil magic potato and blobby kills.

    In any case, HoTs are STILL being self-resisted.
  8. Luke00016

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    The "Animal Friend" skill in the Vegan tree is weird. The animal you charm doesn't draw aggro, frequently walks (or is walked onto) the same space as another monster, and will randomly start attacking (and killing) other animals, which doesn't give you the fallen vegan debuff, but does give you experience.

    Not sure how much of that is buggy versus intended.

    Also: the N-Dimensinal lathe and horadric lutefisk cube both cost 0 zorkmids when they are for sale in a vending machine.
  9. My games are not saving. Makes playing the game tricky...
  10. Mine are saving well. This may be an occasional thing.
  11. blob

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    From another thread, it seems this is because vampirism is piercing damage and blobbies have piercing resist ?
  12. Nick

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    After you level up in diggle form, you don't get skill shortcut if you choosed to level up an active ability/skill
  13. IanExMachina

    IanExMachina Member

    Diggle abilities only appear on your bar when in diggle form.
  14. Copycat Zero

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    When I started up a new game, it did the usual "You have discovered [room name]!" before the "Welcome to Dungeons of Dredmor!". However, when I took a couple steps forward, it declared I discovered the room again. Also, the game lagged for a second about that time, as a gnome came into view (the game was having lag issues with the new monsters in the beta, too).

    I never got confirmation in the beta if this was a bug or intended, but, if intended, I would like to continue to protest the fact that you lose passive stat boosts from skills in Werediggle form. It's not fun to go from being able to detect and disarm traps to not being able to do so when in an ability I can reasonably expect to be in 3/5ths of the time.
    [EDIT] Also, activating Werediggle form is still closing active windows (like the Inventory or Character panel), which is kind of annoying.

    When in my inventory, the flavor test on the Antimagic Field Spewer trap is overlapping the "Item" text.
    [EDIT] Same with the Bolder Drop Plate and probably a lot of/all other traps.

    I wonder about Arch-Diggle Smash's flavor text (it looks like the placeholder text that was in there during the beta), because I would hardly call 7 rounds a "very long cool-down"...?

    Those square holes in the ground, where you put the three runes, are behaving like a lot of ground objects in that, as you walk over them, they momentarily appear on top of your character's sprite before moving back into the background.
    [EDIT] And monster corpses can end up under ground objects and things like open chests.

    I see that there's at least two new wand types (Icicly Wand and Gelatinous Wand), but no corresponding crafts for them in Wandcrafting.
    [EDIT] Speaking of wands, using a wand while in werediggle form causes you to revert to human form for the cast animation.

    The breakable furnature in the Tome of Fire and Ice room don't have break animations. You kick them, the game lags for a second, and then the furnature is replaced by rubble.
    [EDIT] Speaking of animations, it still feels like the mummy-type monsters take too long to execute their attack animations compared to other monsters.

    Confirming that monsters are seeing through invisibility.

    In the small room with three nonrecipe bookshelves in the center and another nonrecipe bookshelf against the wall (appears in at least Floor 2), a recipe bookshelf spawned inside the leftmost center bookshelf. It was still clickable.
  15. Copycat Zero

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    I stepped through a Mysterious Portal and spawned inside a Stone Coffin. I was able to step out of the coffin's space normally, however.
    [EDIT] Similaly, it's possible, in the "five teleporter levers separated by walls/moats" room, to have an object (like an uberchest) be at one of the teleport spots. It doesn't otherwise interfere with the game.

    In the small room on Floor 1 that is normally a thin corridor with a bend and two diggle nests, a third, empty diggle nest has been appearing. I don't know if that's a bug or just something the room generation can do now.
    [EDIT] On Floor 2, I found one of the above-mentioned diggle nest rooms with only one nest, but still two eggs (neither of which was in the one nest).
    [EDIT 2] Related to those, confirming reports of the "multiple diggle nests but all the eggs in one pile (which may or may not be on top of one of the nests)" room.

    Similarly, the room on Floor 1 with the Gargoyle Acid Trap, the moat, and the subroom with the artifact no longer has one of the sets of bars, allowing you to bypass the acid trap corridor altogether. Is this something that the game does because I'm playing on Elvishly Easy right now, is it a nerf to the room, or is it a bug?
    [EDIT] Just came across another of those rooms with no acid trap at all. Also, I've noticed that, where there used to be two traps in a row (the little chokepoints between the top and bottom halves of the room and before the subroom), there's only one trap now.
    [EDIT 2] Well, it's neither a nerf nor based on difficulty, because I have (a) found the room with a missing grate on Going Rogue, and (b) found the room with both grates intact on Elvishly Easy. So, it's apparently either a feature or a bug of the new room scripting.
  16. AvzinElkein

    AvzinElkein Member

    I maxed out Demonology, but when I tried to close the skills window, the game crashed.
  17. Copycat Zero

    Copycat Zero Member

    In the "two levers and two gated subrooms" room on Floor 1, the right wall of the left subroom and vice versa is jutting out one square too far (so that the gate is visibly anchored on one side, but not the other).

    Mummy corpses, as mentioned in the beta, are not visible. It creates a minor problem with Drinker of the Dead and the current implementation of Fungal Arts if one does not handle the corpse immediately.
    [EDIT] Also as noted in the beta, the new bolts aren't sorting to the same place in the inventory as the old bolts.
    [EDIT 2] Living statues aren't leaving visible corpses, either.

    Is it intended that certain rooms that used to always have more stuff in it suddenly don't? For example, I found a smelter room, which usually has an ingot press, hematite, copper ingot, and iron ingot, with no iron ingot. Earlier, I found one of those small rooms with the skeleton and two items that had one item and a single zorkmid instead. I've on a few occasions found target practice rooms with only two bolt piles instead of three.

    This isn't precisely a bug, and it's been around since long before the expansion, but I'll mention it since I'm here anyway: The Elvish Ingot Grinder doesn't have a sound effect, and I'm fairly certain it's the only crafting tool that doesn't.
    [EDIT] Also not expansion-specific, but the quest text for the quest type where you're given an artifact and you must take it to a shrine still says that you must "find" the artifact first. There is a quest type where you must find the artifact before you can take it to the shrine, but this isn't it.
    [EDIT 2] Not necessarily from 1.0.8/expansion, since I believe I noticed this earlier, but, throwing weapons now ignore intervening enemies (that is, you can throw a weapon directly to a monster rather than hitting the monster in front of it)... except if you would recover the weapon. I just threw a Kunai to kill an Octo across the room, past a Sanguiblobby between the two of us, and the recovered Kunai ended up in front of the blobby.
    [EDIT 3] Is it intended that I am able to put an artifact on a shrine from halfway across the room?

    Although there is now a "mute" option for the two volumes on the launcher, there is no corresponding option within the game itself.

    As people have noted before, the XP values of the new monsters seem somewhat low compared to old monsters -- either that, or the new monsters aren't getting an XP boost on "No Time to Grind". I killed a Steam Golem (not a named) and got 120 XP, and then killed a Living Statue and got 40.
    [EDIT] Maybe not just the new monsters? I killed a Thrusty and it was only worth 60 XP.
    [EDIT 2] Regular mode, Deths are worth 32 XP, Mummies are worth 15. There does seem to be an XP discrepancy between new and old monsters.

    Ooooooow... Phlegmatic Animations are doing 16 damage to me a hit. Due to the combat log's inability to scroll back, I can't see the breakdown, but most other monsters aren't doing nearly that much (10 for Pumpkinns and 8 for Thrusties has been the most so far, I think). Maybe their damage is a little high?
    [EDIT] 6 Crushing, 1 Acidic, 3 Toxic, 6 Putrefying, and me with 2 Armor Absorption. That means that these things are dealing 10 damage that can't be mitigated without special resistances, and, what, 8 Crushing before AA on top of that?

    Why did I go through a Mysterious Portal, knowing that it would crash when I came out the other side...? orz
  18. devotfeige

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    Don't know if this has been mentioned already, but Butcher procs on Unfriendly AI. Unless my butchering reflexes are sharp enough to defy the laws of nature or Unfriendly AI are powered on delicious fresh meats, I would have to think that's a bug.

    ETA: Actually, lots of things that I wouldn't expect to find flesh on proc Butcher or otherwise drop meat. It's a little strange, but perhaps not a bug, as such.
  19. SkyMuffin

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    Has anyone else been having huge memory/slowdown issues the deeper they get in the dungeon? I noticed it starting around floor 8, then it got progressively worse as I continued. Animations/framerates aren't slow, but I got lots of hangs/freezing when opening doors to new rooms, randomly everyone once in awhile without explanation, loading saves, opening menus, etc. I alt tabbed when this slowdown was getting especially bad, and in Task Manager it said DoD was taking up 1,500,000k RAM. It only got that bad once, but I've easily gotten 700-900k other times.

    (running on windows 7, through steam)
  20. devotfeige

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    I've been having similar hang/freeze issues, especially when opening doors or gaining skills/opening the skills menu. I was definitely experiencing it a lot earlier than floor 8, though. Started around 4 and was pretty severe by the time I crashed out on floor 6 (not sure if the crash was related or not, although it did come immediately after a broken monster zoo counter, so now I'm not sure whether or not to be angry that it crashed in the first place).

    ETA: Windows 7, 64-bit