1.0.7 on Ubuntu 11.10 major instabililty

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by dpiekny, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Twig

    Twig Member

    Hmm, actually hasn't seemed to make any difference. It is still crashing when using the stairs quite frequently.
  2. kasi

    kasi Member

    It still crashes for me when going the stairs down. amd64 version. Interestingly, some things work when using the small UI elements. But often it just crashes. I would really love to play this on the weekend.

  3. Dave

    Dave Member

    Still crashing on amd64 when summoning a wyrmling, though with an assertion failure this time round.

    Dredmor-amd64: /home/nvining/dredmor/monster.cpp:400: Monster::Monster(monDBEntry*): Assertion `(entry->level - curLevel->number < 4) || entry->name == "Brax"' failed.
    Uploading a GDB coredump to my dedicated server if it'd be of any use.
  4. Dave

    Dave Member

    Coredump at http://natulte.net/dredmor-coredump.gz . I also pushed a savegame at http://natulte.net/dredmor-savegame.tar.gz . From that savegame, just summon a wyrmling to cause the assertion failure.

    Hope this helps.
  5. Dave

    Dave Member

    Also, as a humble suggestion from a fellow developer, if it jives well with SDL you might consider building Breakpad into Dredmor, to facilitate submitting crash reports with relevant information. On a selfish note I'd rather see you working on bugfixes and stuff, but Breakpad might help collect data in the future.
  6. GrossorMD

    GrossorMD Member

    I just crashed while trying to open an evil chest
  7. xolotl

    xolotl Member

    I mentioned this earlier in the thread but it may have just gotten lost in the noise... For folks still having problems (with Evil Chests, going down stairs, etc, or any problem which has "PHYSFS_read" and "Sprite::Load" in the traceback), you might be helped out by this thread: http://community.gaslampgames.com/threads/statue-of-inconsequentia-crash.1318/

    In brief, there's some case-sensitivity issues on Linux which can get triggered when certain monsters attempt to get loaded by the game (which would explain why it happens sometimes when going down stairs, opening evil chests, or accepting sidequests - all those can generate new monster loads).

    It may not actually help, but it could be worth a shot.
  8. Loren

    Loren Member

    Having used both the hotfix and the patch mentioned in that thread, summoning a wyrmling still crashes the game. It's not a complete fix, but they do greatly help stability.
  9. I can confirm still crashing on side quest acceptance. Damn Inconsequentia! :p

    Anyway, is a huge improvement in stability, I even made two level up :D

    But i want it all, work hard devs, your game deserves so much.
  10. smoak

    smoak Member

    Where should I put Daves save file so that I can do some testing too?
  11. Brian

    Brian Member

    I've been getting the same issue - running strace seems to indicate it may be a case sensitivity issue. The last read it seems to do has failed with an ENOENT error, because the path has the wrong case (eg. sometimes there's a request for sprites/monster/Robo and sometimes sprites/monster/robo. Copying the directory to one with a same name gets further, but it looks like there are a lot of places with the same problem. Eg Robo_Attack_[Ll]eft.spr or octo/[oO]cto_Walk_Right.

    As a workaround, creating a case-insensitive loopback filesystem (eg. VFAT or ntfs) and running from there will get around the crash.
  12. smoak

    smoak Member

    Someone wrote a patch to fix all of these case sensitive filenames:

  13. dpiekny

    dpiekny Member

    Stable! So far :)
  14. Dave

    Dave Member

    Doesn't help for the above assertion failure, as far as I can tell. That said, the API docs for PhysFS do say to be careful to specify the correct case for filenames, to avoid issues on case-sensitive filesystems. Could be we're looking at multiple intertwined bugs.
  15. Dave

    Dave Member

    Drop them in ~/.local/share/Dredmor/ . To be fair, I don't know if the two files I provided are sufficient for Dredmor to pick up the save and use it, I mostly just improvised.
  16. smoak

    smoak Member

    Thanks I'll give it a shot
  17. smoak

    smoak Member

    I got it to work! However, I had to edit the loadsave.dat to add your save in there. The first line of loadsave.dat is the number of save files. Then it's 10 lines for each save file in this format:

    name of character (this looks like it can be anything really and its only used for display)
    location of character (this looks like it's also only used for display [I put "Somewhere in time" which showed up on the load screen])
    Skill Icon Number for 1st skill,
    Skill Icon Number for 2nd skill,
    Skill Icon Number for 3rd skill,
    Skill Icon Number for 4th skill,
    Skill Icon Number for 5th skill,
    Skill Icon Number for 6th skill,
    Skill Icon Number for 7th skill

    These skill icons can be any number, they're only for display. I put all 0 and it didn't change the in game skills (just the ones that display on that select a save screen). Then once in game I just saved and quit and it put everything in correctly.

    So for anyone wanting to reuse Daves save (like I did) you can put this at the bottom of your loadsave.dat (be sure to back it up just in case and increment the first number of the file by one):

    dave the Adventurer
    on Floor 0 of The Dungeon

    So for example in my loadsave.dat I have:

    dave the Adventurer
    on Floor 0 of The Dungeon
    SomeGuy the Adventurer​
    on Floor 0 of The Dungeon​

    I hope that helps and makes sense.
  18. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Rolling case sensitivity stuff into the codebase to fix this properly. Sorry, gang - this *was* working, but was actually broken by the mod support of all things.

    The Inconsequentia stuff seems to be a handful of things, all mis-firing, and only under Linux. I'm digging through this today. Again, thanks for your patience (and perl scripts.)

    In other news, since this seems to be the Linux User Thread: we were told that we were going to start having Desura keys handed out for Dredmor from the Humble Bundle support page, so that you could all be on Desura and/or play the slightly more stable 1.0.6 Dredmor Linux build. It seems, though, that the Desura keys are just being out for Introversion games. We're going to go poke Desura and see if we can't get Dredmor added to that. :)
  19. Zarrin

    Zarrin Member

    Not sure if this is helpful, but whenever I summon a Mustache Golem, I get the following error:
    Dredmor-amd64: /home/nvining/dredmor/monster.cpp:400: Monster::Monster(monDBEntry*): Assertion `(entry->level - curLevel->number < 4) || entry->name == "Brax"' failed.

    This is the same error as Dave above, and I bet that this happens with any summoned pet, but will test that out.

    Using Ubuntu 11.10 x64
  20. Dave

    Dave Member

    Thanks for taking such good care of us, it's a rare treat to have actual support for linux gamers :).

    I'm happy to help further with debugging if you need a victim to test stuff.

    - Dave