1.0.7 on Ubuntu 11.10 major instabililty

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by dpiekny, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. dpiekny

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    The launcher comes up every time and I can select audio and video settings, but then I'm lucky if I can get through two tutorials before the game window just disappears, usually at the beginning or end of a tutorial. Sometimes will open a blank window, then close again before the title screen even appears.

    What I can I do to diagnose to for you?

    Also, the mousewheel seems to select a tutorial, rather than scrolling the tutorial selection page.
  2. aeonofdiscord

    aeonofdiscord Member

    It's similarly crashy on Ubuntu 10.10. Can't find a .dmp file anywhere, but there's a lot of debug output in the terminal, ending with

    and in another instance:

    (Those files are present, fwiw).
  3. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Yeah, there seems to be something very odd going on in the latest Linux build that was not present in 1.0.6. I'm looking into it.
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  4. DLaicH

    DLaicH Member

    Same issues with Lubuntu 11.10.
  5. kit1980

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    I also have critical stability issues with dungeons-of-dredmor_1.0.7-1_all.deb on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS: frequent crashes (sometimes after moving to next level, sometimes when trying to get a quest from a statue), complete game freeze (except sound) after hitting yourself with a stunning bomb (this is 100% reproducible).
  6. Twig

    Twig Member

    Just wanted to add a me too to this. Ubuntu 11.10 32bit.
  7. IVirOrfeo

    IVirOrfeo Member

    This is happening to me as well. Humble bundle customer here on Ubuntu 10.04. Random Crashes. is there any way for me to download the more stable 1.0.6?
  8. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    The 1.0.6 Linux binaries are included in the Steam download. You can run Steam on WINE and install Dredmor with your Steam key, then simply extract the installed directory and play that way.

    We're also working on getting everybody Desura keys.
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  9. IVirOrfeo

    IVirOrfeo Member

    Thanks Nick! Great Game you've built. Looking forward to the desura key. :D
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  10. dpiekny

    dpiekny Member

    Thx Nicholas. I'm 32-bit fwiw. The .deb install package also gave a (at the time seemingly minor) warning about some bad structures. From the little I've seen and played I'm already super keen on this project - lots of fun and can't wait to get it stable! Let me know if there's anything I can do. Cheers.
  11. dpiekny

    dpiekny Member

    Grabbed console output from successful segfault after launcher.

    Attached Files:

  12. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    ... man, this is so random. Okay, this is gonna take a bit but I'm on it.
  13. painaxl

    painaxl Member

    32-bit Ubuntu 10.04 here with the same issue (another humble bundle participant).

    The first three times I attempted to run the game the loader throws me back to the desktop immediately. Then, I selected full screen mode and got to the title screen. After completing the first tutorial it bounced me back to the desktop again.

    The game looks awesome by the way.
  14. Same for me. Ubuntu 11.10 and humble bundle. 1.0.7 is very very unstable.

    This game is THE GAME I want to play from the bundle.. but it is crashing all time.

    Some knows if there is gonna be a Desura key in the bundle. I am a desura addict in linux.. :D
  15. Great!! thanks again guys!!
  16. smoak

    smoak Member

    Ran it with gdb and got a stack trace for you:

    loading blocker: dungeon/bars_iron_ew.png
    XXX sprites/monster/diggle/diggle_run_r.spr sprites/monster/diggle/diggle_run_r.spr

    Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
    0x080d8141 in SpriteMgr_AutoLoad(char const*, char const*, char const*, int, int, int) ()
    (gdb) backtrace
    #0 0xb7f4fbda in __i686.get_pc_thunk.bx () from ./x86/libSDL-1.2.so.0
    #1 0xb7f5052e in SDL_Parachute () from ./x86/libSDL-1.2.so.0
    #2 <signal handler called>
    #3 0x080d8141 in SpriteMgr_AutoLoad(char const*, char const*, char const*, int, int, int) ()
    #4 0x0811b559 in Monster::RebuildSprites() ()
    #5 0x08112e1a in Monster::Monster(monDBEntry*) ()
    #6 0x08066ba9 in Level::WriteDungeonContentFromRoomRecords() ()
    #7 0x0806b3d9 in Level::GenLevelContentTutorial(char const*, int, int) ()
    #8 0x08127487 in NewTutorialLevel(char const*, int, int) ()
    #9 0x08129230 in DisplayTutorials() ()
    #10 0x080e42f5 in main ()

    This happend on Arch Linux i686 kernel version 3.1.2
  17. xolotl

    xolotl Member

    It'd probably make sense to post some other hardware information in these, I'd guess. Specifically video drivers, since segfaults in games on Linux seem to often be related to video driver information. The game seems to run fine on my Linux system, so as a comparison, I'm on Fedora 15 x86_64, kernel, binary nVidia drivers 280.13.
    $ glxinfo | grep OpenGL
    OpenGL vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation
    OpenGL renderer string: GeForce GTS 250/PCI/SSE2
    OpenGL version string: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 280.13
    OpenGL shading language version string: 3.30 NVIDIA via Cg compiler
    $ /lib/libc.so.6 
    GNU C Library stable release version 2.14, by Roland McGrath et al.
    Running with selinux disabled...
  18. GrossorMD

    GrossorMD Member

    I'm using Ubuntu 11.10 having a crazy ammount of segfaults as well, to the point that I crash every now and then,

    Eg: "XXX items/mineral_cassiterite.png items/mineral_cassiterite.png" and then a segfault. This happens all the time.

    (Edit: upon reading through the thread I notice that my post was a wee bit superfluous, given that it's the same problem that everyone is having. Sorry for that.)

    For what it's worth, it tends to happen a lot during the initial loading time after starting the game. And it tended to happen more often after I deleted a saved game.

    PD: May I suggest uploading version 1.06 to the Bundle in the meanwhile? I'd rather avoid having to juggle around with wine and steam to download it.
  19. Up, to dev team, same problem here.
    And this is a major mockery for me, too. This was supposed to be the only decent and playable game in the whole bundle. (Darwinia and Uplink are nice, but not the best, and I can't run Acquaria more than 1 FPS x_____X )but even Dredmor is what we can say, unplayable.
    It crashes on loading. It crashes after loading. It crashes when I kill a random monster. It crashes when I use magic. I've checked in with the console only one time, so far, and I found a seg fault calling in a png related to monster blood (the one that is left after a kill, I suppose). Hope you can fix it soon.
    I'm already doing the dungeon crawl, and I can't wait anymore <3
  20. Dave

    Dave Member

    For reference, is it helpful if the more knowledgeable of us get you core dumps and various other info? Not sure how symbolized the shipped binaries are, but I'm pretty handy with a debugger if there is data to work with. And if there isn't, happy to just provide the core dumps.